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Club DNA: Full Guide And Review

Club DNA is one of the best nightclubs in Lagos that focuses on prioritizing the entertainment and satisfaction of patrons. It captures the thrilling lifestyle of ballers in society. Read our article on Club DNA: Full Guide And Review, to find out why it is one of the top places to go clubbing in the city.

With its Afro-centric twist, Club DNA has made great strides in being a pacesetter for nightlife experiences in the state. This club is unlike your regular nightclub but represents a hybrid artfully designed to give you a fulfilling night out. They share DNA with all thrill seekers who have taste and individuals who live by the code of Luxury, excellence, and sophistication. 

This place is committed to creating a better version of the Lagos clubbing experience. It is a high-class representation of the lifestyle of top ballers in the society.

About Club DNA

At Club DNA your entertainment and satisfaction are put first. They are focused on recreating the nightlife vibe you get in the city of Lagos. Posh by the intriguing lifestyle of top bigwigs in the city.

Location: 76 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10 pm – 6 am.

Attractions At Club DNA

DNA is not just a nightclub, it’s a whole lifestyle. Walking into this place sets the tone for an awesome and interesting night ahead. And with the activities they have lined up for you, you’ll have a fun, adventure, and gladness-filled night. See what’s on the list below:

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1. VIP Section

You can rub shoulders with the top players in the club by taking a seat in the VIP section.

2. Lounge

 Patrons at the Lounge get exclusive services, the best view in the house, plus a chance to network with Lagos’ elite.

3. Bar

Drink from a select menu of wines, spirits, cocktails, whiskey, and other beverages in DNA’s bar. The bartenders are there to keep the liquor flowing all night long.

4. Prizefighting

You can watch and even wager on bare knuckle fights at DNA. This attraction brings out your competitive edge and can provide a chance to win extra cash.

5. Celebrity Sightings

Club DNA is one of the nightclubs in Lagos where you can experience celebrity sightings. If you’ve always wanted a picture with or an autograph of your favourite, DNA may make this wish come true. 

6. Artistes Performance

Musicians frequent the club and when you visit, you might just be lucky enough to get special performances from them.

Events To Attend At Club DNA

There are certain entertaining events you can attend at Club DNA, set for different days of the week. Each one is thrilling and designed to ensure you never experience a dull moment at the club. See those events.

  • Komos Mondays – 10 pm
  • Moonlight Monday – 10 pm
  • Angels & Divas Wednesdays – 10 pm
  • Classic Thursday
  • Palazio Friday – 10 pm
  • Gatsby Saturdays – 10 pm
  • Mirage Sunday – 10 pm

Club DNA Reviews

DNA is on the list of top nightclubs in Lagos for a reason, celebrities pick this place as a favourite spot to perform and celebrate it in, but what do regular people have to say about it? These reviews uncover what you should expect about the club.

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1. Pricey Menu

Some patrons say the drinks menu starts at a minimum of half a million naira. Which is one of the issues they have with this place. Although they attest to the fact that it has great music and vibe, the menu is extremely pricey. It is not recommended for average people who want to have a good time.

2. Good Club

The club is good, their DJs are on fire too. Cool ambience, nice arrangement, and overall good experience. It is an ideal place for people who want to have a good time on the Island. It’s an awesome place to relax with different sections to choose from.

3. Safe

In addition to having the right settings for an enjoyable night out, DNA is also safe. The security personnel are professional and there is nothing to trouble you. You’ll be protected as you have fun.

4. No Parking Availability

The club has a great groove and is a chill place to rock during the weekend, but patrons have an issue with the lack of parking availability.

Wrap Up

Club DNA is built to promote a formidable exquisite, luxurious, and intriguing lifestyle. They wish to cultivate the premium clubbing experience. This place oozes class and their makeup is tailored towards showing guests a wonderful time.

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