Best Basketball Academies in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you interested in pursuing a basketball career or just looking to play for fun? Signing up for a basketball academy might be just what you need to increase your skills and knowledge of the game.

In Lagos, basketball has become a favorite pastime for many, offering opportunities for players of all levels to develop their skills and have fun.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose which academy is best for you. It’s crucial to do your research when selecting a place to learn and practice basketball.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best basketball academies in Lagos to help you make an informed decision without stress.

Basketball Academy in Lagos, Nigeria 

  • Hawks Basketball Academy 
  • Flygerian Basketball Academy
  • Beavers Basketball Academy 
  • Gripps Breed Basketball Academy
  • Small Eagles Basketball Academy
  • Crushers Basketball Academy
  • Camac Basketball Club 
  • Trissie’s Basketball Academy

Best Basketball Academy in Lagos, Nigeria 

Lagos boasts an array of basketball academies that cater to players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, there is something for you.

Below are some of the top basketball academies in Lagos:

1. Hawks Basketball Academy 

If you’re keen on improving your basketball skills and knowledge, then Hawks Basketball Academy is the perfect place for you. This academy is located in the National Stadium Complex in Yaba and is considered one of the best basketball academies in Lagos.

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Hawks Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities that provide a conducive learning atmosphere for players to hone their talents and train effectively.

With the help of their experienced coaches, they will guide and mentor you towards becoming the best basketball player that you can be.

Location: National Stadium Complex, Yaba 101241, Lagos

2. Flygerian Basketball Academy

The Flygerian Basketball Academy is a renowned institution that provides training for budding basketball players who aim to enhance their skills and cultivate their talents. The academy recognizes the significance of competitive play in basketball, which is why they arrange regular games for their students to participate in.

With a team of highly skilled coaches, programs that focus on the players, state-of-the-art facilities, and a nurturing atmosphere, the academy provides an excellent platform for young talents to flourish and achieve their goals.

Location: Rafiu Jafojo Park, Ajako Busstop, Shasha, Lagos

3. Beavers Basketball Academy 

For those who aspire to make it big in the basketball world, the Beavers Basketball Academy in Ojo, Lagos is an excellent choice. The academy welcomes athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and heights, providing them with the platform to grow, build their skills, and develop a better understanding of the game.

The academy’s coaching staff is well-equipped to motivate players and impart knowledge on how to improve their game, making it one of the top institutions in Lagos.

Location: Ilogbo, Ajangbadi Ojo, 102101, Lagos

4. Gripps Breed Basketball Academy

If you’re looking to improve your fundamental basketball skills and start your professional career, Gripps Breed Academy is an excellent choice.

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The academy boasts well-maintained courts, expert coaches, and a welcoming environment for players of all levels to learn and grow into world-class athletes. The personalized training at the academy is structured to meet your specific needs, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete.

You’ll receive one-on-one attention outside of regular group classes to help you build confidence and enhance your skills.

Location: Lagos State Polytechnic, Iyana Isolo, Isolo 100001, Lagos

5. Small Eagles Basketball Academy

Looking for a top-notch basketball academy in Lagos? Look no further than Small Eagles! Located at Ifako Ijaye mini stadium beside General Hospital Ifako Iyaye, Off Iju Road, Ogba, this well-equipped academy is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.

With affordable fees and expert coaches, you’ll receive personalized training to improve your skills and gain valuable experience playing with other talented basketballers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to up your game – visit Small Eagles today!

Location: Nini stadium beside General Hospital Ifako Iyaye, Off Iju Rd, Ogba, Lagos

6. Crushers Basketball Academy

Crushers Academy is another outstanding basketball academy that is dedicated to training young athletes of different ages in basketball internationally.

This academy is inclusive and welcomes all genders, so long as you have a passion for basketball and a desire to improve your skills. Their expert coaches provide the best training in the sport, including the rules, and also teach important life skills that will benefit you in the future.

Join Crushers Academy today and take your basketball game to the next level!

Location: 7 Iju Ishaga Rd, Agege 101232, Lagos

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7. Camac Basketball Club 

Camac Basketball Ball specializes in providing basketball coaching for players of all skill levels. With a network of highly qualified coaches, excellent academic courses, and comprehensive fitness plans, Camac Basketball is the perfect place to take your game to the next level.

Located in Bakare, Oriola Street, Lagos, this club is home to a professional basketball team that competes at the national level in Nigeria. With expert coaching, competitive matches, and the chance to watch top players in action, Camac Basketball has everything you need to succeed on the court.

Location: Bakare, Oriola Street, 100243, Lagos

8. Trissie’s Basketball Academy 

Trissie’s Basketball Academy is another top basketball academy that offers a comprehensive curriculum of basketball training for young kids.

They have qualified coaches who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in developing a love for the sport and bringing out the basketball star in every child. Parents can choose to enrol their child in one or multiple sessions per week, with fees paid every month.

Location: 39, Kunsela Road by Chisco bus stop, Lekki

Wrap Up

When it comes to good basketball academies, Lagos has a long list of places. Whether you have been playing for a while or just starting out, we highly recommend considering one of the academies mentioned in this article to take your basketball skills to the next level. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

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