7 Best Debate Topics For Secondary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Do you need good debate topics for Nigerian secondary schools? You’ve come to the right place. We cover the 7 Best Debate Topics For Secondary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria in this post. Let’s begin.

Debates are a fantastic way for secondary schools in Lagos to spark insightful conversations about pressing matters in society, while still providing space for students to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Engaging in debates helps students understand how to air their views effectively and in a way that is respectful of other participants, while also mastering proper listening skills that accept other people’s perspectives. Furthermore, they present an opportunity for students to lend their voices to current events and complex matters in a way that is organized and constructive.

Our post explores some of the best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria that are important and engaging for learners. We also share tips on how you can structure and effectively hold debates as a teacher.

Why Are Debates Important For Secondary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria?

Debates are a type of formal conversation where debaters present opposing or proposing viewpoints on a certain topic or issue. In a debate, every participant will make their arguments and respond to their opponent’s arguments too.

These modes of discussion are important for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria because they provide a medium for students to grow their analytical and communication skills.

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Engaging in debates can also help learners master how to share their views in a logical way that convinces their opponents and the audience. Finally, debates create a forum where students can convene to address crucial issues and current affairs in Nigerian society.

Benefits Of Holding Debates For Secondary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Debates offer numerous benefits to secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. We shared some of them below:

1. Strengthens Research Skills

Joining debates usually requires extensive research and preparation, which can help participants’ research skills and teach them how to find trustworthy sources of information. 

2. Fosters Teamwork

Debates involve working as a team to shell out talking points and appropriate responses to the opponent’s views. This can help students foster teamwork and grow their collaboration skills.

3. Developing Analytical Skills

Debating requires students to research and analyze arguments from multiple points of view. This in turn helps them to develop analytical skills and the ability to assess evidence and come up with logical arguments.

4. Encourages Civic Consciousness

Debates are a great avenue to get students to be more conscious and concerned about vital matters in society. Most debate topics discuss recent happenings in Nigeria and the best way to approach them. 

Talking about these things can help learners become aware of their civic duties and help them gain an in-depth understanding of social and political issues.

How To Choose The Best Debate Topics For Secondary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Selecting a good topic for debate can be tasking, especially if you are working alone. To help you with this task, we have shared some tips below on how to choose the best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Each step shows you how to pick subjects that are captivating, educating, and significant to your student’s lives.

1. Choose Relevant Topics

Students will find debates more engaging when they revolve around subjects that are relevant to their daily lives. Choose a topic that is presently in the local news or directly affects students in Nigeria.

2. Select Debatable Topics

The best debate topics have arguments that can be argued by both sides of the room. This means any subject discussed should feature valid points to be supported by both the opposing and proposing team. 

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3. It Should Be Interesting

Subjects should pique the interest of your students. It should be something they can relate to personally or a topic they are curious about.

4. Feature Age-Appropriate Topics

Ensure that your topics are appropriate for the participants’ ages and maturity levels. Don’t pick something complicated or sensitive.

5. Choose Specific Subjects

A proper debate topic must be specific so that it gives room for focused discussions. It shouldn’t be too vast that it because impossible to argue for a single point of view.

6. Pick Something Important To The Community

consider topics that are important to the community, like drug abuse, exam practices, the rising cost of school fees, or school safety.

7. Topics Should Be Controversial

Debating is more entertaining when it has strong arguments from both teams. One way to achieve this is to select a controversial topic such as capital punishment.

7 Best Debate Topics For Secondary Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Selecting good topics for your debate creates room for a striking and insightful presentation that will capture the interests of the audience. If you’re looking for recommendations, here are the 7 best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria you can introduce your students to.

1. Is It Mandatory For Students To Wear Uniforms To School?

The question of whether students wear uniforms to school or not is one of the best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria, that frequently reoccurs. 

One team can argue that school uniforms promote a sense of unity and discipline amongst students, curb peer pressure and bullying, and make learners easily identifiable within the school premises.

The other team can state that school uniforms may be expensive and impose a financial burden on families, hamper individual expression and creativity, and there is also no guarantee that it will enhance academic performance or discipline.

2. Should Free Education Be Made Accessible To Every Student?

Free education reduces inequality and ensures that every student has access to top-quality education, facilitates social mobility, and has some long-term benefits for the economy.

On the other hand, the opposition may highlight the fact that free education doesn’t guarantee an improvement in the quality of education or reduce the number of dropouts. It could also saddle the government with a financial burden, and may not fix the core causes of educational inequality.

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3. Should The Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered Or Increased?

Lowering the drinking age can minimise binge drinking and other alcohol-induced accidents among youths, facilitate responsible drinking, and help 18-year-olds develop a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Students arguing against lowering the legal age for drinking can emphasize how doing so may increase alcohol-related accidents and health issues. 

4. Should Nigeria Adopt Renewal Energy Sources?

Nigeria adopting renewable energy is another of the best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. Students can share themselves into two groups to weigh the pros and cons of this development.

Investing in renewable energy minimizes Nigeria’s dependence on fossil fuels, and reduces carbon emissions and air pollution. It also creates employment opportunities, promotes economic growth, and improves energy security.

Renewable energy can be expensive and may not deliver quick benefits, will require infrastructure development and maintenance, and may gloss over the actual reasons for the country’s energy problems.

5. Is It Right For Athletes To Kneel During The National Anthem?

Athletes kneeling during the national anthem can be a way for them to peacefully protest tribal discrimination and inequality, shed light on social injustice, and exercise their right to freedom of speech and expression.

Those opposing the motion can mention how taking a knee can be disrespectful to the country and flag, may come off as unpatriotic, and may not be the best way to fix social injustice.

6. Should Seats Be Assigned To Students In Classrooms?

The subject of students having assigned seats in the classroom is considered one of the best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria, due to how relevant it is to the students and the school system.

There are a few ways assigning students seats can be beneficial. First, it helps teachers maintain order and be more effective at managing classroom dynamics. It can prevent distractions and encourage students to focus on school work. Assigned seats also facilitate better classroom organization and enable a seamless flow of activities.

Furthermore, assigned seats foster fairness among students, as they all get equal opportunities and squash all forms of perceived favouritism.

With this topic, you can explore other subjects like structure, discipline, and why it is important to follow rules for the betterment of the whole class. Students will also learn cooperation and respect in a productive learning environment.

7. Is Violent Behaviour Caused By Video Games?

This is among the best debate topics for secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria, because it teaches students about morals and how to resolve conflicts. There are several ways this conversation can go, but the most prominent one can be that video games often depict violent imagery, but they do not have anything to do with a person’s behaviour.

Violence stems from anger or hate, and the blame is now being passed to video games, just for the sake of blaming something, instead of addressing the actual root cause of the problem.

It is crucial that before concluding or blaming games, the students who play games the most should be consulted. The students can have a friendly debate where they discuss the positives and negatives of playing too many games.

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