7 Best Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Debating in classes is a vital activity that helps pupils develop their critical thinking, public speaking, and analytical abilities. It empowers them to express their reasoning, hold meaningful conversations with peers, and develop their communication skills. If you need a good way to challenge your pupils’ brains, try any of these 7 Best Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria.

Integrating debate topics into your primary school’s curriculum can be immensely beneficial for your students, by nurturing mental development and encouraging them to analyze important issues before speaking.

This post by Best Lagos presents some good debate topics that you can introduce to your pupils. Most times, selecting a debate topic to discuss in class, depends on pressing topics in the society and when these issues can be debated. Doing this helps learners to broaden their knowledge of what is happening in their community.

Additionally, holding debates in schools improves students’ articulation, and research skills, and promotes quick-thinking among the students.

What Is A Debate?

A debate is an organized argument where the speakers talk about a topic from two opposing points of view. Every subject has two sides. Those who agree with the idea are on the “proposing” side, while those who disagree are on the “opposing” side.

The main objective of a debate is for speakers to convince the audience that their perspective is right. Furthermore, a panel of judges or moderators decided which of the participants proved their points better.

How Students Can Discuss The Best Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

When moderating these best debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria, there are certain steps that students should take, to ensure that their presentation is formal and well put together. We listed them below:

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1. Conciseness

Pupils should be direct and clear with their points so that their thoughts on the topic are conveyed properly. If they are explaining a crucial point during the debate, they should do so with real-life examples, so that the audience can grasp their points. 

2. Maintaining Eye Contact

Looking directly at the audience or opponent can help students stay more focused. This will help them deliver their lines without distractions.

3. Confidence

Confidence shows credibility, which further instills trust in the minds of the listeners and moderators, that the pupil knows what they are talking about. You may prepare them, by teaching new words to help students expand their vocabulary. They can also learn to pause to gather their thoughts and speak clearly.

4. Organization

Debaters should organize their talking points so that the purpose of each one is understood by listeners. Being organized also helps them speak in a clear manner and stay on topic. This creates a purposeful structure for their conversations and messages.

5. Listening Skills

Students should be encouraged to field questions and listen to their opponents when presenting their thoughts. They should also jot down the opponent’s major arguments so that they can counter them later. This should be constructive and based on the pupil’s ability.

6. Politeness

Teach students to be polite and not yell at opponents. The debate should be calm and not heated.

Types Of Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

There are different types of debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria which you can introduce your pupils to. We explained how each one of them works below.

1. Team Policy Debate

Policy debate is a two-on-two debate where one team proposes a plan and the other opposes it by arguing why the plan shouldn’t be accepted.

2. Cross-Examination Debate

This is a duration between speeches where opponents ask questions to elucidate and understand each other’s case better.

3. Persuasive Debate Topics

The main objective of persuasive debate topics is to persuade the audience. These types of topics tackle a problem or subject that people are interested in and it should be something the students are also interested and knowledgeable in.

4. Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial debate topics often tackle vital and strong themes, these types of debates create space for arguments. A good controversial theme stems from diverse views among individuals and spurs questions that can’t have one exact answer.

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5. Argumentative Debate Topics

Argumentative Debate topics cover issues, challenges, phenomena or subjects that require deeper research before they can be understood. 

This type of debate would require pupils to do a lot of homework, practice study materials, and draw their arguments from timeless and infallible resources to support their ideas.

7 Best Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Finally, here are the 7 best debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria you can adopt to make your debating sessions engaging and relevant.

1. Are School Uniforms Compulsory For Students?

This is one of the best debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria that always sparks debates among pupils. People who support school uniforms may say that they foster a sense of unity and equality among students, curbing distractions from socioeconomic differences.

They may also say that uniforms facilitate a focused learning environment, instilling discipline and professionalism. 

Those who oppose can say that school uniforms limit pupils’ freedom of choice and hamper their creativity. These people could point out the financial toll it takes on families who can’t afford to buy them.

2. Teachers Are More Important Than Farmers

In this topic on “Teachers Are Better Than Farmers”, students can provide different arguments to back up their stance. 

One side can highlight the important role that teachers play in education, focusing on their ability to impact knowledge, harness critical thinking abilities, and shape the minds of the future generation.

On the other hand, students must also recognize how relevant farmers are in the society. They may agree that farmers play a vital role in producing food, maintaining a steady food supply and actively contributing to the economy of the nation.

3. Olden vs. Modern Days

A debate on olden vs modern days is another of the best debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. It will address the contrasting areas of these two eras. Students may discuss technology and how it impacted communication, education, transportation, and entertainment.

Some pupils can argue that modernity came with a plethora of technological advancements that make life easier, specifically in terms of instant communication and easy access to information.

Others can talk about the simplicity and elegance of the olden days, hammering on the significance of face-to-face interactions, hands-on experiences, and the calmer lifestyle they brought. 

4. Teachers vs. Doctors: Who Is Better?

The subject “Teachers vs. Doctors: Who Is Better?” will require debaters to present different arguments to back up their perspectives on this topic.

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They can emphasize the significance of a teacher’s guidance in inspiring a love for learning,  which is necessary for individuals to excel in every profession, including medicine. They can also mention a teacher’s impact on students’ personal growth, emotional well-being, and character formation.

Moreover, pupils can argue that teachers can influence a large number of scholars in the course of their careers, while doctors can only interact with patients on an individual basis.

5. Day School Is Better Than Boarding School

The subject “Day School Is Better Than Boarding School” is among the best debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria your pupils can argue on. Students can speak on the advantages that come with being a day student, this could be things like a stable home environment and the regular support of family.

They may also focus on constant interaction with family, which facilitates the emotional wellness and sense of belonging of the pupils. They can mention that day schools allow students to participate in relaxing extracurricular activities and hobbies after school hours, which promotes all-round development.

Furthermore, pupils can highlight how day schools offer students an opportunity to participate in community events and form solid connections within their local community.

6. Should Schools Ban Junk Food?

“Should Schools Ban Junk Food?” is a captivating debate topic for primary school students due to how it directly affects their daily lives and health. This subject will allow pupils to explore the consequences of eating junk on their health and academic performance.

The side proposing the ban will argue that junk food is high in sugar, unhealthy fats, and artificial ingredients which can cause obesity, poor nutrition, and an increased risk of chronic diseases among school students. They may also stress how important it is for learners to adopt healthier eating habits from a young age, which in turn leads to a good relationship with food and creates a conducive learning environment.

Meanwhile, those opposing the banning of junk food may put forward their personal choices, while arguing that it is vital to teach students about moderation and proper decision-making. They make talk about possible challenges with this ban and how it will affect the food industry.

7. Public School Is Better Than Private School

If you are looking for the best debate topics for primary schools in Lagos, Nigeria, then the discourse for “Public School Is Better Than Private School” should be on your list of subjects to discuss. 

Pupils proposing the motion should talk about how affordable and accessible public schools are, focusing on how they offer equal educational opportunities for students from various backgrounds. They could talk about the government’s support and accountability towards these types of institutions. Stating that they get funding, hire qualified teachers, and stick to the curriculum used nationwide.

Another talking point for students to discuss is the advantages of social integration in public schools, where pupils from diverse backgrounds can mingle and learn from each other’s experiences. They could put forward how public institutions imbibe national identity and patriotism, as they always teach national values and civic education in their curriculum.

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