Who is Bunny Hedaya? (Husband and Divorce)

Who is Bunny Hedaya? (Husband and Divorce)

Bunny Hedaya, famously known as Bunny Barbie, is a prominent figure on social media platforms. She is most popular on TikTok, where she posts lifestyle content. 

Bunny Hedaya

Although Bunny is a social media influencer, she has kept details of her life to herself. Bunny was born on November 15, 1990, in Albany, New York, United States. This means that she is 33 years old (as of 2023).

She is known for her Beautiful Looks cute smile, Modelling Poses, Style, and Amazing Personality. She has a large audience which shares a deep relationship with her because of her friendly nature. 


She is a model, singer, and DJ from Albany, New York. She is also a reality TV star with her own clothing line. Bunny Hedaya, known on TikTok as Bunny Barbie, has gained significant popularity on the platform. She began her career as an influencer in January 2020 and has over 2.2 million followers.

 Hedaya’s content often includes her son, Aden, and covers various aspects of lifestyle and motherhood. Notably, she stars in her own reality TV show called Legally Bunny. In the show, she gives the viewers an insight into her life. 

Aden Hedaya and Matt Rife

Matt Rife uploaded something about the cosmos which Bunny’s son attempted to correct him. 

On December 7, 2023, through a video posted on Bunny Hedaya’s Instagram handle, her son corrected Matt Rife by saying: “Actually, it’s Saturn that has the rings. It has more [visible rings] also. And, you’re mean to girls,” the kid said.

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Matt didn’t take the correction well and he gave the youngster a snarky comment which he deleted. It says: “Jupiter also has [a] ring. OH!… Santa [Claus] isn’t real. Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck.”

Rife’s remark was deemed inappropriate and insensitive by fans. In fans’ regard, it not only involved a provocation towards the child but also included a derogatory insinuation about Hedaya’s profession. 

Notably, this incident added to the existing controversy surrounding Rife, who had already faced backlash for his Netflix comedy special.

Married Life

 Bunny Barbie had a supposed blissful life with her husband, Harry Hedaya. The couple supported each other for many years.

It is reported that Barbie and her husband have known each other since she was 23 years old. Later, they got married, but there was not much info about their wedding as Barbie kept the information away from the media. Furthermore, they are also the parents of a child named Aiden, who was born in 2017.

Bunny is Harry’s second wife. His first wife Carrie shared a cordial relationship with Bunny during their marriage. 

Did you know that there is a 20-year gap between Harry Hedaya and Bunny Barbie? However, the age difference between the couple didn’t deter them from pursuing their relationship. 

Bunny’s lavish lifestyle was supported by her husband and the income from her various income streams.

The Divorce

Social media followers of Harry and Bunny’s love story were shocked to learn that Bunny had filed for divorce. They had been married for a significant amount of time and successfully managed a business together.

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Many of their devoted followers believe that the breakup was fabricated to increase the viewership of their recently launched reality show titled “Legally Bunny.” 

As confirmed by Bunny’s representative, the situation was accurate, and the two were struggling together. 

Private Jet and the Divorce

After her Divorce, Bunny shared a video which she posted to the video-sharing app TikTok of her trip to Key West, Florida, with her family.  At the beginning of the video, she joked, “My ex-husband gifted me a jet in our divorce.” Along with their son, several other children took a trip on their jet to Key West, with the parents in the cockpit. But their trip was not a long vacation by any means.

“We just pop over for the day,” she said. “We don’t have all that luggage and baggage of spending anywhere for the night.”

She elaborated in the comments that the flight is only 45 minutes, compared to a round trip of eight hours by car. Trips like these help them keep up with their flying skills since they pilot their private plane.

The social media influencer revealed that she wanted to create a good atmosphere for her Son. So, she and her spouse are trying out co-parenting. 

Bunny Hedaya ex-husband

Henry Hedaya is a sharp entrepreneur, based out of Tampa. He’s worked in industries like staffing, financial services, small business marketing, and communications.

In his most recent role, he is chief information officer of Send It By Text, his third company, which helps businesses efficiently communicate with potential leads and clients.

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His business ventures have a combined revenue of $40 million to $50 million per year.

According to tbbwmag, Hedaya was born in Pakistan, in 1967, to a fairly politically involved family.

His grandfather was an ambassador for the country and his great-grandfather was the first governor of the State of Sind in Pakistan, which was formed in 1948.

Hedaya’s father was educated at Cambridge, in England. When his dad moved back to Pakistan, he worked for Shell Oil Co. and had his two children, Hedaya and his sister.

In 1983, Hedaya’s father was killed in an aeroplane bombing. Hedaya was 15 years old at the time of his father’s death. Hedaya moved to the United States in 1986, he selected Florida because he wanted to attend the University of Tampa with a mate of his from boarding school, in England. 

After Hedaya graduated, with his degree in finance and accounting, his uncle recruited him out to Los Angeles to work at his firm, Beverly Hills Securities. After his uncle’s company closed, Hedaya established his own mortgage firm called Real Estate Mortgage Acceptance Company. He put $50,000 on his credit cards, and all the cash he had, into the business.

At one point, he says, he was the largest independent mortgage broker in Florida doing more than 1,500 transactions a month. He later left the business. 

Hedaya then entered the debt consolidation business with Reduce My Debts. 


Details of the divorce between Harry and Bunny weren’t really shared. Bunny only released short clips and nothing else. However, their intentions to continue co-parenting hints that the divorce was a mutual idea.

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