Best State Schools in Lagos (Ranked)

Are you searching for the best state schools in Lagos? Look no further. In this article, we’ll list the Best State schools in Lagos, that provide accessible education to students in Nigeria.

Education is a major factor in the development of Nigeria. A well-educated population is crucial for economic growth and so is the dream of every parent to see their children attend good schools.

In Lagos, state schools have played a major role in the education sector, ensuring that students get access to the best education, regardless of financial status. And when state schools are properly funded, they can provide just that. 

To help you find the best options in Lagos, we have put together a thorough ranking of the top state schools in the area.

Check below for the list of the 8 best state schools in Lagos

Best State Schools in Lagos

  • King’s College Lagos
  • Queen’s College Lagos
  • Federal Government College Lagos
  • Eko Boys High School
  • CMS Grammar School 
  • Lagos State Model College
  • Igbobi College
  • St Finbarrs College

8 Best State Schools in Lagos

Here, we have come up with a well-curated list of the top 8 state schools in Lagos. These schools were selected based on crucial factors such as their learning environment, long-standing reputation, and facilities. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the best state schools in Lagos.

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1. King’s College Lagos

King’s College is a prestigious state school in Lagos, Nigeria. Its commitment to helping students grow intellectually and personally, makes it appear top of our list.

Founded in 1909, it is one of the oldest and most distinguished schools in Nigeria.

The school has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence and is known for producing students with the best results in many external examinations like the WASSCCE and UTME.

King’s College also provides comfortable student accommodation and features well-equipped laboratories, conducive lecture rooms, and extracurricular activities.

Address: 3 Catholic Mission St, Lagos Island 102273, Lagos

2. Queen’s College Lagos

If you’re seeking the best all-girls state school in Lagos, then Queen’s College is the perfect choice. It’s situated in the heart of the city, on Bierrel Avenue, Yaba, a suburb in Lagos Mainland.

Queen’s College was established in 1927 as an institution devoted to delivering high-quality education to girls in Nigeria.

The school is a full-boarding institution that offers a structured and disciplined learning environment to produce students who are confident, smart, and eloquent.

Admission to Queen’s College is highly competitive, and candidates are chosen based on different criterias including performance in entrance examinations, and others. Since its establishment, students have come out with excellent results and have gone ahead to do remarkably well in the university,

Address: G94J+XHH, Yaba 101245, Lagos

3. Federal Government College Lagos

Federal Government College makes it to third place on our list because of its commitment to academic excellence. The school stands out as one of the best government schools in Lagos.

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FGC, as popularly called, was established in 19 by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Similar to most state schools in Lagos, FGC is also a boarding school. This helps students build long-lasting connections and a strong sense of community. FGC will develop your child’s multiple academic needs and personal qualities to help them thrive within and outside the school.

To this day, the college maintains an education-friendly environment that ensures the best learning system for its students.

Address: KM 28, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Ijanikin

4. Eko Boys High School

Eko Boys High School is widely recognized as one of the most esteemed schools for boys in Lagos, Nigeria. The school, commonly known as Eko Boys, was established in 1909 as a conventional boarding school, offering quality education, conducive classrooms, and a disciplined environment for learning.

Despite its older structure, the school’s exceptional educational standards and extensive curriculum remain impressive. 

Eko Boys High School is divided into primary and secondary school education and has produced numerous noteworthy leaders who have gone on to achieve great things globally.

Address: G9F5+38C, Labinjo Street, Idi Oro 102215, Lagos

5. CMS Grammar School 

Established in 1859, CMS Grammar School is the first secondary school in Lagos State.

This boys-only school has consistently set a high standard among other government schools in the city. With an excellent curricullum, conducive learning facilities, and up-to-date syllabus in all subjects, this school is one of the best state schools in Lagos.

CMS Grammar School encourages students to participate in cultural activities, sports, and clubs to ensure a well-rounded education.

Address: St Finbarr’s College Rd, Akoka, Lagos

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6. Lagos State Model College

Lagos State Model College is a state-owned school situated in Badore Village, Lagos State. It is one of the five model colleges established by the state government in 1988, with the others located in Igbonla, Kankon, Meiran, and Igbokuta.

The school is divided into Junior and Senior Secondary schools, each school offering students high-quality education at any level and preparing them for a successful academic future.

Lagos State Model College also provides excellent opportunities for sports events, extracurricular activities, and student clubs.

Address: Badore Village, Lagos.

7. Igbobi College

Igbobi College Road Fadeyi, Yaba in Lagos is where Igbo College is located. It is a highly esteemed school in Nigeria that has been around for a long time, and many notable figures in the country have come from there.

Founded in 1932 by the Anglican and Methodist Church, this school has not only upheld its academic standards but has also transformed into one of the most contemporary government schools in the state.

With excellent facilities and a rigorous academic schedule, attending Igbobi College can only improve your child’s education.

Address: Apata Street, Igbobi, Yaba, Lagos

8. St Finbarrs College

St. Finbarrs is another greatschool located opposite the Federal College of Education in Yaba, Lagos.

The school is dedicated to improving intellectual development while providing a supportive learning environment that caters to diverse learning styles and abilities.

Their goal is to produce academically strong students who can take on real-world challenges on a global scale.

Address: St Finbarr’s College Rd, Yaba 101245, Lagos

Wrap Up

There are many excellent state schools in Lagos beyond the list provided in this article. You may want to conduct further research to find a school that is conveniently located for you.

However, we can guarantee that the schools on the list will offer the high-quality education and supportive learning environment that you desire for your child.

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