Who is George Norcross

Who is George Norcross?

George Norcross is a prominent American politician and businessman from Southern New Jersey. He was born on March 16, 1965, in Camden, New Jersey. He currently serves as the executive chairman of Conner Strong & Buckelew, an insurance brokerage, employee benefits, and risk management consulting firm where he has worked since 1979.

The 67-year power broker is widely recognized as one of the most powerful Democrats in New Jersey and is often referred to as the state’s most powerful unelected individual. He has been included in the list of the top ten most powerful men in New Jersey from 2014-2021.

With over 30 years of experience in the political arena, he has become a prominent leader in the region. Norcross is also a member of the Democratic National Committee and has been a part of the elite club, Mar-a-Lago, which is owned by former American President, Donald Trump.

Recently, he made headlines on multiple news outlets after flying the Israel-America flag at a Philadelphia Eagles football game in a Philly luxury football suite.

As seen on the video posted to social media, The political boss was immediately escorted out of the premises by security and the flag was removed from the display.

While Lincoln Financial Field, the venue of the Eagles game, does not prohibit the display of the flag, it has rules against flying signs or banners unrelated to the game.

In fact, their 2014 guidelines state that ‘Signs, banners or similar items that are obscene or indecent, not event-related, potentially offensive to other patrons, capable of blocking the views of other fans or otherwise deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the Eagles are prohibited’.

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However, Norcross claimed that he hung the flag to show his support for Israel, especially because he had seen the Eagles support numerous civil justice and world conflicts issues.

He who also has powerful political connections has expressed his intention to take legal action against the NFL and the team for expelling him from the stadium. He has also encouraged other supporters of Israel to voice their opinions to the NFL and the team.

Bob Lange, senior vice president of communications for the Eagles, clarified in a statement that Norcross was not ejected because of the message on his sign, but because he “became physically and verbally abusive” after being asked to take down the sign.

It’s quite obvious that Nocross’s behaviour is merely one of numerous instances of heightened tensions across the nation regarding the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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