Best Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria

Do you want to make money from affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn legit money online. It has become the major source of income for most online bloggers, business owners, and web admins. If you want to wish to join them, then read this article on Best Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to earn extra cash and even establish a home-based business; you don’t need much to begin, nor do you need to produce, stock, or ship product inventory or offer any service. All you will do is refer new clients and customers to online businesses and get paid for it.

This industry is a field of opportunities and it is one of the best ways to make money online as a Nigerian. You don’t have to worry about all the other hard parts of joining a company. Simply sign up for any of the best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria we mention in this article, and help them sell their products to make your money.

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate Programs are online platforms that permit eligible members to join and make money daily by marketing different physical and digital products and services to their customers, blog visitors, or social media fans.

Depending on the niche you choose or market interest, there are various affiliate marketing programs you can be a part of. Most affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria are free to join while others require payment before you sign-up.

How Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria Work

When you join any of the best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria, and select the products you want to promote, you’ll be given a unique affiliate code which you can use to refer traffic to the target site. 

Similarly, most programs provide ready-made text links, banners, and other creative copies. You just have to copy and paste the code on your website or share it with buyers to start referring traffic.

As an affiliate, you’ll market products to consumers on any channel you prefer, whether it’s a social network, digital billboards, or a search engine by writing content on a blog. When interested parties click on these links, they’ll be redirected to the product site, and if they buy a product or subscribe to a service, they get a commission.

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5 Reasons To Join Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria

In Lagos, affiliate programs are a great way to make money on the internet, especially if they are high-paying programs that pay you a lump sum for every successful sign-up you bring to their site. Besides having low startup costs, affiliate programs can also be a lucrative online business opportunity for Lagosians with a significant online presence.

Below are 5 other reasons to join affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria.

1. Affiliate Programs Have Low Startup Cost

In affiliate marketing programs, you only need a little sum to launch a website, that is if you even need one. After that, the only costs you’ll incur are content, which you can create by yourself, selecting a responsive and free CMS, website design, and writing blogs to generate traffic and sales to your site.

Even when you start earning cash from your site, you’ll still have low overheads. You don’t need to rent an expensive office space to meet clients or hire anybody to handle customer support.

2. You Can Earn Quick Income On Affiliate Programs

With affiliate marketing programs, you can start earning an income almost right away. If you specialize in popular niches like technology or fashion, you can get lots of money for every customer you refer to buy. You just need to refer a few customers monthly using content and ads to earn big.

Keep in mind, that you don’t need to provide extra support or services to the customers you refer. When you refer them, the operator or merchant will handle the customer loyalty and marketing campaigns.

3. You Can Make Millions As An Affiliate

One common misconception people have about joining an affiliate program is that it is only reserved for small businesses. However, there are many affiliates who have made brands and large ventures from it.

The truth is, there are no limits to affiliate marketing, the more traffic you gather, the more money you make. What it’s important is your marketing strategy. To become a successful affiliate marketer in Lagos, you have to find ways to add unique value to your partners and their potential customers.

4. Affiliate Marketing Business Is Easy To Scale

When you get into an affiliate marketing program, you’ll realize that scaling your business into a white label, dropshipping or wholesale operations is not such a hard task. One thing successful affiliates do these days to scale their operations is to launch a white-label operation.

The benefits of beginning your white label are that you can improve your conversions by minimizing traffic leakage and recruiting other affiliates to promote your brand for you. You can also simply scale your eCommerce affiliate site by getting into dropshipping or wholesale.

5. Numerous Monetization Sources

Affiliate marketing programs apply themselves to various marketing channels and customer acquisition sources which you can leverage. There are brands that allow you to advertise your affiliate link on media and PPC networks like Facebook. What this means is that you don’t need a website to become an affiliate marketer.

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7 Best Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

2. Konga Affiliate Program

3. Wakanow Affiliate Program

4. Expertnaire Affiliate

5. Amazon Associates Program

6. Payoneer Affiliate Program

7. Travelstart Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria

If you want to become an affiliate marketer in Lagos, you have to find out which programs that accept Nigerians, and how they operate too. In this section, we will be discussing some of the best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria. With this list, you can test-run some before you pick the ones that get you the best turnovers and deals.

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate Program is one of the most popular and best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria. If you are a Content Creator, Influencer, or Affiliate, you can join Jumia to get a commission.

This program is specifically open to you if you are a Micro-Influencer or Creator who enjoys giving recommendations and reviews to your loyal followers (minimum 5,000).

Mega Influencers with a huge and well-established social media follower base and your posts can spur followers to buy the items you advertise can join.

Similarly, if you are an affiliate with a website or social media page that lets you operate in areas of Cashback Deals, Reviews, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Coupons, Price Comparisons, or related ventures, you may join the Jumia Affiliate Program.

How The Jumia Affiliate Program Works

  • Register and start work immediately if you are an affiliate or get approved within a week if you are a content creator/influencer.
  • Advertise Jumia’s different campaigns and enjoy tracking links of up to 7 days including discount codes.
  • Earn compensation for your sales with a preferred payment method at the end of every month.

2. Konga Affiliate Program

Konga Affiliate Program is a profitable opportunity for you in the Nigerian online marketplace. As an affiliate, you can take advantage of Konga’s strong brand presence to recommend products to people and get a commission.

Given this business’s frequent clearance sales and the Black Friday period, you can get adequate earnings and a commission of up to 10% for every sale. Konga has a vast range of products, which attracts a diverse customer base. By signing up, you can create captivating content and embed affiliate links to push sales and increase your earnings.

How To Get Started On Konga Affiliate Program

  •  Fill out the affiliate sign-up form.
  • Log into your affiliate account and select a promotional material.
  • Embed links on your website, social media campaigns, or email promotion. Visitors can click on the affiliate link.
  • Visitors visit Konga and decide to order.

3. Wakanow Affiliate Program

The Wakanow Affiliate Program is among the best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria. For this one, you can partner with Africa’s number 1 travel company. Wakanow’s affiliates are sales associates or partners of an organisation. 

As an affiliate, you’ll sell on the company’s online and offline platforms and get access to highly discounted travel deals.

Benefits Of Joining The Wakanow Affiliate Program

  • Earn an income through Wakanow’s referral system: You can send registration links to others and make extra income. You get a commission fee every time the person you referred pays the Affiliates Registration fee.
  • Mark-up to Wakanow travel products – The fares on the website are highly discounted, which enables you to mark up and make a huge profit.
  • Access discounted travel deals – with unmatched commission, you can get amazing discounts on Airfares, Hotels, Airport pickup, services, and Visa processing.
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4. Expertnaire Affiliate

As an Expertnaire Affiliate, you can make money promoting high-quality products. Just sign up as an affiliate and start promoting any of the company’s life-changing products and you’ll get a commission of up to 75% for every sale you refer. This program is quick and easy to get started on.

How The Expertnaire Affiliate Works

  • Sign up – fill up the short affiliate signup form and pay a yearly signup fee of just N10,000.
  • Promote – Pick any of Expertnaire’s products and start promoting them with the affiliate link that you will be given.
  • Get paid – get paid when a customer purchases a product through your affiliate link. Commissions will be sent to your bank account every Friday.

5. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon might be a foreign company, but they run one of the best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria. The Amazon Associates Program enables content creators, publishers, and bloggers to monetize their traffic. 

With countless products and programs available on Amazon, you may use simple link-building tools to direct your audience to their recommendations and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

Get Started On The Amazon Associates Program

  • Sign up – Join thousands of creators, publishers, and bloggers who are already earning from the Amazon Associates Program.
  • Recommend – Share millions of products with your audience. Customized linking tools for large publishers, individual bloggers, and social media influencers are also available.
  • Earn – get up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs. Amazon’s competitive rates can help you maximize your earnings.

6. Payoneer Affiliate Program

You can become a Payoneer Affiliate and start earning immediately. Anyone who signs up using your unique link makes you a commission. So, start sharing Payoneer with your contacts and customers.

Benefits Of Payoneer Affiliate Program

  • Rewarding commissions – You get paid for every new customer that registers through your unique link.
  • Marketing resources – Payoneer offers different resources and tools that drive conversions.
  • Comprehensive reporting – detailed dashboard and reports to help you track your commissions and payments.
  • Expert support and advice – Payoneer’s team of friendly experts are ever ready to assist you with sharing, earning, and expanding your income.

7. Travelstart Affiliate Program

Travelstart Affiliate Program is another of the leading and best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria. When you’re in this program, you’ll get support from a dedicated affiliate manager, access to different marketing materials, and top commission payouts. It is the easiest way to become successful in online marketing.

You can sign up for the Travelstart Affiliate Program by choosing your location or target country. Note, that if you are a publisher or affiliate network, you’ll need to contact Travelstart directly.

How To Get Started On The Travelstart Affiliate Program

  • Visit the partner sign-up page and fill out the registration form.
  • An assigned affiliate manager will send you an email after accepting or rejecting your application with reasons.
  • If you are accepted, you’ll get the options for which creatives you want to be sent (banners, text, links XML feeds, etc.) to show on your newsletter, website, or blog.
  • You’ll send Travelstart a monthly invoice based on the reports you see in your affiliate login.
  • They pay directly into your bank account.

Features Of The Best Affiliate Programs In Lagos, Nigeria

Before signing up on any of these best affiliate programs in Lagos, Nigeria, you must ensure that they have the following features:

  • Is mobile-friendly.
  • Have good payment threshold and withdrawal options.
  • Be fully registered with the proper agency.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Favourable customer policies.
  • Good users’ testimonials.
  • Available marketing materials for affiliates.

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