Jimi Solanke

Who is Jimi Solanke? Veteran Actor Dies

Jimi Solanke is dead.

The folk singer, poet, and playwright died on Monday, just 59 days before his 82nd birthday.

He was said to have died while being transported from his country home in Ipara Remo, Remo North Local Government Area, Ogun State, to Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilisan, when he succumbed to the cold hand of death.

Chief Solanke was said to have been in and out of the hospital since December before dying on Monday morning.

Who is Jimi Solanke?

Jimi Solanke is a renowned Nigerian folk musician, playwright, actor, and poet.

Jimi Solanke

Solanke was born on May 26, 1942, in Lagos, Nigeria, and is well-known for his contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry as well as his advocacy for Nigerian culture and heritage.

Solanke rose to prominence in the 1970s for his unique musical style, which combines traditional Nigerian folk rhythms with contemporary influences.

He is well-known for his mastery of the Yoruba language and his ability to incorporate storytelling into his songs and performances.

In addition to his musical career, Jimi Solanke is a successful playwright and actor.

He has written and produced several stage plays, including “Yoruba Ronu” and “Ijaiye War,” that examine Nigerian history, culture, and identity.

Solanke, an actor, has appeared in a number of Nigerian films and television shows, earning praise for his versatile performances and charismatic stage presence.

Throughout his career, Jimi Solanke has been a strong supporter of Nigerian culture and traditions.

He has used his artistic talents to celebrate Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage while also raising awareness about the country’s social and political issues.

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Jimi Solanke’s contributions to Nigerian music, theater, and literature have earned him widespread recognition and accolades, both in Nigeria and abroad.

He remains a revered figure in Nigerian entertainment, inspiring audiences with his talent, creativity, and dedication to Nigerian culture.

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