Giwa Gardens Water Park (Review and Guide)

Giwa Gardens Water Park (Review and Guide)

Have you ever wanted to visit the best water park in Nigeria- albeit the best in West Africa? 

 Follow us on this journey as we explore the Giwa Gardens Water Park, the best water park for all your aquatic adventures.

All You Need to Know About Giwa Gardens

Take a deep dive into the oasis of Giwa Gardens and get all the juicy details.

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Attractions at the Giwa 

   As the largest water park in West Africa, Giwa Gardens has several attractions which will thrill their visitors, creating a memorable experience for them. These attractions include Victoria Waves, River Congo, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Waterhouse, the Python, the Rainbow, and many others. 

Victoria Waves is one of the best attractions in the Giwa Gardens as it enables visitors to experience the thrill of being afloat in an ocean. The constant ebbing and flowing of the pool water along with the instability of the water gives the illusion of being at sea. However, the presence of other swimmers drives home an exhilarating feeling. 

 River Congo is another iconic attraction in the Giwa Gardens. Of course, this isn’t the same as the African River, however, this attraction showcases a waterway with water flowing at high speed. The River Congo attraction tests your swimming skills as it forces the swimmer to brave crazy twists and turns. While seemingly dangerous, this is one of the most interesting attractions in the Giwa Gardens. 

   Pirates of the Caribbean is an attraction at the Giwa Gardens which throws visitors back to the pirate Era. Visitors climb aboard the great vessel where water guns and other pirate-themed accessories are made available so that they can experience the ultimate pirate lifestyle. 

  The Waterhouse is a water-themed maze filled with stairs, slides, waterfalls, and squirting jets of water which will catch you unaware. The feeling of unexpectedly getting drenched or attacked by a jet of water is the major appeal of the multi-coloured slide, which gives a thrilling feeling as the colours around you change as you speed down the slide before ending up in the pool. 

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Other games like Batuwa Cave, Jacuzzi Bar, and Jack Sparrow’s Ship are available to premium clients.

Where is Giwa Gardens located? 

Giwa Gardens is located at Giwa Gardens Water Park, Ejike Street, native villa, Off Ablag Road, Monastery Way, Sangotedo, Lagos.

Food and Accessories at the Park

From Suya to the Big Daddy family meal, the park caters to your culinary needs with mouthwatering dishes ranging from N3,000 to about N39,000.

giwa gardens

Available Days at Giwa Gardens 

The Water Park is mostly open during the weekends. However, when booking your ticket, you are allowed to choose your arrival day. 

The park is open to families during the day. Night visits are available through special booking. So, you can’t visit the park at night and plan to spend the night there without booking for it.

Giwa Gardens Ticket and Price List

 There are 3 types of tickets available to guests of the Park namely; 

Standard Ticket

The standard ticket has a base value of N25,000 ( for children aged 3 to 11) while adults(aged 12+) have a ticket value of N35,000. 

With the standard ticket, you have access to:

7 ridesNo special rides
gender-based locker roomsLong queue ( 20 people with Fast-Track tickets can bypass you on the queue)
Candy FactoryBuy your edibles
Ice cream factory
Jungle grill
The Burger house
free parking
Giwa Gardens standard ticket

Fast-Track ticket:

Fast-Track tickets have a base value of N35,000 ( for children aged 3 to 11) while adults (aged 12+) have a ticket value of N50,000. 

The Fast-Track ticket gives you access to:

7 ridesNo special rides
gender-based locker roomsSkip the Queue 
The Burger HouseBuy your edibles
Ice cream factory
Jungle grill
The Burger house
free parking
Giwa Gardens fast-track ticket

Premium Ticket

Premium tickets have a base value of N45,000 ( for children aged 3 to 11) while adults (aged 12+) have a ticket value of N75,000. 

The Premium ticket gives you access to

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10 ridesNo special rides
1 big Daddy MealLong queue ( 20 people with Fast-Track tickets can bypass you on the queue)
Candy factoryBuy your edibles
Ice cream factory
Jungle grill
Candy Factory
free parking
Giwa Gardens premium ticket

More information about the Ticket

  • Children under 2 years have free access to the park, only their guardians are required to purchase a ticket. 
  • Every ticket must be purchased on the official website of the Water Park. 
  • Free tickets are available to individuals who use the Bonus(but one, get one free).
giwa gardens

Social Media Engagement

   The largest water park in West Africa has spread its roots on many of the leading social media platforms. Its engaging attractions have successfully drawn a high level of followers and made the water park garner popularity. Take Instagram and TikTok as an example, the Giwa Gardens have a shocking 55 thousand followers and about 500 thousand views respectively on these two social media platforms. 

Even on Facebook and YouTube, Giwa Gardens has done whatever it can to draw more views and followers including posting pictures and videos of their attractions, announcing next projects, further upgrades, and so on, this greatly increased their popularity. 

However, their success in gathering popularity and so many followers is mostly because their services are very satisfying to their customers. If this was not the case, the low reviews they would’ve gotten due to bad customer service would have led to a gradual decrease in their popularity.


   The iconic Giwa Gardens is a member of the World Water Park Association and the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). The World Waterpark Association is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1982. It has over one thousand members and was built as a medium to teach water parks the skills they need to build their network and attract more customers. Its headquarters is located in Kansas, United States and its current President is Rick Root. 

The World Waterpark Association currently has 14 board of directors and 9 members. The IAAPA is a trade association formed over 100 years ago in 1918. It has over 6000 amusement business members and it helps its members recognize new rules governing the amusement industry business as well as ensuring the safety, steady growth and development of its members. 

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The IAAPA Expo is one of the largest trade shows in the world. Its headquarters is located in Orlando, United States and its current President is Jakob Wahl. As a member of these two organizations, the professionalism of the Giwa Gardens is assured. Also, by acquiring membership in these organisations, the Giwa Gardens can be said to have connections outside Nigeria. 


Can I get my ticket at the park?

No, the process of ticket purchasing, begins and is completed online. When you are done with buying the ticket, it is automatically issued to you on the website. 

Is there a store at the Park?

Yes, you can get your swimming gadgets and resources at the store. 

How do I get a free ticket?

You have to purchase more than 2 tickets for you to activate the free ticket. So, you will pick 3 tickets but pay for 2 tickets. Use your BOGOF code during payment and you get your free ticket.

What is the meaning of BOGOF?

Buy one, get one free.

Am I allowed into the park without a ticket?

No, everyone who enters the park must have a ticket. 

How can I purchase a ticket?

Visit the park’s official website and on the home page, use the find ticket search to select a date, and number of tickets and add your bonus code.

Can I bring food to the park?

No, you can’t bring food to the park. You have to get all your food from the park.

Can I use cash to buy food and Accessories at the park?

Giwa Gardens Water Park uses a cashless policy. So, every item you will purchase at the park must be purchased through online banking. 

What are the paying platforms available to me? 

You can use Paystack or Squad to pay. Paystack allows bank transfers, ATMs, and USSD.

What are the weight limits for the Rides?

Generally, individuals above 90kg are not permitted on the rides.

What are the height limits for the Rides?

Individuals below 1.4m are not allowed on the rides.

Do the rides have Age limits? 

Yes, babies, toddlers, and senior citizens (aged 55+) are not allowed on the rides. 

Are pregnant women allowed on the Rides?

No, pregnant women and people with heart-related diseases are advised to avoid the rides. 

Is there an ongoing discount at the park?

As of 13th of December 2023, you have access to a 50% discount. Visit their telegram page to get more information. 

Can I speak to Customer support on Social media?

Other interactive platforms like WhatsApp allow you to speak to customer support and ticket resellers. 

Visit the website and click on the WhatsApp icon. You will be redirected to the right page.

What social media platforms does Giwa Gardens Water Park use?

You can find the Park on Instagram, Facebook, messenger, telegram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and X.

Wrap up

Visit the Giwa Gardens Water Park for an experience of a lifetime. Remember to use the coupon code during the purchasing process. 

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