Worst NYSC Camp

Worst NYSC Camps 2024

As a prospective Corp Member, are you on the hunt for the worst NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria so you can avoid it? Look no further; we’ve got you covered! 

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is a mandatory 1-year assignment for Nigerian graduates, aimed at involving Nigerian youth in the development of their country. 

The program’s primary objective remains to promote national unity and integration by deploying graduates across the country to serve in various capacities. 

While some youth corps members have positive and memorable experiences during their service year, others describe it as their most hectic year after graduation.

Graduates usually don’t have a choice in selecting their NYSC camp, so we’ve done the research and found the worst NYSC camps in Nigeria. So, you can know what to expect and prepare adequately for the 3-week orientation. 

In this article, we’ll list the eight worst NYSC camps in Nigeria and the challenges faced by many Corp members posted there.

8 Worst NYSC Camps in Nigeria

  • Borno State NYSC Camp
  • Benue State NYSC Camp 
  • Taraba State NYSC Camp 
  • Kebbi State NYSC Camp 
  • Adamawa State NYSC Camp 
  • Gombe State NYSC Camp 
  • Yobe State NYSC Camp 
  • Niger State NYSC Camp

Worst NYSC Camps

In Nigeria, there are certain NYSC orientation camps with conditions and facilities that fall below expectations. Here are the worst ones: 

Borno State NYSC Camp 

Borno State Orientation Camp located in Maiduguri, the state’s capital is considered one of the worst NYSC Camp in Nigeria due to its ongoing security issues. 

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Many Corp members fear being posted to this camp. The camp operations were halted in 2011 due to the Boko Haram insurgency and only resumed in 2023 after undergoing major renovations. 

It can now hold up to 3000 Corp members and has stable water and electricity. However, before the renovation, the camp lacked even the most basic amenities, and the floors were bare and very dusty, causing a lot of inconvenience for the corp members. 

Unfortunately, the state’s security situation remains a significant concern, and corps members often find themselves in precarious situations.

Benue State NYSC Camp

Camp Wannune, also known as the Benue State NYSC Camp, is another NYSC orientation camp in really bad condition. It is located in Tarka Local Government Area, Kilometre 35 Makurdi Gboko Road, Benue State.

According to Corp members, most of the camp’s facilities are in poor condition, and the staff is also badly behaved. There have even been reports of assaults on some Corp members by officials on one occasion. Some corps members have even described the camp as no different from a high school with poor infrastructure.

Taraba State NYSC Camp

The Taraba Orientation Camp is located along Sibre Airport Road, Jalingo, Taraba State. However, many Corp members in the east and southwest don’t like this orientation camp due to the distance. 

Taraba is one of the farthest states in Nigeria, and the camp offers little to no exciting activities for Corp members to look forward to.

Moreover, the camp’s infrastructure is very subpar, making the orientation experience underwhelming for many Corp members. As a result, most Corp members posted to Taraba State redeploy the moment they finish their 3 weeks of orientation.

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Kebbi State NYSC Camp

Kebbi State has had its share of challenges in providing a suitable camp experience for NYSC members. The orientation camp is located in the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Dakingari Local Government Area, Kebbi State.

The orientation camp is as dull as the state itself, with not much to do, making things very boring for corp members that come from more social cities. Multiple reports of insufficient accommodation and subpar facilities have been voiced by corps members over the years.

As a result, many Corp members request redeployment after the 3-week orientation due to the unpleasant experience at the camp. Additionally, the state’s camp has faced difficulties in maintaining a consistent power supply.

Adamawa State NYSC Camp

Adamawa camp is often considered one of the worst camps in Nigeria. Situated in northeastern Nigeria, the orientation camp has been plagued by security issues, particularly in the form of Boko Haram insurgency and communal clashes.

These security challenges have made corps members and their families anxious about their safety during their service years. Due to the security concerns and the bad state of the camp, many Corp members do not want to get posted there.

Gombe State NYSC Camp

Many Corp members posted to Gombe State have expressed their dissatisfaction with the camp’s facilities and infrastructure. The orientation camp, located in Akko, Gombe, is often considered one of the worst places a Corp member can be posted to.

Poor accommodation, lack of electricity, bad mattresses, and limited access to basic amenities are some of the common complaints about the camp. These issues make it difficult for them to have a comfortable stay during the orientation program.

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Moreover, the state’s camp has struggled to maintain a conducive environment for the orientation program, making it challenging for Corp members to enjoy their time there.

Yobe State NYSC Camp

The Yobe State NYSC Camp is situated in Dazigau along Potiskum Road, Degubi in Yobe State. Unfortunately, the camp lacks several basic amenities like running water, electricity, and adequate accommodation facilities.

These issues make life difficult for Corp members posted there and add to their already challenging experience. Moreover, the state has been plagued by insurgency, which has made serving there quite unpleasant for many Corp members.

The security situation in the state has also made it challenging for them to carry out their duties safely.

Niger State NYSC Camp

It’s no secret that Niger State has a poor reputation among NYSC camps in Nigeria. The camp’s infrastructure has left many Corp members dissatisfied.

Reports of dilapidated and overcrowded hostels are common, making living conditions less than ideal. Moreover, the lack of proper sanitation facilities, including toilets and showers, has been a significant concern for many Corp members.

The Niger State camp is located in a desert-like environment, with the weather always being hot and dry. This makes it inhospitable for graduates posted there, adding to their already unpleasant experience.

Wrap Up

The above-listed Orientation Camps top the list of the worst NYSC camps in Nigeria. However, Corp members should understand that they are partly responsible for their experience, irrespective of the camp’s state.

The NYSC program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be taken for granted. If you get posted to any of the camps mentioned in this article, try to make the most out of your time there.

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