Who is Peller on TikTok?

Habeeb Hamzat, professionally known as Peller, is a rising star in the Nigerian social media landscape. Peller is 19 years old, he was born on May 10, 2005, in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Peller has made a significant impact as a social media personality, streamer, and comedian. His journey from a regular teenager to a celebrated content creator is both inspiring and fascinating.

Early Life and Education

Peller began his educational journey at Providence Primary School and continued his secondary education at Frontrunner Academy. His upbringing in Lagos State provided a vibrant backdrop for his early life, which has influenced his creative expressions.


The Birth of a Content Creator

In 2023, inspired by popular content creators like Kai Cenat, Peller ventured into the world of content creation. He launched his comedy series, “Peller’s Palava,” in 2024, which quickly gained popularity for its perfect blend of humor and wit. Peller’s content is often described as a delightful mix of comedy and sharp social commentary, making him a beloved figure among his followers.

Influences and Inspirations

Peller cites several prominent figures as his inspirations, including Fenum, IShowSpeed, Duke, and Kai Cenat. These influencers have shaped his approach to content creation, helping him develop a unique style that resonates with a broad audience.


Recognition and Awards

Peller’s talent and hard work were recognized at the TrendUpp Awards 2024, where he won his first award in the “Emerging Force” category. During his acceptance speech, he expressed gratitude to his friend Jo Blaq for guiding him in the online space and motivating young people to pursue their passions.

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Among the Best TikTokers in Nigeria

Peller’s achievements and influence have earned him a spot in the 10 Best TikTokers in Nigeria 2024. His creativity, reliability, and relatable content make him a standout in the Nigerian TikTok community. Peller Tiktok’s Net Worth is estimated to be $100,000 as of 2024.


Peller’s rise to fame on TikTok is a testament to his creativity, dedication, and the ability to connect with his audience. His journey from a young boy in Ikorodu to a celebrated content creator is inspiring for many aspiring creators. With his unique style and continuous innovation, Peller is set to achieve even greater heights in the digital space.

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