Top 10 Richest Kids in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Kids in Nigeria (2024)

   Nigeria is one of the most popular countries in the entirety of the continent of Africa. As the fourth largest country in West Africa, Nigeria has shown the rise of many prominent people. However, among the class of the rich in Nigeria, several children have successfully made the list. 


   In this article, we’ll be focusing on the top 10 Richest kids in Nigeria. Their name, source of their wealth, net worth, and some other factors. These children have also garnered a level of popularity to themselves and it should not be surprising that they own more wealth than even some famous adults. 

Kid Moneybags in Nigeria

Mompha Junior

Mompha Junior’s real name is Mohammed Awal Mostapha. He was born in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. Mompha Junior is a social media influencer with a net worth of about 1 billion US Dollars.

His Instagram page is loaded with images and videos of his lavish lifestyle as well as times he travelled in a private jet and ate luxury foods. He has many cars including a Ferrari and many houses too. On his Instagram profile, he has more than 27,000 followers

Amarachi Uyanni

   Amarachi Uyanni is one of the richest children in Nigeria. Her wealth is obtained from her talent in dancing. She was born on July 17, 2004, in Nigeria. Her net worth is about 5 million US Dollars.

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She completed her primary school education at South Point Primary School in Benin, Nigeria, and made her debut in the music industry by releasing her hit song “Amarachi Dance” in 2013.

DJ Young Money

   Solomon Emmanuel Bassey’s stage name DJ Young Money is. the youngest DJ in West Africa. When he was 11 years old, he was already making millions through his performances and contracts.

In 2016, DJ Young Money signed a deal with K-Nation Entertainment as the in-house DJ of the Label. No doubt he is the most talented DJ among his peers. His net worth is about 450,000 US Dollars. 

Ozzy Bosco

   Oziomachuwku Favor Chukwujama popularly known as Ozzy Bosco was born on January 7, 2007 in Lagos State. He is a very talented individual who excels in singing, dancing and many other stage acts.

At his young age, he has already won several awards and nominations and has collaborated with many popular artists such as Olamide, Sound Sultan and Vector. Shockingly, he has received 3 chieftaincy titles already despite his young age.

His parents are Mr Mojekwu and Mrs Nonye Chuwkujama and his net worth is about 200,000 US Dollars

Ahmed Star Boy

  Ahmed is one of the youngest millionaires in the music industry. He was already a fan favourite at age 12 when he performed during Wizkid’s homecoming concert.

His performance that day had drawn a huge positive reaction from the audience. His skills in rap music amazed Wizkid which eventually led Wizkid to give him ₦10,000,000 and sign him on his record label. His net worth is 156,000 US Dollars. 

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Emmanuella Samuel

   Emmanuella Samuel is a child comedian who started her journey in the comedy industry when she was 5 years old. She was born on the 22nd of July 2010 and will be 14 years old this year. She hails from Imo state, Nigeria but currently resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Emmanuella Samuel’s net worth is 150,000 US Dollars. She also has a Lexus LX570 SUV. While it is not known if she has built a house for herself, she has built a house which she dedicated to her mother.

Emmanuella started her job as a comedian after her talent was recognized by Mark Angel and even up to this day they can still be seen together. Her father is Mr James Samuel and her mother is Mrs Cynthia Samuel. 

Aunty Success

   Aunty Success is a young Nigerian comedian who performed skits along with Emmanuella and Mark Angel. Her net worth is around 100,000 US Dollars. Her real name is Madubuike Success and she was born on July 9th, 2013 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

She also functions as a scriptwriter and a producer for Mark Angel’s comedy. Her first comedy skit where she featured in Mark Angel’s Comedy was released in 2017 after which she went viral. 

Egypt Ify Ufele

   Egypt Ify Ulele is one of the youngest fashion designers in the world. Having learnt how to sew from her grandmother when she was just 3 years old, Ify Ulele has gone on to make a name for herself with her exceptional talent in creating fashion masterpieces.

She has even created her clothing brand which she termed ‘chubiiline’. As a victim of bullying due to her plus size, Ify Ulele strives to make clothes suitable for all individuals despite their size as a means to curb discrimination.

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Her net worth is 100,000 US Dollars. Notably, she once featured in the New York Fashion Week as a means to advertise her impeccable designs. 

Destiny Boy

   Destiny Boy’s real name is Afeez Adesina. He was born on the 24th of June 2004 in Agege, Lagos. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Adesina and is the only son of his parents. Afeez is one of Nigeria’s richest child celebrities. His major source of wealth is the music industry and he is very popular for his talent in Fuji music. His net worth is 50,000 US Dollars. 

MaryLove Edward

   MaryLove Edward is another one of Nigeria’s child celebrities. Unlike the others, MaryLove got her fame from sports rather than stage performances. She is a tennis superstar and is regarded as the best in Africa among her peers.

She has been nicknamed Nigeria Serena. In an interview, MaryLove said she started playing tennis at the age of four and she has continued till now. In 2018, she won the 2018 CAT/ITF West and Central African Junior Championship qualifiers after defeating Kumba of Mali. Her net worth is 30,000 US Dollars. 


   Do you know any other child celebrity who should make this list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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