Who is Esther Raphael

Who is Esther Raphael?

Esther Raphael, also known as Buba Girl, has become a popular name in the world of social media. Her unique and engaging content has captivated audiences on the popular platform TikTok.

Esther’s journey on TikTok began in 2019, and since then, she has skyrocketed to online stardom, amassing a massive following of over 1 million fans.

Her content is an eclectic mix of dance, comedy, and fashion, which has created a strong connection with a diverse and dedicated fanbase.

Esther Raphael’s social media life is fascinating, and this article will provide an in-depth look at her biography, personal life, career, and most recent controversy.

Get ready for an inside look at the world of this influential tiktoker!


Esther Raphael, also known as ‘Buba Girl’, is a talented Nigerian dancer, entertainer, and social media personality. She was born on April 24, 2001, and comes from the Southern region of Nigeria.

Esther spent her early years in Lagos, where she completed both her primary and secondary education. She went on to attend a higher institution, although the details of which have not been made public.

Esther gained widespread recognition in 2023 when her videos went viral on TikTok, the popular social media platform. Her mesmerizing dance moves and engaging personality have won her a large following, with over 500,000 TikTok followers to her name. She has become one of the most influential Nigerian tiktokers on social media, inspiring and entertaining her fans with her unique talent and charm.


Esther Raphael is a highly celebrated TikTok star hailing from Nigeria. She has made a remarkable name for herself in the world of social media through her captivating dance videos on TikTok. Her energetic vibe has enabled her to enthrall audiences with her mesmerizing dance routines.

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Esther’s TikTok channel serves as a platform where she expresses herself through trendy dance moves, funny sounds and short acting videos earning her a substantial following.

Through her creative expressions, Esther has garnered a substantial following, capturing the hearts and minds of viewers not only in Nigeria but across the globe. Her influence and popularity have been recognized by various brands and media outlets, leading to collaborations and features that have further solidified her status as a prominent social media influencer.

All in all, Esther Raphael’s talent, creativity, and dedication have made her a leading figure in the world of social media, inspiring and delighting millions of fans worldwide with her dance videos on TikTok.


Esther Raphael, the famous TikTok star, has kept her personal life very private and has not disclosed her relationship status. While there is no information available about her current romantic relationships, we can confirm that she is not married and is fully dedicated to her career.

Esther Raphael’s online presence is strictly professional, and she has not shared any details about her past relationships with the public. Despite being a famous social media personality, Esther has managed to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, allowing her to focus on her work and achieve great success.

Social Media Controversy

On August 28, 2023, a video of Esther Raphael was shared online, causing a stir among the public. The video sparked a variety of reactions, some of which were controversial. As a result, Esther decided to take a break from social media.

However, after a few weeks had passed, Esther returned to social media. She posted a video of herself dancing and confidently addressed her critics, making it clear that she was not affected by their comments about her personal life.

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Despite the controversy, Esther’s TikTok following has increased tremendously, now boasting around 1 million followers. This signifies her enduring popularity, which has only grown stronger even amidst the challenges she had to face.

The overwhelmingly positive responses show the support and encouragement Esther is receiving as she resumes her online activities. It is evident that her fans are welcoming her back with open arms and acknowledging her efforts to move forward despite past difficulties.

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