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How My Neighbor Called The Police Because I’m Always At Home – Software Engineer

A Software Engineer shares how his neighbor called the police on him because he was always at home.

The Twitter user known as @somteeofficial narrated;

“So police officers came to my place this morning & handcuffed me saying I was under arrest (for a crime they wouldn’t tell me about). After searching through all my rooms for whatever evidence they could find, then proceeding to search through my phones, laptops etc (at this point already figured what this was about).

“Asked me what I do for a living, told them I build apps & mobile games, you could clearly see over a dozen of them installed on my phones, and dozens more on app stores.

“Even just putting on my laptop right there on the screen was a mobile app I was developing.

“Threatened that if they take me to the station the forensics would find anything implicating on my devices, even the ones I’ve deleted.

“Told them unless they want to plant something on me, they wouldn’t see even as little as me charging someone an extra N100 for something not to talk of scamming.

“Long story short, after looking through all my chats they figured I was clean, they then told me I should just be careful..

“Apparently a neighbor of mine gave a “tip” to the police that they suspected I was into fraud. Cause they always see me at home and I seem to be doing so well.”

People Reactions

The tweet has sparked up several reactions on Twitter.

“About time to leave the neighborhood; they’ll come again. Happened to me severally in Lagos.” Somebody said.

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Another said; “People are always jealous of the lifestyle they can’t get. Nawa.”

Another added; “Nigerians with busy body. They’ll never mind their business. Wicked people”.

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