Treasure in the Sky movie

‘Treasure in the Sky’ Movie Creates Emotional Impact, Leaving Viewers in Tears

Several videos of people crying after watching the movie ‘Treasure in the Sky’ have circulated on social media.

Some people claimed that the story affected them directly and provided real-life scenarios.

“Chai I taught I was strong in holding tears but this movie humble me”, A user said.

Another wrote, “If u cried I dis movies put a thumb up….I cried like a baby,.thumbs up to all d a actors and actresses,crews and casts”.

One also said; “I’ve never cried so hard in my life while watching a movie, it felt so real. My head hurts so bad from all the crying. I feel like a part of me has left, this movie felt so real and like I was apart of it.”

“If you cried because of they TREASURE IN THE SKY movie then you get problem, this boring movie”, Someone said.

Another added; “Very Mumu film I just waste my time and data”.

Treasure in the Sky Cast

  • Miwa Olorunfemi –  as Kamsi
  • Clinton Joshua  – as Jidenna
  • Chinenye Nnebe –  as Amina
  • Chisom Agoawuike  – as Blessing
  • Obiajulu Ken Ohanenye  – as Promise
  • Izzy Besta  – as Peace
  • Emeka Eze  – as Uti
  • Precious Akaeze  – as Bella
  • Courtney Ochanya John –  as Miss Valerie
  • Ny Addae –  as Mr George
  • Christian Effiong  – as Samson
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  1. This movie has impact alot of life though sorrowful
    Please let learn from this movie and humble our selves as the say like is too short let show the love to one another

    1. Jidenna helped me see so much. This movie just twists my heart and I give accolades to the writer. Thank you for touching my life. Are you sure this doesn’t come from real experience because that would have been heart wrenching for you. I give this money a A plus

  2. I was deeply sad & sobbing at the end of the movie. My head hurts so bad;
    Left me wondering if this was a real life story about someone???😩

  3. I couldn’t stop crying🥺
    Thank goodness I watched it in the night cos I I had a serious headache after the cry😂😂

    Shout out to cast and crew they did a great job
    Most especially kamsi ND jidenna🥰

  4. This movie really got me emotional ..I cried,o taught about my past , I compared my relationship to a scene in the movie plus there’s a great moral lesson attached to it .. forgiveness and love.

  5. much love to all the actors and actress and also the cast for such avery good and life teaching movie I like cried a lot .Thanks for teaching me that I should stay and talk with others and show love

  6. Omor what a perfect blend of events, actions and emotion. It really nice that this movie is able to touch lifes….ewww I’m elated.
    Thumbs up to nollywood. Love you all.

  7. Leave a comment…
    i thought i was kamsi i wish i am i would like to see him in real life i wish he would marry me if he propose to me i would say yes i even know he real he real name is cliton joshua i really love you you are my dream husband i love you joshua

  8. I really cried out blood
    Indeed I can’t hold my tears seeing jidenna died
    At least he needs to propose to kamsi
    I rated it More than five stars ⭐✨✨
    What a wonderful movie
    It shouldn’t have to stop there
    But although am in love with the movie

  9. The most interesting emotional movie about high school student, I love Bella,Amina,jiddena,and the weirdo and whether Samson or what the spectacle seller,very very interesting.

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