7 Best Clubs in Ajah, Lagos

Are you looking for good nightclubs in Ajah where you can go to party hard? We’ve got you covered. Read this article on the 7 Best Clubs in Ajah, Lagos to find some good recommendations.

The clubs we mentioned in our post offer a fine blend of entertainment, good music, and an endless supply of liquor to keep your vibe high all through the night.

At a club in Lekki, you can expect non-stop thrill, an extensive drinks menu, and if you’re in luck, themed events to keep you entertained. Other clubs offer a more chilled vibe with skilled DJs, exotic dancers, and a variety of dishes.

No matter what type of night you’re in the mood for, going to any of these clubs is certainly a trusted ingredient for an unforgettable Lagos clubbing experience. Keep reading to find out which clubs in Ajah you should be turning up at every weekend.

Best Clubs in Ajah, Lagos

1. Uptown Stream Bush Bar

2. Club Slicks

3. Dee Volcano Nightclub

4. Trojan Nightclub 

5. Fashos Lounge

6. Gravity Night Club

7. Fluxo Lounge

7 Best Clubs in Ajah, Lagos

Are you ready to discover the most happening establishments in Ajah’s underbelly? Join us as we do a deep dive into the best clubs in Ajah, Lagos, and where they are located. 

Each club has a different vibe which you can relate to whether you need a more sophisticated environment or something more spirited and laidback.

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Ready? Let’s get into it.

1. Uptown Stream Bush Bar

Uptown Stream Bush Bar is a remarkable relaxation spot with a distinct mood. This place provides a thrilling Lagos nightlife experience, which it complements with good music, delectable meals, and an assortment of drinks. This is where to be if you are a night crawler.

The Stream is a tastefully furnished nightclub upstairs. It is where friends go to convene after a long week. You can take your squad here to party all night, as they dance to the fire tracklist of the club’s in-house DJs. 

When you feel hungry or thirsty, you can order from the extensive menu of drinks and foods. The food served at Uptown Stream is delicious, so you do not have to worry about ordering something that’ll upset your taste buds. You can try out their cocktail too, it comes highly recommended too.

Location: 20 Langbasa Road, Ajah, Lekki, Lagos.

2. Club Slicks

Club Slicks is an exotic nightclub and bar for fun lovers in Lagos. It is an exciting, social networking and one-stop shop club for thrill seekers who are always down for a good party. Situated in VGC, Slicks is a renowned club recognized for its high standards and known globally.

Activities available at Club Slicks include – Ladies’ night, strippers’ pole dancing, comedy & karaoke night, popping night, and live band performance. Each one is scheduled for various days of the week, so, no matter what day you visit, you’ll walk into something interesting.

Location: Plot 7 A, Road 74, VGC, Ajah, Lagos.

3. Dee Volcano Nightclub

Dee Volcano Nightclub is another of the best clubs in Ajah, Lagos. This nightclub doubles as a bar and restaurant, it is a place of comfort and luxury for patrons.

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Volcano is also a strip club where thrill lovers can go to watch beautiful women dance. This is a great place to hang out with your partner or friends. 

Location: 33, Opposite Road Safety Office, Olukonla, Ajah, Lekki-Epe Expressway.

4. Trojan Nightclub 

Trojan Nightclub provides a three-for-one special enjoyment package which entails, a well-stocked bar, lounge, and club. This is a hot spot in Ajah, which delivers one of the finest lounges and nightclub facilities you’ll ever come across, making it an ideal place to go to for a night of dancing.

Besides the parties, Trojan is also an excellent place to get a drink or eat in a calm and snug environment. The interiors are welcoming and distinct, which is why it is flocked to by residents and visitors. 

And with its budget-friendly prices for food and drinks, Trojan will quickly become your go-to spot for an ultimate night out in Lagos.

Location: TAD Building, Addo Rd, opposite ALLOS Gas Station, Lagos.

5. Fashos Lounge

Fashos Lounge is a fantastic place to rest in the evenings as you groove to good music, blaring from speakers. This lounge earns a spot as one of the best clubs in Ajah, Lagos due to the memorable and relaxing experience it gives to patrons.

Fashos is situated at Chillat Plaza, this elite lounge serves a wide range of drinks, shisha, and fun events. Whether you want to party till dawn or simply enjoy some liquor, and have hearty conversations with your squad, this lounge is the ideal place to be.

They are open Monday to Sunday, so you can visit this place any time of the week to soak in some of its aura. There is also a team of reliable staff available who are always ready to attend to you, ensuring that you have a great time here.

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Location: Shop 20 Chillat plaza Addo road, Ajah, Lagos.

6. Gravity Night Club

Gravity Night Club is one of the best clubs in Ajah, Lagos where you can go to have fun, drink, and dance all night club. It has an infectious vibe, a skilled DJ, prompt service, and a nice sit-out where guests can go to relax.

This club is a full-on entertainment and clubbing palace that strives to offer the most lively and fun-filled aura, complemented with dance and refreshments. 

Gravity is always a vibe, the decor is top notch and the dancers are sexy too. While the drinks at this club is quite pricy, it still fits around your budget.

Location: KM 246, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah 106104, Lagos.

7. Fluxo Lounge

If you are on the lookout for the best clubs in Ajah, Lagos that provide a premium nightlife experience, then you should give Fluxo Lounge a shot.

The place is open all days of the week, providing a wide range of exciting experiences like sipping cold drinks or feasting on scrumptious dishes from the restaurant while listening to trendy hits played by the Lounge’s in-house DJ.

Additionally, the mood at Fluxo is warm and enchanting, and the servers are courteous and professional. This place should be on your list of clubs to check out for when you are in Ajah.

Location: Lakeview Estate Park 1 Eleganza Complex Lekki-Ajah Express Way.

Wrap Up

There you have it, the best clubs in Ajah, Lagos to visit if you want a memorable night out in the city and to simply unwind. Our recommendations for the best nightclubs in Ajah, point out to you, the hottest spots in the area to visit.

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