Who is Uraume?

Who is Uraume?

“Jujutsu Kaisen” anime created by Gege Akutami follows the story of Yuji Itadori, a high school student who gets entangled in the supernatural world of curses and jujutsu sorcery after a series of events.

One of the most interesting characters that has stood out in the show is Uraume. Uraume’s character is shrouded in mystery, adding to the anticipation and curiosity among fans.

If you are a fan of Uraume and want to know more about the character, you are in the right place.

Uraume, also known as the Frozen Star, is a curse user from the Heian Era, which was a thousand years ago. They were a direct subordinate to Sukuna and later aligned themselves with Kenjaku to seal Satoru Gojo and revive Sukuna. Since Uraume’s gender is unknown in the anime, we will be using they/them pronouns to refer to them in this article.

Uraume has chin-length white hair with a pinkish-red streak running through the back. Their clothing style is that of a traditional monk, which adds to their allure, and are usually seen with a stoic and expressionless face.

Uraume possesses exceptional jujutsu abilities and can execute multiple high-level techniques with great control over their cursed energy.

Their innate technique is called Ice Formation, which gives them the ability to create and manipulate ice. The attacks can be harmless or destructive, depending on how bad Uraume wants to hurt the opponent.

Another one of their techniques is called Icefall, where they generate a large amount of spiked ice by covering their hands in frost and touching the ground.

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One of the most intriguing thing about Uraume is that fans cannot decipher whether they are female or male. Uraume breaks away from traditional character norms by maintaining an air of gender ambiguity and appearing to be androgynous. The deliberate choice to keep Uraume’s gender undisclosed only adds another layer of intrigue to their character.

Uraume made their first appearance in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime during the Goodwill event arc, where they were shown silently standing behind Kenjaku, Gojo, and Mahito.

Uraume appears next in the Shibuya Incident Arc, where she orders Haruta Shigemo to kill anyone in a black suit who is working for the sorcerers in Shibuya.

During the same arc, Uraume reunites with Sukuna and receives instructions from him to not neglect their preparations before he departs. He warns her that he will soon be free.

Uraume then proceeds to join Kenjaku and fights against Choso, Yuji Itadori, and the other sorcerers and their allies before making her escape with Kenjaku. After this arc, Uraume doesn’t make much of an appearance in the anime again.

One thing that cannot be denied is how immensely powerful and fiercely loyal Uraume is to Sukuna. In fact, they are always ready to attack anyone approaching Sukuna whom they deem a threat or do not know about.

Apart from their combat skills, Uraume is also an excellent chef, especially in serving humans and curses. The only reason they are allowed to be around Sukuna is because of their cooking skills and their identity as sorcerers.

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Overall, Uraume’s character adds an extra layer of mystique to the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Their ambiguous gender identity, intriguing smile, and enigmatic persona contribute to an exciting and captivating storyline.

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