7 Best Business Ideas For Students In Lagos, Nigeria 2024

Do you want to start a profitable business in Nigeria as a student but you don’t know which ones will be good for you? Are you looking for the best ventures to invest your capital in? In this article, we’ll share the 7 Best Business Ideas For Students In Lagos, Nigeria 2024.

Some of the business ideas we shared in this article are small-scale businesses; some medium-scale, while others are large-scale businesses. You can start any of these ventures depending on the capital you have as a student living in Lagos.

Additionally, most of these ideas we mention can be launched right on your campus or operated from the comfort of your home. As we continue this article, you’ll learn how each of these businesses works and get insightful tips on how to start them.

Best Business Ideas For Students In Lagos, Nigeria 2024

1. Sale Of Past Question Paper

2. Sale Of Past Project Materials

3. Blogging

4. Selling Second-hand Clothes

5. Fitness Instructor

6. Food Business

7. E-commerce Store

7 Best Business Ideas For Students In Lagos, Nigeria 2024

Students wanting to have a steady source of income or two is not surprising. With the rising cost of living, it has become imperative that everyone with the time and ability, seek out alternative means of earning money.

This section discusses the 7 best business ideas for students in Lagos, that you can delve into to make some extra cash while you study. Please note, that these are just suggestions based on how easy these ventures will be to start, as they require minimal to no capital or resources. You are welcome to do more research till you find what works for you.

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1. Sale Of Past Question Paper

Selling past question papers is easily one of the best business ideas for students in Lagos, Nigeria 2024. There is no argument that past questions are essential tools for students’ success in exams. They need past questions to understand what to expect from future exams and how the questions for each course are set.

As the budding entrepreneur that you are, you can gather the past question papers of various courses, photocopy them, and staple them together to sell to other students. 

This business is a small-scale venture you can run from your room, and it is certainly lucrative, as students will pay any amount to get access to materials that will help them pass their university exams.

2. Sale Of Past Project Materials

There is a high demand for project materials in the university, especially from final-year students. The number of people asking for it is high because nobody wants to stress themselves too much when they are writing their final-year projects.

Having past project topics and materials as a guide will make things easier for them. This is why this business is a profitable one for a student to do.

3. Blogging

If you like to create content or talk about your experiences, then blogging is another of the best business ideas for students in Lagos, Nigeria 2024 you should try. You can pick any niche that interests you, and write articles on it. One good niche you may follow is writing about your experiences as a student in Lagos, to help others like you, navigate schooling in this rowdy city.

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To start blogging, you can research subjects people want to read about, establish your audience, and create content that is relevant and helpful to them. This business gives you a chance to work remotely without needing to leave your house. You could also generate more income by contributing to the websites of small businesses looking for writers.

Just be consistent with your blog and keep expanding your writing experiences to get more customers to pay you for it.

4. Selling Second-Hand Clothes

Most students won’t like this business idea as it is stressful, but it is profitable. We recommend it because not all university students will have the income to buy the expensive clothes sold at the boutique. And since students are living on a budget, you can help them dress well by starting a second-hand clothing business.

You can take people’s cloth orders or buy in bulk from Balogun market or Yaba and sell to prospective customers. 

5. Fitness Instructor

Lagos students are often health-conscious individuals who take love to care of their appearances and well-being. Working as a fitness instructor is one of the best business ideas for students in Lagos, Nigeria 2024, because you’ll always have clients to teach provided you’re consistent.

Some services you can add to your fitness training classes include yoga classes, pilates training, diet counselling, meal planning, boxing classes, workout plans, and the sale of sports equipment. 

This business is also easy to schedule around school work, so it won’t interfere with your academics. You can start by charging as low as N5,000 monthly from up to 30 clients or more. You can earn a higher payout by increasing your prices or finding more trainees.

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6. Food Business

If you are a student who can cook, you can make money in school by selling your food to other students who can’t cook or don’t have time to eat because they left for school early. You can add a personal touch to your meals, by delivering home-cooked dishes to your colleagues. This can also help you retain more customers in this business.

Another thing you can do is take meal orders from clients. Maybe they want soup and stew prepared for them in a large quantity, or they have a party coming up and need caterers. You can offer extra services like this to grow your business and customer base.

Dishes you can incorporate into your food business include bread and fried eggs, indomie and eggs, stir-fried spaghetti, smoothie, fruit juice, all kinds of snacks, parfait, jollof rice, etc. Your menu can be endless, as long as you know how to cook very well. 

7. E-Commerce Store

E-commerce stores are becoming rapidly popular in Lagos with more people venturing into online shopping. This venture is one of the best business ideas for students in Lagos, Nigeria 2024, you can start with almost no capital or none at all.

What you’ll need is a well-designed website, a solid marketing strategy, and top-quality products that you’ll sell on the platform. For the website, you can create one yourself on WordPress, just watch detailed YouTube videos on how to build a good website.

Products you can sell on your e-commerce website include – wristwatches, shoes, and perfumes. sandals, wigs and attachments, cosmetics, phone accessories, makeup, clothes, jewellery, groceries, provisions, stationery, handbags, etc.

Wrap Up

There are lots of profitable businesses you can kickstart from the comfort of your house as a student in Lagos. With hard work, consistency, and the proper strategies, you can increase your income by offering your services or selling products to other students or even people outside your school. Using our article on best business ideas for students in Lagos, Nigeria 2024, you can get a hint on which ventures you can manage alongside your studies.

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