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7 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos

Buying and investing in properties in Lagos can be risky, especially when you’re not sure about the identity of the person you’re talking to, how trustworthy they are, and where to trace them to. That is why we have created this guide detailing the 7 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos to buy or rent properties from.

You must be discouraged after listening to the horror stories of people who rented or bought a building or land, only for the deal to end with them being scammed or getting a classic case of “what I ordered VS what I got”. Those stories are not based on unfounded fears. 

Finding reliable and reputable real estate companies in Lagos is a challenging task for something that should be easy, given that there are hundreds of them littered in the city. We understand your frustration and all the ways this process can unsettle you, but sadly it is unavoidable. 

You need a real estate firm if you ever hope to own or rent a building in Lagos, as they offer several services like investment, property expansion, acquisition, management, rental, and sale which you may require now or in the future.

Although most real estate companies are bad, some trustworthy ones are legit. We made a list of the best real estate companies in Lagos, that strive to offer clients value for their money.

How To Choose A Real Estate Company In Lagos

Investing with a good estate company allows you to hedge your investment and curb risks. When choosing a real estate company in Lagos, these 4 things are what you should ensure that they have.

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1. Properly registered CAC with an anti-money laundering Certificate from EFCC-SCUML (Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering).

2. An extensive proven portfolio of properties.

3. Reputation for timely delivery of requests.

4. Strong relationship with the Lagos state government and all properties possessing correct and secure titles.

Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos

1. Redbrick Homes International Limited

2. Adron Homes & Properties

3. Revolution Plus Property

4. Havens Homes

5. Primewaterview

6. Fine and Country

7. Landwey Investment

7 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos

There are a lot of real estate companies in Lagos, but some of them stand out from the others.

These offer the best things your money can buy you in a house which include sustainable homes, a serene environment, well-secured communities, adequate amenities, and proximity to major business centres. 

You’ll come across many advertisements, but for investments that won’t make your cry pitch your tent with these 7 companies.

1. Redbrick Homes International Limited

Redbrick Homes International Limited is an independent and innovative firm that attracts expert construction and real estate professionals in Nigeria. 

They are one of the best real estate companies in Lagos, and the developers of Amen State which is considered among the best estates in Lagos.

Their creation, Amen Estate is a reflection of culture and modern lifestyle. It has magnificent homes that are practical and affordable for smart buyers in Nigeria and Abroad.

Location: Amen Estate, Eleko Beach Road, Off Lagos/Epe Expressway, Ibeju Lekki.

Redbrick Homes International Limited Properties

  • Amen Estate. 
  • Tiara Estate.
  • Amen Estate Phase 2 &3.
  • Amen City.

2. Adron Homes & Properties

Adron Homes & Properties is one of the top real estate companies in Lagos. They secure suitable and affordable housing for all types of buyers, no matter their income level and social class. 

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This company intends to keep its promises, increase its land bank, expand its client base, and offer you impeccable services that exceed your expectations. 

Adron features repeated development concepts established on suitable sites. These sites are standardized in terms of design, layout, and specification which offer great value.

Adron Homes & Properties Projects

  • Rehoboth Park and Gardens Phase 1.
  • Rehoboth Park and Gardens Phase 2.
  • Emirates Park and Gardens Phase 1.
  • Emirates Park and Gardens Phase 2  (Oceanview Estate).

3. Revolution Plus Property

Revolution Plus Property seeks to fulfill your real estate dream, desire, and expectation, with its dedication to providing affordable housing through multi-channelled services. 

They are among the top 10 real estate companies in Lagos, applying their background and expertise in developing luxury and standard properties for sale and rent. 

Revolution specializes in the sale of lands and houses. They offer clients flexible payment plans and incentives that make buying a property less strenuous. 

Location: Revolution Plus House, No 1 Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja.

Revolution Plus Properties

  • Lekki Rose Garden.
  • Lekki Royal Garden.
  • Lekki Crystal Garden.
  • Royalty Garden, Shimawa.
  • Pacesetter Estate.

4. Havens Homes

Haven Homes is an innovative, commercial contemporary-luxury-residential real estate developer in Nigeria and one of the best real estate companies in Lagos. 

Since they delivered their first set of unique and beautifully built homes with luxurious interior designs in 2006, they have seen their homes become a significant addition to the residential architecture in Nigeria.

Havens’ designs are inspired by a revolution of succeeding excellent home designs in the country carrying many of their signatures. This is why they are pioneers of commercial contemporary architecture in Nigeria.

Location: Unit 1 Cherry Courts, Richmond Gate, Ikate-Lekki.

Havens Homes Properties

  • Homes in Lekki.
  • Magodo Show Homes.
  • Richmond Gate Estate.
  • Brown’s Court.

5. Primewaterview

Primewaterview Limited is among the top real estate companies in Lagos and stands as a major developer in the property development business of the Nigerian real estate market.

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PWV is focused on building residential property for specific clients with a focus on areas like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and the fast-developing Lekki Peninsula.

This company’s competitive edge comes from a proven track record of timely delivery of units, compliance with selling point specifications, honesty with clients, and a rigid policy on no price variation in off-plan sales of properties in Lekki.

Location: 185, Moshood Olugbani Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island Extension.

Primewaterview Limited Properties

  • Aidaville Courts.
  • Primewaterview Courts.
  • Ashake Court.
  • Ajiran Mews.
  • Victoria Garden City.

6. Fine And Country

Fine and Country may have originated from the UK, but is still one of the top 10 real estate companies in Lagos. 

This multi-award-winning international real estate network is renowned locally and globally for its unique blend of intelligent and creative marketing and branding services, a solid market research and property investment advisory service, blended with a professional approach to corporate sales and leasing of top-notch commercial and luxurious residential properties.

Country has its businesses in more than 300 offices globally; in the UAE, South Africa, and Mauritius, with its headquarters site in Park Lane, Mayfair, United Kingdom.

Location: 10, Onisiwo Street, Off Lateef Jakande, Ikoyi.

Fine And Country Properties

  • The Grace Court (Banana Island).
  • The Belmonte (Ikoyi).
  • The Residence (Ikoyi).
  • Greystone Tower (Victoria Island).
  • Nestoil (Victoria Island).
  • Twin Lakes Waterfront.

7. Landwey Investment

Landwey Investment is a full-scale real estate development company that provides top-notch end-to-end land, residential and commercial services. 

They do this by offering distinctive home living experiences and contributing to the vitality of local communities. Their real estate operations are fuelled by innovation, commitment, and technology. 

This company has the best real estate developers in Lagos, and their leading stance in Nigeria’s real estate industry is rooted in building long-term value for clients.

Location: Km 42, Lekki-Epe Express Way, Oko-Ado, Sangotedo, Ajah.

Landwey Investment Properties

  • Urban Prime Lavadia.
  • Terra Gardens District.
  • Hockley Lagos Millenial Town.
  • The Apartment.
  • Isimi Lagos.
  • Avalon Foreshore.
  • Westwood Lakes.

Wrap Up

Real estate investment for commercial or business purposes should not be undertaken without extensive research. To ensure that the process is smooth, use any of these real estate companies in Lagos as a guide to navigating this industry.

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