Best Nursing Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Nursing Schools are specialized institutions that provide nursing education and training to people who want to become registered nurses or midwives. The state houses numerous schools of nursing, both public and privately owned that offer high-quality education in this field. Our article discusses the Best Nursing Schools In Lagos and how to enrol on them.

Nursing education in Lagos often combines a blend of theoretical and practical coursework, including clinical training in different healthcare settings. You learn many skills, such as patient care, disease prevention, health promotion, and medication management. You also master health care ethics, patient advocacy, as well as the legal and regulatory frameworks that guide nursing practice.

After completing your training, as a graduate from any of these best nursing schools in lagos, you can take the national licensure examination and become a registered nurse or midwife. You can then gain employment in various healthcare settings, like hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities.

Reasons To Study At A Nursing School In Lagos

Nursing is one of the highest-paying and most sought-after careers in the world. In addition to being recognised as an essential worker with special privileges,  a degree in nursing may act as a stepping stone for venturing into more lucrative and diverse areas where you can use your degree.  Below we share other reasons why you should study nursing in Lagos.

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1. Nursing Is A Rewarding And Fulfilling Career

In most countries, nurses are highly appreciated and respected. This is because they are vital for the proper functioning of a society’s healthcare system.

As a nurse, you will administer medicine to patients and go as far as helping them overcome physical and emotional pain. People will come to you for help and advice, and your services will be required in numerous fields, so you’ll always have something to do.

2. Opportunites To Study And Work In Other Countries

One advantage of studying at any nursing school in Lagos is that you’ll gain the necessary knowledge and experience needed to venture into the field professionally. Whatever you’ve learned can be applied in any country you intend to relocate to.

Similarly, most countries constantly offer study or work opportunities for qualified nurses to get visa sponsorships to contribute to their society. You may get lucky since you have the qualifications. 

3. Numerous Specializations To Choose From

Nursing is a broad discipline with a wide scope. After acquiring a general nursing degree at a nursing school in Lagos, you can decide to venture into any of the following nursing specializations: 

  • Midwifery.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Mental Health.
  • Adult Nursing.
  • Pediatric Nursing.

General Admission Requirements For The Best Nursing Schools In Lagos

Admission requirements vary slightly for each of the best nursing schools in Lagos and are dependent on the institution. However, there are certain general admission requirements you must meet for your application to be accepted. We mentioned them below:

1. Five Credits In O’Level Subjects

You must have a minimum of five credits in O’Level subjects which include – English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, in two sittings or less. Some schools require credit in a second language.

2. Meet The Minimum Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement for admission is usually 16 years, but each school has an age limit.

3. Pass Entrance Examination

You are required to pass the entrance examinations conducted by each school of nursing.

4. Interview

If you succeed in the entrance examination, you will be invited for an interview, to assess your suitability for a nursing program.

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5. Good Health State

You must be in a good state of health and submit a medical report from a recognized hospital or health centre.

6. Letter Of Recommendation

You are expected to provide a letter of recommendation from a reputable individual or organization to attest to your character.

Table Showing The Best Nursing Schools In Lagos And Their Locations

School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching HospitalIdi-Araba, Surulere
Department of Nursing Science, The University of LagosAkoka, Yaba
Lagos State College of NursingIsheri Road, Igando
School of Nursing, Military Hospital, YabaYaba
Post Basic Nursing School, National Orthopaedic HospitalIkorodu Road, Igbobi
School of Nursing Sciences, Babcock UniversityIlishan-Remo
School Of Nursing, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric HospitalYaba
Best Nursing Schools In Lagos And Their Locations

7 Best Nursing Schools In Lagos

In this section, we have listed out the best nursing schools in Lagos, complete with information about them, their admission requirements, and where in Lagos they are located. 

We also left links to some of the schools, in case you want to do further research before applying to any of them.

1. School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

The School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital is one of the best accredited and renowned schools of nursing in Nigeria. 

It is regarded for its flexibility, range of facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment, high profile of good performance in the Council Examination, including a secure, interesting, and comfortable environment where you can live and study.

Location: Idi-Araba, Surulere.

Admission Requirements

Five O’Level Credits obtained in (not more than 2 sittings):

  • I. English Language.
  • II. Mathematics.
  • III. Biology.
  • IV. Physics.
  • V. Chemistry.

Must obtain a good score grade in JAMB examinations.

2. Department of Nursing Science, The University Of Lagos

The Department of Nursing Science at the University of Lagos is considered to be one of the best nursing schools in Lagos. It proffers two types of admissions – for generic students and direct entry students.

At the end of this program, you’ll acquire an award for a Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc) degree – A 5-year B.N.Sc curriculum for students with no prior Registered Nurse certificate and a 4-year program for Registered Nurses intending to pursue a baccalaureate.

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Location: Akoka, Yaba.

Admission Requirements

  • 5 credit passes in O’level result (WAEC or NECO) including English Language and Mathematics.
  • A minimum of 200 or above in JAMB to qualify for post-UTME or screening exercise.

3. Lagos State College of Nursing

Lagos State College of Nursing (LASCON) is a centre of excellence for the education of professional Nurses, awarding Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Midwife (RM) to deliver necessary manpower in the Health Sector for Lagos State and its environs. These qualifications are accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

Location: Isheri Road, Igando.

Admission Requirements

  • WAEC/NECO certificate.
  • DOB Certificate.
  • 5 credits in subjects of priority.

4. School of Nursing, Military Hospital Yaba

The School Of Nursing, Military Hospital, Yaba is one of the best nursing schools in Lagos. It accepts applications from interested and qualified Military, Para-Military personnel, and civilians. The school is good for candidates who wish to work in the military as nurses.

Location: Yaba.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 credits in WASSCE, GCE, NECO including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in less than two sittings.
  • Applicants must be Nigerian by birth.
  • Must be a Registered Nurse with at least 6 months of working experience.
  • Must have a current practising licence.

5. Post Basic Nursing School, National Orthopaedic Hospital

The Post Basic Nursing School is at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi. After it gained recognition by Colonial Medical Services in 1945, the school became a medical establishment known as Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital. Since then it has changed its name to Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and National Orthopaedic Hospital.

Admission Requirements

  • Senior School Certificate (WAEC/NECO) with credit in five subjects including English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in less than two sittings.
  • Be a registered Nurse with Nigeria’s Nursing and Midwifery Council and have a current practising licence.
  • Having experience working in the Accident and emergency or Orthopaedic department of a hospital is an advantage.

6. School of Nursing Sciences, Babcock University

The School of Nursing Sciences at Babcock University is set to revolutionize nursing education in Nigeria. It is one of the best nursing schools in Lagos, building innovative learning environments that facilitate excellence in education to improve the health of people, transform the nursing profession, and change the world for Christ.

Location: Ilishan-Remo

Admission Requirements

  • Get an acceptable pass at the university screening test.
  • Registered Nurses or applicants with advanced levels in Biology and Chemistry or OND/HND in Medical/Biological Science may be admitted via direct entry into the 200 level if they satisfy other University admission requirements.
  • Applicants for the 4-year RN conversion/direct entry program must – be Registered Nurses (RN) with the N&MCN. Additionally, they should have at least one post-RN certification e.g. Registered Midwife (RM), Registered Public Health Nurse (RPHN) and Registered Psychiatric Nurse would be an advantage.

7. School Of Nursing, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba

The School Of Nursing, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital is among the best nursing schools in Lagos for students who want to work in the nursing field, taking care of mentally ill and physchiatric patients, while learning everything about their health.

Location: Yaba.

Admission Requirements:

  • Candidate should be a Registered Nurse with up to 1 year Post qualification experience with a valid current license.
  • Must have five credits at O’level in – English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

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