Best Apartment For Rent In Lagos, Nigeria

Best Apartment For Rent In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a top destination for individuals and families who want a fulfilling living experience. From its luxurious waterfront residences to more cost-effective and comfortable accommodations, this city offers a plethora of rental options to suit various lifestyles. If you are planning to get an apartment in this city, our post samples the Best Apartment For Rent In Lagos, Nigeria.

One sure thing about this city is that no matter how much you have in your account you’ll definitely find a diverse and dynamic selection of apartments to rent that suits your preferences and budgets. With its vibrant landscape, rich cultural heritage, and thriving economic opportunities, getting an apartment in Lagos is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Lagos houses feature a blend of modern architecture and traditional Nigerian influences, the apartments usually provide easy access to key amenities, including shopping centres, restaurants, parks, and recreational facilities. Keep reading to find out places you can get the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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Where To Find The Best Apartment For Rent in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Nigeria Property Centre


3. Private Property

4. Spleet Africa

5. Property24

6. Share Flats

7. Shorlet Homes

The Best Apartment For Rent in Lagos, Nigeria

Whether you are a young professional who’s just starting out in your career, a new family, or an expatriate who wants temporary accommodation, Lagos provides a dynamic and hospitable environment for those in need of good houses. If what we described matches you, check these places we listed below to get the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria.

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1. Nigeria Property Centre

Nigeria Property Centre is a top property website where you can find the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria. They provide property listings for sale, rent, and lease. NPC offers property seekers a simple way to find information about homes, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial property. 

On this website, you’ll discover a more effective method of finding your next apartment, complemented by updated property information, available for free, and accessible 24 hours a day. The information available on the Nigerian Property Centre is complete in terms of the number of properties and in-depth detail on each property.

2. is a web-based platform where you can find property rentals and sales, they provide clients with the best property search experience both online and offline by connecting them with legitimate and verified real estate agents.

Generally, offers a seamless and stress-free approach to getting your dream home. You can visit their website to check out more available listings.

3. Private Property

Private Property is the fastest-growing property portal where you can find the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria. With them, you’ll feel at home when looking for apartments, houses, flats, lands, or commercial properties for sale & rent in Nigeria.

This company puts effort into making the search for your next apartment a smooth and rewarding process. Private Property displays quality listings and avails simple mechanisms you can use to contact the seller or agent. They help you find the best property for your needs.

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4. Spleet Africa

Spleet is a comprehensive rental management solution for landlords and tenants in Africa. On it, you can rent an apartment and pay flexibly. Landlords can also list their houses for free, verify tenants, and collect rent automatically with their rental management tools.

Spleet is on a mission to build the future of efficient rent management. The company has reimagined comfortable and affordable living spaces. They consistently create financial service solutions for landlords and tenants to efficiently manage the rental process.

5. Property24

If you are serious about getting the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria, then you should check out Property24. The platform assists you in kickstarting the search for your perfect property. On it, you’ll find houses, townhouses, flats, vacant land, and even farms from leading estate agents in Nigeria.

Other things you can do at Property24 are discover your perfect home to buy or rent by area, price, and property type, browse through photo galleries of the apartment you are interested in, view a property on the map so that you can see its specific location, contact the estate agent directly via call, email or sms, and find an Estate agent in your area.

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6. Share Flats

Share Flats is managed by Epic Rich, a top job posting and recruitment platform that shares vacancies in Nigeria and across the globe. It has a thriving Twitter page where you can safely find shared apartments, flatmates, and properties to rent/buy in major cities across Nigeria.

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7. Shorlet Homes

Shortlethomes is one of the websites to find the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria. This innovative digital platform exists to disrupt the real estate industry within the emerging market. Shortlethomes provides 5-star exquisite homes at up to 75% discount than the price you’ll get in a 5-star hotel room with the option for verified hosts to sublet and earn rental income as subscribers.

The company is a verified subsidiary of Digital Landlords Nigeria Limited, owned by Keji Giwa, Founder & CEO of Digital Landlords in the UK and Nigeria.  He also owns Giwa Gardens amusement park.

Shortlethomes is ranked the No.1 short let apartment and home provider in Nigeria, it prides itself in delivering only verified and approved homes you can feel safe in. Each room offers unmatched quality and luxury at affordable prices.

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Wrap Up

Thanks to these websites and companies, your journey to finding the best apartment for rent in Lagos, Nigeria just got a whole lot easier. All you need to do is further research on all of them, to find the one that resonates with your needs the most. 

They have 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom, mini-flat, self-contained, and boy quarters listed on their platforms, all for rent.

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