7 Best Shawarma Spots In Lagos

Nigerians have fully embraced shawarma as the ultimate roadside snack, despite it being an original Arabian dish. This gooey goodness consists of chicken or beef and sausage stuffed into warm pita bread. If you enjoy eating this snack, chances are, you’ll appreciate a well-prepared shawarma.  Sounds like you? Read our article on the 7 Best Shawarma Spots In Lagos.

Shawarmas hit the streets as quickly as it was introduced into the Lagos food scene. What started out being sold at only choice restaurants who at the time, seemed to be the only ones with the recipe. Has now been replicated by hundreds of food vendors across the city, each one putting their unique spin on the otherwise simple snack.

You can’t go anywhere in Lagos, without seeing a shawarma vendor by the roadside. Whether it is a single umbrella put together to ward off the scorching sun, or a kiosk that sells shawarma alongside other snacks, you’ll always find somewhere to enjoy this treat.

The widespread adaption of Shawarma into Lagos’ street food scene, caused numerous food businesses to start selling it. But, what it didn’t do was produce people who ACTUALLY knew how to prepare it. These snacks are everywhere on the streets, but the OG foodies know that it’s not all spots that you should eat it from.

For the best shawarma spots in Lagos, we made a list of places that come highly recommended by lovers of this snack. We don’t want to exaggerate, but, you can’t say you’ve had good shawarma if you’ve not eaten it from any of these locations. 

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Best Shawarma Spots In Lagos

1. 01 Shawarma

2. Farm City Restaurant

3. Mealstickk

4. Titto’s Shawarma

5. Sphinx Fast Food

6.  E-Best Shawarma

7. Shawarma Express

7 Best Shawarma Spots In Lagos

For mouthwatering Shawarma that will give you your money’s worth and leave a mark on your taste buds, try any of these 7 best shawarma spots in Lagos.

1. 01 Shawarma

01 Shawarma is one of the best shawarma spots in Lagos, it is committed to improving the quality of food it serves you and the ingredient it put into its snack. 01 is a premium food brand with 18 different locations in the city.

This place is considered to be the best because all these locations maintain the same quality for their shawarma-based menu. At 01 Shawarma, you’ll be getting different types of shawarmas. Options range from double chicken, beef to shawarma meal combos.

Location: Multiple locations.

2. Farm City Restaurant

Although Farm City Restaurant is a proper fine dining establishment, it is considered amongst the best shawarma spots in Lagos. This place has a great ambience and is ideal for relaxing with your family and friends while sampling tasty foods. 

Farm City makes a fantastic Chicken Shawarma which you’ll enjoy. They are open every day of the week, and their friendly staff is eager to serve you. You’ll definitely have a good time eating here.

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Location: Lekki | Ogudu.

3. Mealstickk

Mealstickk is one of the most hygienic and best shawarma spots in Lagos. Its shawarma is prepared under close supervision with fresh proteins and vegetables to ensure that you get good value for your money and health.

At Mealstickk you can choose from fresh, hot, and creamy chicken, chicken, beef, goat meat, or full-option shawarma options. Whichever one you get, it will be delicious.

Location: No 23 Oluwa Leimu Street, Ikeja.

4. Titto’s Shawarma

Titto’s Shawarma or “Ebeano Shawarma” is located inside Ebeano Supermarket. Titto’s is said to be the go-to place for filling shawarma on the Island. 

There are rumours about this spot being the best shawarma on Lagos, Island. So, next time you’re at Ebeano you can put this theory to test by trying this famous shawarma. 

Location: Any Ebeano supermarket.

5. Sphinx Fast Food

Located in Mega Plaza, Sphinx Fast Food serves different sizes of shawarma ranging from the normal, medium, or large wrap, to satisfy your cravings.

The cool and clean outdoor setting of the Sphinx is relaxing. Here you can enjoy freshly prepared delicious Lebanese-style shawarma. This place is also considered affordable and safe, making it one of the best shawarma spots in Lagos.

Location: Ikota, Lekki.

6. E-Best Shawarma

E-Best Shawarma lives up to its name by being making the best shawarma in Nigeria. This place is one of the few best shawarma spots in Lagos and is definitely worth a try. 

This eatery specializes in making shawarma in Surulere. Here, you’ll be blown away by the amazing taste as you relish every bite. Their snack is the juiciest and most taste-bud-pleasing one you’ll ever eat in Lagos. This is especially true for their chicken Shawarma.

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When in E-Best, you won’t just love the food, but also their presentation and customer service. This place is easy to locate and has everything set up to turn you into a regular.

Location: 18 Randle Avenue, Surulere 101241.

7. Shawarma Express

Shawarma Express has a hundred different shawarma variations, with endless options to choose from. There is no way you’d go here, without finding a flavour that perfectly suits your current cravings.

The Express sells the most delicious Shawarma, prepared in neat and customer-friendly surroundings. They are on a mission to sell more shawarma and have more fun, which is what they’re doing. 

This place specialises solely in making shawarma, but they also have select snacks and drinks you can get. However, with the numerous variations available, you’ll be too occupied picking out a flavour, to want any other snack.

Location: 95, Ogulana Drive, Surulere.

Wrap Up

Now that you know where the best shawarma spots in Lagos are, it may be time to put on your exploring shoes and go check out these places. 

One good thing about this list we created is that these eateries have an ample selection of shawarma flavours, which means you’ll never get bored eating there.

Another thing is that they are hygienic and have the proper licensing to operate. By eating at a designated spot, you’ll be minimizing the risk of getting food poisoning. This is something you can’t do if you eat from any random roadside shawarma vendor you see.

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