Who is Klaus Grabowski

Who is Klaus Grabowski?

   There is no shortage of sick and twisted people in the world. Even now and since the dawn of time, there have always been people who partake in inhuman activities. Some of them are not to be blamed as they are mentally deranged while some, the truly twisted ones derive a sick pleasure from these activities even to the point of it becoming an addiction 


   Klaus Grabowski is one such individual who most likely derived some sick pleasure from taking part in inhuman activities. However, unlike some of these people who escaped with little to no penalties after such acts, Klaus Grabowski was not so lucky as his negative karma caught up to him in the form of the death sentence. 

Daily life 

   Klaus Grabowski was 35 years old at the time of his death. He made a living by working as a butcher. He was engaged and had a mother-and-daughter pair Marianne Bachmeier (23 years old) and Anna Bachmeier (7 years old) as his neighbours. These people would eventually lead to his demise. 

Past Crimes

   Klaus Grabowski had been convicted twice of sexual assault of children under ten years of age. He had been taken to prison where he stayed for some years before he was released. He offered to undergo chemical castration, a process where the individual is given chemicals and drugs that inhibit sex hormone production. He most likely did this to stop his crazy sexual tendencies. However, he failed as sometime later he secretly started taking drugs to reverse the chemical castration. Eventually, he got a house close to the Bachmeiers in Lubeck, Germany where he started his job as a butcher and later got engaged. 

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Tragedy Falls

   Everything had been going well with the neighbours until one day when Anna argued with her mother. Anna had wanted to visit a friend of hers but Marianne had firmly refused. 

   Anna had left the house angrily on the pretext that she was going to school. She was in elementary school at the time and Marianne worked as a waitress. Anna was eventually enticed by the allure of Krabowski’s promise to her that she could play with his cats. She went to his house so that he could make good on his promise. However, she never expected to be deceived by him. 

   Klaus Grabowski had succumbed to his urges and sexually assaulted the child of seven years old for several hours before killing her by strangling her with one of his fiancé’s clothes. Then he tied her up using the skills he acquired as a butcher before packing her up in a cardboard box and dumping her by the side of a canal some distance from his house. 

Marianne’s Plight

   Marianne who was living with Anna as a single mother because Anna’s father refused to accept any responsibility both for her pregnancy and Anna, would never have suspected anything was wrong had she not gotten a report from the local police that her daughter’s body had been found close to the canal. One can imagine how devastated she would have been as Anna was the only companion she had with her. 

   The case was reported to the police by Klaus’ fiancé when she found out about the unbelievable crime he had committed and Klaus was taken in for trial. After she had reported the case, the lights of the press shifted away from her and focused on Marianne and Klaus.

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Klaus’ Reasons

   At the court, Klaus Grabowski had claimed that Anna Bachmeier had requested money from him and had threatened that she would report the sexual incident to her mother if she was not given the money. This blackmail was what had prompted him to kill the seven-year-old girl. 

   However, most likely one of the things that prompted Klaus to sexually assault Anna was the hormonal imbalance caused by taking drugs that were intended to reverse his chemical castration and revive his sex hormones. 

Klaus’ Death

   Klaus’ testimony on how the incident transpired had hit a nerve in Marianne as she had taken the statement as an insult to her late daughter. At the next trial, she had carried a .22caliber Beretta pistol in her purse as she went to the court. A few minutes into the trial, she had stood up in the crowded courthouse and released more than five bullets into Klaus’ back. Klaus went down immediately and died a few minutes later. Marianne was restrained without any resistance as she had only wanted to see the offending individual dead. 

Marianne Bachmeier’s Trial

   After Marianne was apprehended, she was later charged to court for manslaughter and when she was asked some questions relating to her murder of Klaus, she stated that she wished she could have shot him while she was looking at his face. She also called him a pig and wrote a letter to Anna saying that her mother had avenged her. 

   Marianne was later sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of manslaughter. However, she only served half of her term before she was released on probation. 

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 Marianne’s Death 

After the depressing incident, Marianne travelled for some years eventually getting married again. However, the marriage ended in divorce. Sometime later Marianne was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in Sicily. She then travelled back to her home in Lubeck, Germany to spend her final days there. After her death, she was buried beside Anna’s grave. 


   This sad feminist story drew a lot of reactions worldwide as people argued whether Marianne was justified in killing Klaus. She had made the headlines of many newspapers and television shows and people eventually started calling her ‘Mother of Vengeance’. Some people claimed that her actions were overboard while others were in full support of her decision. Some people even claimed that they would have done the same thing had they been in her situation. What do you think of this situation, was Marianne right or wrong? Make sure to let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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    1. Exactly the system had already failed this little girl and the punishment was also chemically castration but that could be reversed how in the hell is that a punishment something that he can always reverse for raping and murdering a 7 old is no way in the level of being the right punishment for that crime!!@ Unfortunately we live in a sick world that is even having trials for pedophiles!!! ..We hung woman that we thought were witches in a half day 12 to woman in a half day but yetw debate this shitpiece of shit !

  1. When the courts don’t protect you. I believe you should protect yourself. I would have set her free,and given her a reward.

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