B Lord Net Worth

B Lord Net Worth 2024

Walk through the life of a B Lord, a young Nigerian who made his millions early. What did he do? And how did he break through? Keep reading to find out.


BLord whose official name is Linus Williams, is a Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He has gained recognition for his work in the Bitcoin industry after making millions from investments in his early 20 years, but he is also well-known for his luxurious lifestyle and charitable activities

BLord or Bitcoin Lord is a bitcoin trader, crypto entrepreneur and coach, He is one of the biggest crypto vendors in Africa, He buys and sells bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with his own blockchain business.

Early Life

Linus William Ifejika was born on March 14, 1998 in Umuji Ebenebe, Anambra State, Nigeria. He is the eldest of a family of seven.

Details of his education and family are not known to the public. He spent his childhood in Anambra, where he likely obtained his basic formal education.

Linus William shared on a social media post that he left his parent’s home at 17 to follow his ambitions, became a billionaire at 20, married at 21, and had his first kid at 22.


He owns the cryptocurrency company, B-Lord Group of Company. Other companies he owns include the B-lord Bitcoin store, B-lord gadget store, B-lord luxury store and B-lord automobiles.

Bitcoin Lord has been working long enough in the cryptocurrency industry and over the years of his operation, he has built and gained a solid reputation for his entrepreneurial skills and an in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuances surrounding the cryptocurrency industry.

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According to the independent.ng, Linus Williams Ifejika, chairman of Blord Group, from the outset, built integrity into its operations as Africa’s most reputable platform to trade crypto. The Blord Group comprises Blord Luxury Store, BLord Autos, and a property outfit, and all share the characteristics of being highly regarded.“It is not coincidental that Blord is the most sought-after cryptocurrency trader now. It is a business I took time to build up, built upon strong integrity. So, I choose the business I invest in Linus Williams Ifejika.

BLord and EFCC

On August 31, 2020, he was arrested by EFCC in his home in Awka, Anambra State, he was wrongly paraded alongside some others accused of internet fraud
Twenty months after his running battle with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, cryptocurrency vendor Linus Williams Ifejika, aka Blord, has won his case in court.

Breaking the news via his Instagram account, @blord_official, to his 1.5 million followers, the chairman of the Blord Group posts: “I finally defeated and deflated @officialefcc in Federal High Court. My cars and properties (have) been released to me. Never believed at my age I would be fighting the Federal Government but I have to fight for what is mine. This is proof that the Nigerian justice system works.”

Three of his cars were initially impounded but the anti-graft organisation later released one to him while withholding his two Mercedes Benz cars and other properties.

A few months later, the leading bitcoin trader sued the EFCC at the Enugu State Federal High Court, and proceedings had commenced since then, stretching over more than 15 months before final judgment was delivered in his favour in May 2022.

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Blord, who broke the news of his triumph on May 7, 2022, credited his victory to his supporters and legal team. “Big thank you to everyone that cared and a big big shout out to my legal team. You guys worked tirelessly to achieve this,” he stated in his Instagram post. He also dedicated the legal win to Nigerian youths, saying “This win is for the youths” while at the same time, he charged them to “let’s learn to fight for what is ours.”

Assets and Liabilities

Bitcoin Lord owns many cars like the Mercedes GLE 350, The Mercedes-Benz GLE 350, although not the latest version of the company, is still one of its highly regarded cars that cost as much. The price range of the GLE 350 is about 18 to 35 Million Naira

He also owns a Range Rover SUV It’s one of the top cars produced by the company. The car’s exterior design is not just what distinguishes it from other cars but it also comes with an exquisite interior made with the finest materials and an intuitive approach to high-tech features.

The Lexus ES 350 also has his name on it. It combines the finest striking design with world-class fitted luxury and has the option of all-wheel drive and an exceptionally efficient hybrid powertrain. From the list of cars mentioned it’s arguably that when it comes to cars Bitcoin Lord stands out.

Family Life

In 2019, at the age of 21 Bitcoin lord got married to his wife (Dr. Linus Francisca) and they have a son.

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In 2021, Chairman of the Blord Group, a cryptocurrency trading company, Linus Williams Ifejika aka Bitcoin Lord gifted his wife a brand new Range Rover SUV.

He took to his Instagram page saying; “Big Congrats to my Wife on her new Range Rover, Thank you for all the support without pressures, You deserve a Gwagon 2021 but I can’t afford that currently, I know you would so much appreciate this one i was able to afford, I love you so much my Big mama”.

Net worth
Bitcoin Lord has a net worth of $5 million.


Linus William Ifejika aka BLord is a thriving young man who maximised the era of technology. His life encourages us to work smart rather than work hard as we make our journey through life.

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