Who is Nathaniel Bassey

Who is Nathaniel Bassey?

Nathaniel Bassey, a renowned Nigerian gospel artist, was born on August 27, 1978, in the vibrant city of Lagos. Raised in a devout Christian family, he grew up with a strong passion for both music and spirituality, which ultimately paved the way for his illustrious career. 

Throughout the years, he has touched the hearts of countless Nigerians both at home and abroad, leaving his impact on the gospel music industry. In this article, we will take a deeper look into his life, exploring his inspiring journey and the profound impact he has had on the lives of many.

Nathaniel Bassey Biography

Nathaniel Bassey is a multi-talented Nigerian artist, who has made a name for himself as a singer, songwriter, pastor, and trumpeter. He is highly regarded for his hit songs ‘Onise Iyanu’ and ‘Olowogbogboro’, which have won him many accolades in the Nigerian music industry and beyond.

However, Nathaniel Bassey’s influence goes beyond the four walls of the church and traditional music platforms. In 2017, he created what is now known as the #HallelujahChallenge – a month-long online worship experience that has since become a global phenomenon. The initiative attracts massive participation from Christians worldwide who gather for midnight praise and worship sessions via social media.

As a member and pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Nathaniel Bassey has become one of the leading Nigerian Gospel ministers of our time. He has collaborated with other notable Gospel artists in the Nigerian and international Gospel music scenes, making him a well-respected figure in the industry.

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Nathaniel Bassey Education 

Nathaniel Bassey’s academic background is quite impressive. He began his educational journey in Lagos, where he completed his primary and secondary school education. He then proceeded to the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG), where he pursued a course in Urban and Regional Planning. 

After completing his undergraduate studies, Nathaniel furthered his education in Politics and International Relations in London. It is worth noting that Nathaniel’s passion for music led him to enroll at the Middlesex University Summer School in the UK, where he honed his musical skills.

Nathaniel Bassey Marriage

On the 14th of April, 2013, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey tied the knot with Pastor Sarah Bassey in holy matrimony. Their union has been blessed with two beautiful children, a son and a daughter, who bring joy and happiness to their family.

Nathaniel Bassey Music Career

Pastor Nathaniel embarked on his musical journey in the church. He joined the Rhodes Orchestra as a trumpeter and played for two years. However, his life changed when he composed a song while visiting Stella Obasanjo, the late wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. In 2018, Nathaniel Bassey emerged as one of the leading gospel artistes in Nigeria’s biggest Christian concert – The Experience.

In 2008, Bassey released his debut album, “Elohim.” The album was recorded and mixed in Cape Town, South Africa, and garnered worldwide acclaim, propelling him to fame. The album featured hit tracks like “Someone’s at the Door” and “Book of Life” became instant favorites within the gospel music community. 

Over the years, Nathaniel Bassey has continued to touch hearts and inspire people with his music. His subsequent albums, including “The Son of God,” “This God is Too Good,” and “Revival Flames,” have gained widespread popularity, cementing his place as one of Nigeria’s most prominent gospel artists.

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Below is a list of his studio albums over the years;

Nathaniel Bassey Studio albums

  • Someone’s at the Door (2010)
  • The Son of God (& Imela) (2014)
  • This God is Too Good (2016)
  • Revival Flames (2017)
  • Jesus: The Resurrection & the Life (2018)
  • The King is Coming (2019)
  • Hallelujah Again (Revelation 19:3) (2021)
  • Names of God (2022)
  • Hallelujah Live (2023

Wrap Up

Through Pastor Nathaniel Bassey music, he has spread messages of hope and love showcasing the transformative power of God’s presence in the life of christians all around the globe.

Bassey’s music has changed lives, and as he continues to create powerful music, his listeners are able to connect better with God just by listening to his songs. 

His contributions to the gospel music industry, both home and abroad, have earned him numerous awards, and his music has become a beacon of light and hope for millions of people worldwide.

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