Who is Gary Brecka

Who is Gary Brecka?

Gary Brecka was born on September 21, 1970, in Florida. He is an accomplished professional human biologist, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of 10x Health System in Miami. Brecka became an internet sensation for his contributions in helping UFC CEO Dana White lose 39 pounds and address multiple health concerns.

With more than two decades of experience in functional medicine and biohacking, Brecka has gained immense recognition in his field and is considered one of the best. His expertise is attributed to his vast knowledge and research on the human body’s performance and functions.

At 53 years of age, Brecka has dedicated his life to studying and understanding the human body to help people achieve their physical and mental best. His passion for helping people has earned him immense respect from colleagues and clients alike.

Gary Brecka’s educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Frostburg State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from the National College of Chiropractic. As of December 2023, he has been married to his wife Sage Workinger, who is also the co-founder of 10X Health, for 9 years. Gary and Sage are happily married and have been blessed with three children.

Brecka, who is a noteworthy personality in the world of health and wellness, has been the CEO of Streamline Medical Group since 2017, and is a former mortality-modeling expert who is deeply committed to improving human life and preventing ageing.

His clientele includes professional sportsmen, CEOs, and celebrities, which is a testament to his credibility and expertise in the field. With an estimated net worth of $1 million, Gary leads a luxurious lifestyle that is centered around entrepreneurship, biohacking, and maximizing health and longevity. He is truly an inspiration to those who aspire to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What is Gary Brecka’s 10x Health Program?

Gary Brecka 10x health program is designed to give peoples health the utmost priority.

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At 10x Health, their approach is to delve deep into a persons biology to identify the root cause of an illness rather than just addressing the symptoms. To achieve this, they conduct a comprehensive analysis of the blood to gain insights into the health of the organs, hormones, and vitamin levels.

To begin, upon signing up with 10X Health System, they collect blood sample which undergoes a detailed analysis of 64 biomarkers, providing a holistic snapshot of your health. Additionally, they also collect a saliva swab to analyze your DNA, further aiding in identifying health risks and vulnerabilities.

Once the full profile is returned, a customized program is created based on the unique health requirements of the client. The program includes a combination of IV therapy and supplements that cater to the individual needs, ensuring that the body receives the nutrients it requires for optimal health.

Gary Brecka Role in Dina White Fitness Journey

Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), worked with Gary Brecka, the founder of 10X Health System, to help him heal and improve his health.

According to Dana, Brecka’s approach to identifying health issues is truly impressive. Using comprehensive bloodwork, Brecka was able to accurately identify Dana’s health problems without any prior knowledge of his medical history.

After the analysis, White, was informed that he had just over a decade to live by Gary Brecka and 10X Health System team.

Brecka was granted permission by Dana White to share his bloodwork and shed some light on his health issues. Brecka went on to explain that they had successfully normalized various aspects of the MMA personality’s health, such as the functioning of his kidneys and liver, inflammation levels, immune system, blood viscosity, white blood cells profile, insulin, body fat, and cholesterol levels.

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Meanwhile, Dana White revealed that he’d been using medication for blood pressure, thyroid, and cholesterol for 10-15 years but is now off those medications thanks to Brecka. The UFC boss spoke about having difficulties tying his own shoes and indicated that his test results five months back showed that he was on the verge of a stroke/heart attack. The 53-year-old appealed to others facing similar issues to seek Brecka’s help.

Following Brecka’s prescription, which consisted of a meticulously detailed ketogenic diet plan that even included a grocery list, Dana experienced a remarkable transformation. In just ten weeks, he managed to shed an impressive 40 pounds, not to mention restoring his immune system and normalizing his blood pressure.

By the fifth month, he was completely off all medications and felt young again. Also, his life expectancy had almost tripled thanks to the positive changes he had made to his health and lifestyle.

Gary Brecka Marriage

Brecka is a happily married person who has been with her wife, Sage Workinger, for 9 years. They have been blessed with three lovely children. She is not only a devoted partner and parent, but she is also a successful entrepreneur.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Gary Brecka’s contributions to the field of health and wellness are remarkable. His 10x Health System program and success in helping UFC CEO Dana White achieve optimal health is a shining example of his expertise.

Brecka’s dedication to understanding the human body and improving people’s lives has earned him immense respect and admiration from colleagues and clients alike. As he continues to spread awareness and inspire others to prioritize their health, it is clear that Gary Brecka is a true inspiration to the health and wellness industry.

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