How to Get a Boyfriend in Lagos, Nigeria

How to Get a Boyfriend in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you tired of the single life? Do you want to achieve those couple goals with your Lagosian boyfriend? Keep reading this post to learn how to get a boyfriend in Lagos!

Are you a single lady intending to mingle? Do you want the awns and ‘God when’ of other people? Mr. Charming could be some steps away. Yet, you might not see him- because of a knowledge gap.

Don’t worry, we have your back. We will fill those gaps with the right information and help you get your soulmate.

In this article, we will explore the various options that can connect you with your ideal boyfriend.  Welcome onboard!

How to Get a Boyfriend in Lagos?

The city of Lagos is filled with many single men. However, most ladies in Lagos find it difficult to snag a boyfriend. Their challenges are in two categories: Location and Poise. This post will focus on breaking these 2 concepts.

1.  Location

If you want to catch a monkey, you go to the rainforest- while you find lions in the Savanna. The eligible young men of Lagos have a location. Your job is easier when you know their location.

So, where is their location? Mostly, Male-dominated gatherings or places that attract men. In no particular order, these are:


 A popular slogan that followed us from our childhood is: Health is wealth. This concept also applies to your love life. The gym is a hotspot of many driven young men who are health conscious. So, get a gym membership and enjoy a 2-for-1 offer: a potential boyfriend and a healthy body.

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Coffee shops/Bars:

Many eligible young ladies have ignored coffee shops and Bars to their detriment. Unknown to them, many young men use these places as temporary offices before they establish a location. They resume in the morning and close in the evening. If you also have a remote job or you have a lot of time on your hands, then visit the nearest coffee shop.

PS: Don’t forget to look busy, nobody likes being ogled.


Although this may sound like a cliche, your husband may be in church. Thoughts like ‘I have been in church for some years, yet no one approached me’ may be running through your mind at the moment.

While that is true, other factors will improve your visibility. Some of them include joining the workforce, attending weekly meetings, and randomly visiting a bigger branch of your church.

If you want a God-fearing man who will likely not stain your white, then visit the church. Having a partner who shares similar beliefs and mindsets is an advantage.


If you are the life of the party and you want someone who enjoys life to the fullest, then hit the club this weekend. Your soulmate may just be around the corner. After a busy week, many young men unwind at the club. The clubs on the island are your best bet: The moneybags and social elites enjoy these places.


The beautiful white gown, the dashing suit, and beaming smiles- there’s something magical about a wedding. The delightful union of two individuals and- your potential boyfriend.

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It is a popular belief that young men attend weddings to spot potential ‘trophies.’ In most cases, many young men go to weddings in search of their future bride.

While they congratulate their friends, they also watch out for serious ladies who want a relationship. So, when next you attend a wedding, do not only dress the part but also engage in the wedding activities. Aim for that bouquet with everything you’ve got. Your potential boyfriend may be a wedding invite.


Many young people love the Beach. The sense of freedom it offers and its vitality attracts many young men to it. Instead of wailing over the crude men who always want your number, why not head to the beach for a relaxing time- while you look for your potential eye candy.

Adrenaline Areas

I know you may not be a sporty lady but if you want a boyfriend, then you will have to leave your ‘comfort zone.’ ‘Male’ Locations like Bowling alleys, Football pitches, Basketball courts, and Go-kart arenas in Lagos should be familiar spots. Don’t just go there, participate to the best of your ability- Men love women who enjoy sports activities but are secure in their femininity.

2. Poise

Now that you have crossed the first hurdle, let’s identify ways to attract him.

Class or Crass?

Think of the image you want to project and dress the part. Don’t dress like Nkechi and expect people to treat you like Amanda. For every event you attend, do a little research, find out the dress code, and know something about the host or the event. This increases your visibility and gives you a platform to shine.

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Approach or Evade?

One of the things that may make young men avoid you is an angry or serious expression. Wherever you are, lighten up, let a smile rest on your face, and give jokes but don’t be rude. Life has its challenges, nobody wants a joy-killer around them. 

Lady or Child

Children insist on having what they want while adults- in this case, ladies- know when to manage their expectations. Every young lady is expected to have standards but don’t let it stop you from getting a good thing. Be flexible in the little things that don’t matter. Your ideal man is only in your head.

Evolve or Retrogress

Finally, allow yourself to grow and evolve while you search for the perfect Man. Growth is a character of Living beings- so, grow. Invest in yourself and your career. Don’t waste your life pining after a boyfriend. You have a higher chance of meeting a good guy when you are busy compared to when you are jobless

Closing Remarks

As you embark on this journey, do not rush the process. Be patient with yourself and the men you meet. Rome was not built in a day but bricks were added to its wall every day. So, create a plan, apply it, and patiently await the results.

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