Paul Contreras Kansas City shooting

Who is Paul Contreras? One dead and others injured in Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting

Paul Contreras is the hero who tackled one of the suspected shooters at the Kansas City parade. He said he did not hesitate when he saw the shooter running by.

He said; “I didn’t hesitate. It was just do it. So I went to go tackle him and another gentleman did the same thing and as I’m tackling him, I see his weapon either fall out of his hand or out of his sleeve.”

“It seemed like forever, but it probably wasn’t, it was like 30 seconds holding him down… Where’s the cops? Get the cops over here, get the cops over here.“

Kansas City shooting

A shooting occurred in Missouri at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade, killing one and injuring 21 others.

Officials stated that they treated eight victims who were in immediate danger of death, as well as seven others who had sustained potentially fatal injuries.

A local hospital confirmed that nine children were among those injured.

Police said they had arrested three people in connection with the shooting.

According to a local radio station, Lisa Lopez, one of its DJs, was killed in the shooting.

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According to officials, the surviving victims were taken to three local hospitals, with the most seriously injured arriving within 10 minutes of the shooting.

According to a law enforcement source who spoke with CBS News, the shooting appeared to be the result of a physical altercation. According to the source, the incident was not related to terrorism.

Police said they are still investigating a motive and collecting digital and physical evidence. They asked that any eyewitnesses or individuals with information contact law enforcement.

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