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BayRock Club Guide And Review

BayRock Club has made quite the statement in the strip club business. Besides being one of the best clubs in Lagos, it is also popular in Lekki and is renowned for having some of the hottest strippers you’ll ever come across. This club is said to have a distinct sparkle which night owls find irresistible. It is a fun exotic spot that holds lots of thrill. If you plan to visit, read this piece on BayRock Club Guide And Review.

At this club, it’s a non-stop night party, there is no dull moment either, and no one feels left out. It is an ideal destination for nightcrawlers who constantly seek out new things to do in this city. When you are at BayRock, you can sway to good music, get drunk, network with clubgoers, and sap from the high energy of the other patrons.

Keep reading as we discuss further about the BayRock Club, and what to expect when you’re here.

About BayRock Club

In a city with so much chaos, BayRock Club successfully created a haven with a welcoming aura for all-night owls, that has a little mystery to it. This is the vibe you instantly get when you enter the walkway tunnel that leads into the club.

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BayRock is also one of Lagos’ best nightclubs delivering exotic dancers, strippers, and world-class light and sound technology. With endless events and thrill, this place has everything you need, to have an unforgettable night.

Location: 60 Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase 1 106104, Lagos.

Opening hours: Friday – Monday, 10 pm – 5 am.

Who Owns BayRock Club?

It’s unclear at this time but there are reports that Legendary ex-Super Eagles striker, Obafemi Martins got into the lifestyle business, to create BayRock which is also known as ‘The Gentleman’s Club’. The club is a fusion between a dance and strip club, located in the elite neighbourhood of Lekki Phase 1. 

Attractions At BayRock Club

BayRock is the kind of place you’ll have to visit to experience properly, as a single guide on the internet doesn’t do it enough justice. When you’re there, some side attractions you can expect to see include:

1. Celebrity Sightings

Clubs are one of the most common places where you can meet celebrities in Lagos. On a good Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, you can find a handful of them hanging out at BayRock. If you’ve always wanted a picture with your Fave, here’s your chance.

2. Skilled DJs

Every avid clubgoer in Lagos understands that one of the essential ingredients for a good clubbing experience is a skilled DJ or two, who keeps patrons dancing till the end of the night.

3. Artiste Performance

As is the case with most nightclubs in Lagos, your favourite Nigerian artistes occasionally visit BayRock Club to perform for the club patrons. If you are lucky enough to visit on days like this, you may get a free concert. 

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4. Strippers And Exotic Dancers

When the dancers at BayRock come out to play, it is an interesting mix of Asian, European, and Latin strippers.

Events To Attend At BayRock Club

  • Superstar Sunday.
  • Finesse Sundays
  • Mayhem Monday
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • First Class Fridays
  • Seductive Saturdays

BayRock Club Reviews

BayRock Club might be a household name in the Lagos strip club industry, especially with it being regarded as one of the top strip clubs in lekki with beautiful strippers. It is also said to be a top spot for thrill seekers in Lagos. 

But, does it really live up to its reputation of having a distinct irresistible sparkle? The reviews we share below show if this ‘Gentleman’s Club’ truly fascinates patrons, or if it’s another urban legend.

1. Where You Go To Destress

BayRock Club is where you go to flex away your stress on a Monday night. 

2. Strippers Are The Main Attraction

The number one reason why the club is exciting all the patrons is because the strippers are a special breed. Most patrons have been known to use words like “international” ”foreigners” or “oyinbo” with much gusto when describing the girls. 

Other words used to describe the ladies are ”exotic”, ”super sexy”,  and ”out of town”. To be fair those women do know their stuff, which is why it’s no surprise that guests are raving about them.

3. Perfect For Night Owls

Night owls with a taste for entertainment, thumping music, and everything else in between, will find a second home in BayRock.

4. For Mature Men

BayRock is a strip club for mature gentlemen. There is a VVIP section where they host exclusive events. The staff are warm and friendly. The environment is safe, and the security men are professional. Although BayRock’s prices could be better.

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5. A Proper Gentlemen’s Club

BayRock Club is a gentlemen’s club that has strippers to help you calm your nerves. It features lovely interior décor and a super clean restroom. The drinks here are on the high side but not bad, beer and shisha are affordable. 

BayRock’s outside décor and lightning are just stunning, making it a good place to take exceptional pictures, with available parking space and security.

Wrap Up

Football Legend, Obafemi Martins, proves that he has quite the business acumen by investing in the Bayrock Gentlemen’s Club; which is one of the numerous projects he finances. This club was built for men who are looking for unusual ways to escape their worries. 

If you’re looking to experience stripping and pole dancing for the first time, BayRock Club is a great place to start your exploration journey. Besides the place being safe and set in a calm neighbourhood, it also has an interesting selection of strippers you can’t help but gawk at all night.

Bayrock is a nightclub that doubles as a dance and strip club, set in the Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos. If you are lucky, you may just visit this club on those special days, the lady dancers at this club come out in all their glory to thrill club patrons. It is usually frequented by Asian, European, and Latin strippers too, so you can really travel the world from your seat.

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