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Rufus and Bee: Full Guide and Review

Twinwaters’ Rufus and Bee is the ideal place to go to if you want to have a hangout filled with excitement, games, and fun. This gaming center promises to excite its customers while keeping them plied with thrill and a healthy dose of friendly competition. If you plan to attend, then read our Rufus and Bee: Full Guide and Review.

There are a lot of things going on in Lagos, so it’s understandable if you are not the type to fancy club raves or owambes. If you’re taking a break from hopping events and would rather spend the weekends with your friends or mapping out new adventures or places to subdue, then you seem like the type to hang out in an arcade.

For the explorers who are always on the hunt for new experiences and alternative fun things to do in Lagos, a day out at Rufus and Bee will do you some good. In this guide, we get into everything you need to know about this space. While also sharing the reviews others have left about it.

About Rufus And Bee

At Rufus And Bee, you can level up and engage in a variety of activities from snooker games, contemporary Dance Revolution, sports bar, and bowling lanes. You may also check out the American Tex-Mex Restaurant. R&B has more than 100 thrilling games, providing a mega-gaming experience for kids, adults, families, and corporate teams.

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Location: Off Remi Olowude Road, Lekki Second Roundabout (By Lekki Leisure/Ark Event Center).

Timings: Mondays – Closed. Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 22:30.

Dress Code: Casual.

How To Play Games At Rufus And Bee

For the first-timers at Rufus And Bee, below is a brief break of how the place works:

1. You need to buy a Buzz Card to access the games. It costs ₦1,000. Every time you come to the arcade, you should bring it with you.

2. Your Buzz Card should be loaded with value. This is called the value ‘Chips’.

How do you know how much to load?

– Gameplay is priced in chips. This ranges from 3 chips per play to 17 chips, based on the nature and duration of the game.

⁠⁠⁠⁠Most of the games cost 7.5 chips per play.

⁠You can load the card based on the number of games you want to play.

The chips on the Buzz card don’t expire but get more to be safe.

⁠⁠3. After you’ve loaded the Buzz card with chips, you can now start having NON-STOP FUN!

How Much Does It Cost To Play Games At Rufus And Bee?

Acquiring the Buzz Card at Rufus and Bee gives you access to play over 100 games at the arcade. 

The amount you’ll spend playing games depends on how many chips you load into your card. Below is a breakdown of each prize and how many chips you’ll get for it.

₦7,50055 chips
₦10,00084 chips
₦13,000115 chips
₦18,000180 chips
₦23,500250 chips
₦29,000325 chips
₦35,000450 chips
Rufus And Bee games price

Note: New cards come with an additional cost of ₦2,000 each.

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Games Available At Rufus And Bee

Rufus and Bee is a standard arcade with an extensive collection of games you can play without getting bored. Some games you can expect are basketball shots or “hoops”, car racing, bike racing, adventure games, punching bags, Star Wars, Walking Dead-themed games, dancing, and lots more.

Some games come with rewards in the form of ‘tickets’ which you get depending on how well you played them. You can collect them to win a prize at the end of your session or use them to refill your Buzzz card for additional chips.

Rufus And Bee Bowling Alley

The bowling alley at R&B is secluded from the rest of the game options. It is set in a small area on the left side of the center, giving it some sort of exclusivity.

You can buy tickets within the club. Every Wednesday at Rufus and Bee, you can bowl for ₦5,000. Regular shoes are not allowed onto the pod, so you will be given a pair of socks to wear with the special bowling shoes.

The Alley has a mini-bar and restaurant inside it where you can buy something to eat and drink. You may decide to hang out there for the rest of the day, without going to the rest of the center for anything.

Sports Bar At Rufus And Bee 

The sports bar is where you can sit to watch live football matches and other prominent matches. There is also a snooker table inside here, so you can play a game too.

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R&B’s eatery and restaurant are located inside here. You can eat and drink at the sports bar as well.

Rufus And Bee Food And Drinks Menu

What’s on Rufus and Bee’s menu? See some available dishes and drinks with their prices.

Chicken Wings₦6,000R&B Mocmosa₦3,500
Nachos Heap₦9,750Pinkabelle₦7,000
Prawn Salad₦8,500Absolut Citron₦24,000
Goat Meat Pepper Soup₦7,000Famous Grouse₦1,700
Flamed Grilled Fillet And Bacon₦23,000Captain Morgan₦1,400
Rufus And Bee Food And Drinks Menu

Rufus And Bee Reviews

We’ve shared all you need to know about visiting Rufus and Bee while putting this place down as the best gaming center in Lagos. But, how would other Lagosians who have visited before write about this place? Find the answer in these reviews below.

1. A Nice Place To Go

Rufus and Bee is a nice place to go and is good for people of all ages. The bowling alley is in a different section of the same building. One sure thing is that you’ll have fun here.

2. Go In A Group

The Arcade is a lovely place to hang out, you’ll enjoy your time here. Pro tip, if you go solo you won’t have as much fun as someone who went in a group.

3. Great For Bowling

If you’re looking to have a good time in Victoria Island, you should check out check out Rufus and Bee Bowling. It is the real deal. 

The bowling is awesome, the lanes are well-maintained and the balls are in perfect condition. They also have some cool neon lights and music is played to set the right mood. You’ll have a blast knocking down pins and showing off your skill.

4. Discounts On Wednesdays

Rufus and Bees is the ideal place to have the most fun. You’ll enjoy playing the games there and the staff can assist you with making videos while you play.

If you go on a Wednesday, you can get the advantage of enjoying massive discounts on their game prices. Also, if you want to bowl, you should pre-book the sessions earlier or the slot may be taken by someone else.

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