What is Lake Louise

What is Lake Louise?

   Earth being a planet made up of 70% water has a lot of water bodies. These areas are naturally made and are very beautiful. While some of them may be dangerous due to wild sea creatures which occupy them, others are scenic and are natural relaxation centres. 


   Lake Louise also called Ho-run-num-nay or the Lake of the Little Fishes is a beautiful ice lake found in Alberta Canada. It’s a scenic site where people come to skate during the winter period when the surface of the lake is covered by a thick layer of ice. Its flow starts from Lefroy Glacier and then it flows out to Louise Creek.

Skating on this azure-coloured lake is usually from December to April during which the lake would be frozen depending on conditions. There is no price for skating on the lake, however, skating shoes can be rented at a sports centre some distance away from the lake.

Lake Louise gets its azure colour from the deposit gotten when glaciers wash against the bedrock under the lake. When sunlight reflects on this residue, the azure colour is gotten


   The beautiful azure Lake Louise was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. The Princess was the fourth daughter of the great Queen Alexandrina Victoria. One of the greatest rulers of the United Kingdom. She brought about a great improvement in Britain’s political and economic situation as well as increasing Britain’s land area considerably. Fourth Princess Louise got married to the Marquess of Lorne John Campbell who was also one of the former governors of Canada.

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The lake was also called the Emerald Lake because of its beautiful azure colour however it was named Lake Louise to honor the fourth princess. The first people that occupied the area close to Lake Louise were the Stoney-NaKoda people who also gave the lake the name Ho-run-num-nay. 

Latest Developments 

   Due to the large number of people that visit this recreation and tourist centre every year, Lake Louise has undergone significant developments and upgrades over the years and there are still plans for further improvement.

The lake features a gondola which carries people from the base of the mountain region to the mid mountain region although some people prefer to hike the trail. This ride up the gondola provides a generous view of the Flora and Fauna of Lake Louise. One of the iconic plans for the new development of Lake Louise is the introduction and completion of a new lift which would contain heated bubbles, a feature which has not been present in Lake Louise. The new lift would start from the lower Juniper Express and end at the mid-mountain area.

Also, there are plans to create a new lodge in the mid-mountainous area which will offer a very spectacular view of the surrounding area including Lake Louise. Most notably, there are further plans to expand the area around the lake to provide more space for tourists and recreation purposes. 

Restaurants and Cafes

   The high number of tourists has led to the building of numerous restaurants and cafes in the area around Lake Louise. There are even restaurants that contain delicacies from other continents as foreigners often frequent the lake. The restaurants vary widely from high-end expensive restaurants to cafes where snacks and drinks are sold.

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However, each of these restaurants has been given a good rating both in the quality of their dishes and their customer service. Among the numerous restaurants around the Lake Louise area include the Walliser Stube, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Fairview Restaurant, Asian-themed restaurants named Kuma Yama and O2 Bubble Tea Obento, Deer Lodge, Whitehorn Bistro, Guide’s Pantry, tea houses such as Lake Agnes Tea house and the Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse and many more restaurants. 

Flora and Fauna

   Lake Louise is a natural tourist centre which features a wide number of Flora and Fauna. Wild and exotic flowers and animals are found all over the lake and mountain areas. They become very prominent and can be seen everywhere during the summer and spring. These plants grow in different areas and trails in the mountain and lake areas.

Among the flowers, include fireweed, smooth blue Aster, heart leaf Arnica, Red paintbrush, Labrador Tea, silky scorpion weed, golden fleabane, raspberries, Grass-of-Parnassus, and many more.

Some animals found in the area are grizzly bears, black bears, lynx, moose, mountain goats, elk, and deer. These animals can be seen from the gondola and tourists have been advised to close their zippers as squirrels tend to infiltrate clothes.

Food wrappers and trash are not to be dropped from the gondola as some animals may mistake them for food not knowing that they are poisonous to their health.

The animals can be seen moving around the mountain region and if they are not seen during the initial trip on the gondola, they’ll be seen on the return trip. Small fishes such as cutthroat trout, bull trout, and mountain whitefish can be found in the waters of Lake Louise.

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Most fishes cannot deal with the icy nature of the water which is why these small fishes are the only ones seen 

Activities to Do

   There are numerous activities that one can partake in during their trip to Lake Louise. These include kayaking, swimming, or skating depending on the season and skiing in the mountain areas during the winter season. People have been known to even snowboard on these mountains.

Cycling and hiking are also good activities that can be done. Other lesser-known recreational activities are horseback riding. This is usually done in the summer and spring seasons. People also go there to enjoy the scenic views from the mountains and even on the lake. 


   Lake Louise is one of the best lakes in Britain and even the world, due to the wonderful view it offers, it’s also one of the most photographed tourist centres worldwide. If you know more details about Lake Louise, let us know in the comment section below. 

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