7 Best Schools In Ikorodu, Lagos

Are you a guardian looking for good schools in Ikorodu for your kids/wards? This post covers the best schools in Ikorodu, Lagos where you can enroll your child in for top-quality education delivered in a conducive environment. 

Finding a good school for children can be an uphill and exhausting task. You’re constantly searching for places to register your child, but there is always one thing that throws you off. If this is you, then our post is just the thing you need, to guide you on selecting only the best schools for your ward. 

Best Lagos has created a list of schools in Ikorodu, which are considered the finest ones in the area, per multiple resources. These schools are recurring in similar lists, so they come highly recommended.

Without further ado, let us get into the 7 best schools in Ikorodu, Lagos which may just be the ideal institute for your child to master academic excellence and kickstart their future. 

Best Schools In Ikorodu, Lagos

1. Landmark College Ikorodu

2. Great Joy Schools

3. Kaztal Academy

4. Kith and Kin Educational Schools

5. Chrismartin International School

6. Lighthouse Schools

7. Hadid Dynamic Schools

7 Best Schools In Ikorodu, Lagos

These schools are not just approved by the government, but they are also some of the best in the area. And while there are many other institutions that match their standard, they are just a guide to help you know what to expect and to shape your choices. These are the schools that made our article.

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1. Landmark College Ikorodu

Landmark College Ikorodu is the best secondary school in Ikorodu. This secondary school supports every child to reach their full potential. 

The College is a co-educational, day/boarding institution situated in a serene environment in Ikorodu which is far removed from distractions.

Landmark was established to offer quality and self-reliant secondary education for Nigerian children. Here, they become citizens with values and virtues that will put the nation on par with the best countries in the world.

Location: 5/11, Olayinka Ogunfile Street, Unity Estate, Owutu, Ikorodu.

Average tuition fee: NGN 180,000 – NGN 200,000.

2. Great Joy Schools

Great Joy Schools comes takes second place for best schools in Ikorodu. It was built to deliver quality education and raise students in a contemporary academic and cultural setting, to give them a legacy built on a lasting foundation.

Great Joy provides care and lays foundation skills in a Montessori setting for your kid. This practice also helps caters to the individual talents of young people and teaches how to use what they learned in the classroom, to solve real-life problems.

At Great Joy, your child will become adept at critical and compassionate thinking, lifelong learning, and individuals who are informed about world affairs. They’ll also master time management, solid study skills, motivation, and effort.

Location: 13/15 Sola Kola Street, Ikorodu.

3. Kaztal Academy

Kaztal Academy is among the best schools in Ikorodu that combines Western education with Islam teaching in a safe learning environment. Kaztal has a day and boarding facility, they use a Nigerian curriculum mixed with Arabiyyah teaching.

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Another good thing about his school is its modern facilities that enhance the learning experience of your ward. This includes 24-hour security surveillance, air-conditioned classrooms, and modern and functioning laboratories.

Location: 2nd gate behind Access Bank, Opposite Ikeja Electric Office, 9 Prince Adeneye Adeowo Street, Lasutech.

4. Kith and Kin Educational Schools

Kith & Kin Educational Schools since its founding, has consistently provided a standard of education geared towards impacting outstanding value in students. It is a day and boarding school that avails cheap and inclusive educational services.

Furthermore, Kin have a fantastic educational and extra-curricular facility that boosts life-long learning. The school intends to put forward students with skills that will support self and continuous life education in various areas of interest.  They also have a lunch program and school bus services.

Location: No 56 Owode Ibese Road, Ikorodu.

5. Chris martin International School

Chrismartin International School is part of the best schools in Ikorodu to consider if you appreciate top-quality standard education, positive influence, and international relationships that will grow your kids. Chrismartin is good because of its world-class curriculum and facilities.

This school is affordable, and it is a day and boarding school operated on an American curriculum that ensures every student maximizes their school years. 

Chrismartin is set in a serene, friendly, and luxurious environment with minimal distractions to students’ learning and development.

Location: Gbaga, Ikorodu.

6. Lighthouse Schools

Lighthouse Schools was established in October 1997 by the General Overseer Emeritus, Rev. Dr. G. Olu Farombi, with the support of all the members of the Foursquare Gospel church in Nigeria. 

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LIS is focused on starting children early for appropriate academic, moral, and spiritual training. This can be accomplished by building an enabling environment where the student can discover and reach their full potential.

So far, Lighthouse has a Junior Academy which comprises of a Creche, Preparatory Nursery, and Basic School. LIS does well to maintain and abide by the solid educational foundation built by the renowned Christian Mission.

Location: Ijede Road, Ikorodu, Lagos.

7. Hadid Dynamic Schools

Located in Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Hadid Dynamic College has a bright and friendly community and a good learning environment. Hadid is a day and boarding school that provides all-around Islamic Education in relation to the British Nigeria curriculum.

Some of the facilities available at Hadid include fully furnished laboratories and an ICT studio built with state-of-the-art equipment. Dynamic Schools is on a mission to become a force that drives student aspirations and societal potentials into long-lasting success.

Hadid is rated 4.7 over 5 stars on Google, which means they are a school you should consider in your search.

Location: Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Wrap Up

As you make up your mind on which school you wish for your children to attend, you can make a decision faster, by using this list. It can help you cut through the noise and find the best schools in Ikorodu where you can enroll your child.

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