AKTC Bus Parks

AKTC Bus Parks in Lagos

AKTC Limited, also known as Akwa Ibom Transport Company, is one of the most reputable and prominent transport companies in Akwa-Ibom state. Founded as a state-owned transport company, it has been a significant player in the transportation sector for many years. In 2005, Nsik Motors took over the company and has since then been leading it to new heights of success. 

AKTC buses are renowned for their quality, comfort, and safety. They are mostly manufactured by Jinbei Automobile Company, a well-known automobile manufacturer. Nsik Motors is the exclusive distributor of Jinbei’s buses and spare parts in Nigeria, ensuring that AKTC buses are always in top-notch condition.

AKTC buses don’t just ply routes within Akwa-Ibom state, but also across various states in Nigeria. With their top-of-the-line facilities and excellent customer service, AKTC buses are the go-to choice for many travelers.

AKTC Limited Online Booking

AKTC Limited currently uses a manual booking system, which is different from the online booking platforms used by other transport companies. While this may seem like a drawback, the transport company has made booking and payment processes extremely easy for its customers by accepting electronic payments via POS. This means that cash bookings can be made over the counter at any AKTC Terminal without any hassle.

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Other services offered by AKTC

AKTC Limited offers a wide range of other transport-related services. They include:

AKTC Logistics

AKTC Transport has a subsidiary dedicated to the transportation of luggage across all the cities along its travel route. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, this service ensures that your belongings are delivered safely and on time to your preferred destination.

Direct Transport to NYSC Camps

The company offers a highly beneficial transportation service to corporate members who need to travel from the southern region to other parts of the country. The transportation service is provided at subsidized rates that ensure affordability and convenience for the members.

This service helps reduce the stress and hassles that are usually associated with traveling to various orientation camps. Additionally, the company places a high priority on the safety of its members during the trip, ensuring that they arrive at their destination without any harm.

Advantages of traveling with AKTC

Traveling with AKTC (Akwa Ibom Transport Company) buses in Nigeria offers several advantages:

Comfortable Travel

Passengers who travel on AKTC buses can expect a comfortable and relaxing journey, thanks to the well-designed seating arrangements and smooth ride.

The buses are equipped with high-quality amenities that enhance the overall travel experience, ensuring that passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and satisfied.


At AKTC, ensuring the safety of passengers is of utmost importance. They strictly follow all transportation regulations and continuously maintain their vehicles to meet high standards.

By prioritizing safety, AKTC creates a secure travel environment for passengers, offering them peace of mind during their journey.

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Experienced Drivers

The organization has a team of highly trained and proficient drivers, who possess a deep understanding of the routes they travel.

Their expertise not only ensures that the journey is completed safely but also contributes significantly to its overall efficiency.

Great Customer Service

AKTC places significant importance on providing exceptional customer service to all travelers who use their services. They accomplish this by ensuring that their staff members are thoroughly trained to assist passengers promptly and address their unique needs with utmost care and attention.

As a result, travelers are left with a positive and memorable experience that reflects the company’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable journey for all.


AKTC is committed to delivering high-quality and reliable travel services to its passengers. To ensure that everyone has access to great services, they strive to keep bus prices affordable and competitive.

They aim to make travel accessible to a broader range of passengers without compromising on the quality of services.

Online Booking

AKTC offers passengers the convenience of online booking services. With AKTC’s online booking platform, passengers can easily plan their travel itinerary and secure their preferred seats in advance.

This feature helps customers avoid the stress and inconvenience associated with traditional ticketing methods.

AKTC Parks in Lagos


The AKTC bus park in Ajah is a popular and convenient location for passengers traveling between Lagos and other states in Nigeria. 

AKTC’s bus park in Ajah is known for its well-maintained fleet of buses, which are equipped with modern amenities. The buses are also driven by experienced drivers who are trained to ensure passengers’ safety and comfort throughout their journey.

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Destinations open for booking:

Address: KM 12, Lekki – Epe Expressway, Ikota – Ajah. Lagos.

Maza Maza

AKTC bus park in Maza Maza is an excellent choice for passengers looking for a reliable and comfortable transportation option in Nigeria.

With its convenient location, modern facilities, and experienced staff, AKTC is committed to providing top-notch service to its customers.

Address: 142, Old Ojo Road. By Mosalashi Bus Stop.

Okota, Lagos 

The AKTC bus park at Okota in Lagos is a popular and convenient spot for passengers traveling to various parts of Nigeria. Located at 119A Okota Road, Okota – Isolo, Lagos, the bus park offers a well-maintained fleet of buses that are equipped with modern amenities.

AKTC is known for its high-quality services, and the Okota bus park is no exception.

Destinations open for booking: 7

Address: 119A Okota Road, Okota – Isolo, Lagos.

Ojuelegba, Lagos 

Passengers who travel from the AKTC bus park at Ojuelegba can expect a comfortable and relaxing journey, thanks to the well-designed seating arrangements and smooth ride.

The company’s buses are equipped with high-quality amenities that enhance the overall travel experience, ensuring that passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Destinations open for booking: 83

Address: 107, Ojuelegba Road, Ojuelegba.

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