Who is Gary Plauche

Who is Gary Plauche?

   Sexual abuse no matter the gender and age of the victim has always been a crime frowned upon by society. Although there are no crimes that are accepted, when people hear some of the sick things other people do, it’s enough to drive a shiver down their spine. This article tells the story of a man whose child was subjected to such a crime and how he had carried out his vengeance. 


   Gary Plauche was a man who lived alone with his son in his apartment in Louisiana. The incident occurred when he was separated from his wife due to various reasons. Probably due to the emotional instability caused by the separation from his wife, Gary had not been able to sense that he had gotten his son involved with a shady character. This negligence on his part would soon lead to one of the biggest regrets in his life. 

Gary Plauche

   Gary Plauche worked as a dealer in heavy equipment sales. He was married with four children to a woman named June. Most likely, the nature of his job and the absence of his wife was the major reason why Gary did not see the signs of assault on his son. 

Jeffrey Doucet

   When Gary’s son Jody was 11 years old, he started taking karate lessons with a man named Jeffrey Doucet. Jeffrey Doucet was born in Texas and claimed that he had been abused sexually as a child. According to him, he had sexually assaulted so many boys that he had lost count. Although this crime was wiped from his record. In his early twenties, he moved to Louisiana where he met Gary’s son Jody Plauche. He started teaching karate to Jody and a group of boys and he was highly admired by his students however, he did not have any relationship partners or even good friends. 

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Past Crimes

   Jeffrey Doucet had been actively involved in sexual assault, with young boys being his favourite targets. Gary Plauche on the other hand had no crimes to his name before the incident, he could be called the perfect citizen. 

The Incident

   When Jody started his Karate lessons, he and Jeffrey had been on very good terms with other boys in the dojo. Along with his brother Michael, Jody had taken Jeffrey as somewhat of a second father figure as Gary had been down emotionally at the time. Eventually, even Gary came to accept Jeffrey and invited him to dinner sometimes. However, things started changing as Jeffrey started assaulting Jody sexually.

Sadly, this act had gone on for a year without Gary noticing a thing. Jody had said publicly when he gave a speech on sexual assault on children that sometimes Jeffrey would assault him every day and on bad days he would be assaulted twice. This had gone on every day for a year until Jeffrey could not control himself anymore and succumbed to his negative urges.

He had gone to Gary and told him that he wanted to take Jody out on a trip. Gary had agreed thinking that Jody would be safe with Jeffrey not knowing that he was handing his son over to the devil. Jeffrey then kidnapped Gary and took him back to a motel in Texas where his hometown was. There Jeffrey had sexually assaulted Jody to his satisfaction. 

Gary’s Plight

   Gary must have been worried when his son had not returned to him after a few days. While at the same time, all methods to try to contact both Jeffrey and Jody had failed. However, Jeffrey had slipped up as he allowed Jody to speak with his mother via the telephone. The call was later traced by the police and Jody was rescued from the motel while Jeffrey was apprehended. Gary was devastated when he found out what his son had gone through and he fell into a state of emotional instability where he was not able to differentiate right from wrong. 

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The Murder of Jeffrey

   Jeffrey was brought back to Louisiana to be tried for his crimes. However on the way to the detainment centre. Gary who had been hiding behind a telephone booth talking with his friend over the phone while wearing a baseball cap and thick sunglasses stepped out and pointed a revolver at Jeffrey’s head.

Before the press who were recording Jeffrey’s transfer and police officers who served as escorts could do anything, a loud gunshot rang through the area as Gary shot Jeffrey straight in the head at point-blank range smearing his clear crime record. Jeffrey had gone into a coma and died sometime later. Gary was apprehended without incident and no other deaths occurred. 

The Aftermath

   Gary was tried and he said that he did not regret killing Jeffrey and he would even do it again if he was given the chance. He was given 7 years sentence which was later suspended. He was also sentenced to 5 years of probation and over 200 hours of community service. Due to Gary killing Jeffrey in front of the press, the matter was publicized and many arguments came up on whether Gary should have been charged with murder. However, Gary’s lawyer had strongly attested that Gary committed manslaughter and that he was not in the right mental state when he committed the crime which eventually led to Gary’s admission into a psychiatric hospital. This concluded the case

Gary’s Death

   Gary later suffered from two strokes which led to his death in 2014. He had lived for 68 years. Jody eventually took up the role of an activist against sexual assault against children. He even wrote a book titled ‘Why Gary, why?’ which told the story behind his assault. 

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There is no shortage of animals in human clothing in the world. However, unlike some of them who escaped without punishment, Jeffrey paid for his crimes with his life after he messed with the wrong person. If you know more details about the Jody Plauche story, let us know in the comment section below. 

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