Who is Steven Sandison

Who is Steven Sandison?

¬†Does the name Steven Sandison ring a bell? It likely doesn’t. In today’s blog post, we at BestLagos will give you the details of Steven Sandison.

Everything You Need to Know about Steven Sandison

How many convicts do you know that have received extra jail time while in prison? Not much right?  Well, that’s the story of Steven Sandison. 

The American Judicial system has seen many criminals. Some are guilty, others not guilty. Their cases range from the bizarre to the mundane but very few criminals can top the record of Steven Sandison. 

Do you want to know what he did? Keep reading! 


Everybody is a product of their background. People react to situations based on their childhood experiences. So, before we dive into Steven Sandison’s adult life, let’s visit his childhood and meet the younger version of Steven Sandison me.

Sandison was born on February 10, 1963. Steven Sandison’s childhood was embedded in the fabric of his family.  While specific details about his family life and childhood are not widely available, it’s clear that family and environment play a crucial role in a person’s development. His confession during his 2 murder cases displays a wrong mindset about certain issues. 

First offence

According to newspaper.com, murder was not Sandison’s first crime. He had just been released after serving 2 years of a maximum 5-year sentence on a larceny conviction. That event was his third stretch in prison. In 1991, he was released from jail and stayed in the Yorba Hotel in Detroit.

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 A few weeks before the murder date, he met the murder victim and his girlfriend, Linda MacLean. Sources reveal that MacLean was depressed about the bills of her childhood home. Her depression occurred before she met Sandison and they exchanged letters. According to the victim’s friend Cady, the letters boosted MacLean’s mental state. In Cady’s words:  “She was intrigued, excited.” 

Joan Dupuis, Cady’s Mother said The two met face-to-face the evening of Oct. 22. Dupuis said detectives told her “they’d been talking suicide.” They reportedly smoked crack and drank alcohol. Court records show that Mac-Lean was found in bed by a male friend around noon on October 3?

At the time of death, MacLean was 33 years old.

At the point of his arrest, Sandison claimed assisted suicide. “According to court records and family members, MacLean had been in Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital at least twice, once after slashing her wrists. However, her friend, Marianne Cady, and her mother, Joan Dupuis, said the death was not an assisted suicide. Prosecutors called it premeditated murder. He was finally convicted of his crime in 1981. He was serving his time there until he committed his second crime. 

Second offence

Steven D. Sandison pleaded guilty on Feb. 23 to second-degree murder in the Oct. 29 death of 67-year-old Theodore Dyer at Saginaw Correctional Facility near Saginaw.

Sandison’s second victim was Theodore Dyer, his prison inmate who was convicted of abusing a 9-year-old child. Dyer was sentenced to 25 to 50 years of jail time for first-degree criminal sexual misconduct against a child under 13.

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On October 29 2014, Dyer and Sandison began to talk and 67-year-old Theodore Dyer began trying to explain why he sexually abused a child. Sandison, who was already unhappy with Dwyer, said wouldn’t stop talking about the case. So, Sandison took matters into his own hands. The Saginaw News reported “He told investigators that he knocked Dyer unconscious and then used Dyer’s shoelaces to strangle him”

Sandison believed Dyer deserved the death penalty and gave judgment. 

His lawyer, James Gust said that a couple of months ago, Sandison asked him to tell Dyer’s family that he kept telling Michigan Department of Corrections personnel to not place him in a cell with a child molester because he would kill him. “He wanted me to communicate that to them in hopes that maybe they can recoup some financial benefit from this,” Gust said. “That tells you something about him as a guy.”

Confession of Second Offence

In the video clip of Sandison’s confession, he said “I do what’s necessary.” “I do what some people won’t. I mean, you guys are cops. You arrest people all the time for stuff (for which) you wish you could shoot in the face. I already know that; I’m not stupid. You know, I mean, some crimes shouldn’t be committed, so, you know, I just have, I don’t know, I just don’t have any empathy for people.” he said “Ted got what he deserved.”  “I believe that with all of my heart.”


Before his sentence was pronounced, Sandison said “People think I’m some kind of hero when I’m not,” said Sandison moments before Saginaw County Chief Circuit Judge Fred L. Borchard sentenced him for killing Theodore Dyer in October at the Saginaw Correctional Facility in Freeland.

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At sentencing, Sandison said he had no regrets about the crime.

“I don’t feel bad for what I did,” he said. “I feel bad for maybe his family or something, but as far as remorse toward him, no.”

Saginaw County Chief Circuit Judge Fred L. Borchard sentenced him for killing Theodore Dyer in October at the Saginaw Correctional Facility in Freeland. “I just did what I thought was best in the time I was given,” Sandison continued. 

“I’ve been getting these emails saying that you know, it’s not my position to judge anybody. I want to make it quite clear that I didn’t judge him. I know God is the only judge we have. I just set the appointment up.”

In addition to his former sentence, Sandison was sentenced to life imprisonment. His lawyer, James Gust said, “Before he can even begin this sentence, he has to die and come back to life.”

 “The sad thing is that … I don’t recall a time I stood next to someone involving a capital offence who had anything remotely close to a normal childhood,” he said. “Mr. Sandison had a very, very difficult childhood. Maybe if he had been born at a different time to different people, he wouldn’t be standing here today. But that did not happen, and here we are.”

Wrap up

Mr Steven Sandison is a 60-year-old who has spent the better part of his life behind bars. From Lacerny to murder, Sandison is not a stranger to crime. I hope this article gave you a detailed explanation of Steven. D. Sandison is. Let us know in the comments section.

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