How to Get a Girlfriend in Lagos

How to Get a Girlfriend in Lagos (Guide)

The season of love is approaching and your girlfriend slot is still vacant! Looking for a girlfriend in the city of Lagos may seem like a difficult feat for many people.

The landmass and population of the city can be intimidating and confusing. If you desire to get a girlfriend but you have not found your ideal lady, then this post is for you.

Lagos is the largest city in Africa and Nigeria. It has an annual immigration rate of about 3% and contributes to about 10% of Nigeria’s population. With these statistics, your dream girl is likely within the shores of Lagos. Yet, the question remains: how do you get her?

In today’s post, we will walk you through the journey of getting a girlfriend in the Lagos metropolis. So, hold onto your seat and mobile device as we give you a detailed answer on ‘How to get a girlfriend in Lagos?’

How to get a girlfriend in Lagos

Are you a foreigner or tourist who loves Nigerian culture and desires to build a relationship with a Nigerian lady? Although Lagos is in the southwest region of Africa whose prevalent language is Yoruba, its occupants represent each of the over 250 Nigerian ethnic groups. So, you might meet several people with different views on life. It shouldn’t deter you from searching for your dream girl.

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Some Factors that will aid your search are:

1. Location

In the search for a girlfriend, location matters a lot. Many young ladies have different interests, their location is determined by their interests. So, you might want to look at a few choice locations that will help your search.


Getting a girlfriend in the church should be a long-term project because ladies at this location are likely interested in relationships that will lead to marriage. Hence, you can’t handle the matter like a dentist appointment. The church is like a hospital and many members are patients. So, if you want to get the very best from the church setting, you have to join the workforce.

Joining the workforce and attending mid-week services will help you differentiate the swans from the ducks. Being a floor member of the church won’t help your goal because everyone is a saint at the first meeting- but time reveals their true identity.


If the church approach seems challenging, the club might be a good option for you. Many successful young women visit the club to socialize during the weekends. So, ensure you have your A-game and interact with some of them. You will likely find someone fascinating who you might want to build something with. The key to meeting any lady is to be courteous and ensure she feels safe in your presence.


This might sound like a cliche but movies offer a lot of prospective dates and bonding time. Many single ladies visit the cinemas to watch their favourite Nollywood and Hollywood movies. So, go to the movies early, get your tickets, and be ready to shoot your shots.

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Social media

Many young people are not utilizing the social media space. Social media gives you an opportunity into the minds and values of your potential girlfriend. Yes, People do not share everything about themselves on social media but their interactions are mostly honest. So, you can determine their financial intelligence, level of development, and many other factors from their interactions with others.

Their interests, values, comments, and engagement on certain topics in social media will let you know if they fit into your life or if adjustments are necessary.

Workshops and Conferences

Having a woman who is passionate about her growth and development is a big plus. Since she has personal goals she wants to achieve, she won’t make you the centre of her world. Hence, you can breathe! The best place to meet such women is at workshops, conferences, or any gathering that stimulates growth and development in career, business, family, and life. A woman who has an active mind is a keeper.

Social Circles

An important fun fact is your girlfriend may not be far away, she may just be on the next block. So, while you go out of your way in your search, do not ignore your environment. Go for house parties with friends, hangouts, and many other social activities with like-minded people and you will be surprised at the results. It is easier to have a partner who shares similar interests with you. It automatically means you have a longer bonding time so one feels neglected.

2. The Right Culture

When approaching a lady in Lagos, there is a culture you must adopt especially if you are a foreigner.

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Cultural Sensitivity

Nigeria is home to over 200 ethnic groups, which means that the ladies you will likely meet, have a different cultural background from your own. So, respect the values and beliefs of the ladies you meet. Avoid controversial topics or cultural and religious sensitivities. As you look for your dream girl, create a safe space to tolerate the excesses of other people. Don’t throw the baby and the bath water away.


Every relationship should be built from a place of honesty. In your interactions with people, be authentic. Let people get to know you and not a pretend version of you. People are not drawn to perfection, they are more interested in your humanity.

  This doesn’t mean you should share too much personal information with people on your first meeting. No, it’s a call to allow people to connect with you by being relatable.

Have an open mind

I know you have some ideas in your mind about the perfect woman, that’s alright. However, there is no perfect woman out there- what we have are people who are either willing to learn or those who don’t want to grow.

 So, while you hold your ideals, ask yourself: is this lady growth-oriented? If she is willing to learn and there are no vivid red flags, you might have hit the jacket.


In your search for your dream girl, be patient with yourself. Have a daily goal to speak to a number of ladies. It will help you manage your expectations and the rejection from people. 

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