The BLVD: Full Guide And Review

The BLVD is presently among the hottest relaxation spots in Lagos, with a unique peaceful ambience. It provides a thrilling nightlife that is only matched by its good music, delicious dishes, and variety of drinks. Read The BLVD: Full Guide And Review to find out why you should visit this place.

This nightclub is situated at the heart of Lekki; it is a tall five-storey building with a colourful sign that says “BLVD” with a ”the” on the stylistically designed ”V” in BLVD welcomes patrons. Beneath this acronym is a four-word sign that spells out Ballards, Lounge, Vape, and Dance. These words cover what to expect from the club.

BLVD is the ideal spot for night owls. The tastefully decorated club is upstairs. It is a type of place where you can party all night with friends after a stressful week as the resident DJs have the best tracklist for guests. It is where the bigwigs in Lagos go to kill time. With an array of choice drinks and a menu filled with delectable dishes, this place is where you should be for a night of fulfilling fun.

About The BLVD

Ballards, Lounge, Vape, Dance is the go-to place to have fun, it is a sports lounge, a place to play indoor games, an event space, or a meeting hub for celebrities.

It is one of the best clubs in Lekki that fulfills your night-out fantasies. When you are at BLVD, the hostesses greet you ”good morning” no matter the time of the day. This is because it is always a good morning at the club.

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Location: 5th Floor Brasas’r Place, 69 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Timings: Monday – Sunday, 12 pm – 12 am.

BLVD Ownership

BLVD was established by Honcho Owoloye Olatunde popularly known as Jahbless.  He launched the club on February 16th, 2020, to be a fusion of a restaurant, lounge, and innovative sports bar and a one-stop fun place with an exquisite and unmistakable ambience for fun-seekers.

Events To Attend At BLVD

There are certain events you can attend at the BLVD anytime you get the chance to pay this club a visit. Each of them is reserved for a specific day of the week. 

We’ve listed them below:

  • Juicy Sunday.
  • Ladies Night.
  • BLVD Friday.
  • Crush or Crash.
  • We Own Wednesday.

Facts To Know About BLVD

BLVD is regarded as being a diamond on Lagos’ crown of hidden jewels. It is a dynamic space that can be anything – from a nightclub to a study hub that features great music and an array of different foods. These are some facts you should know about BLVD before you visit.

1. There is a massive screen where you can watch an EL Clasico match or Milan derby. You could also see a boxing contest between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz.

2. BLVD is also a sports bar. The waitresses often dress in a blue and white cheerleading uniform, as they cheer you to have a great time.

3. There are more female attendants than males because patrons feel more at ease being attended to by women.

4. There are a lot of meals on the menu; dishes include a blend of local and international dishes.

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5. Waiting time for a good meal varies from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. The food is prepared based on the order and made from scratch in the club’s kitchen. This ensures that you get hot, freshly cooked food.

6. BLVD can serve as a study hub. During the day when the club is quiet, the atmosphere becomes soft, and WiFi and charging ports become available to create an ideal workspace for you.

BLVD Reviews 

BLVD is said to be the ultimate getaway spot for a clubbing experience, but what do people who have actually attended have to say about it? These reviews will tell you.

1. Spacious

BLVD is a spacious lovely bar. It has a space above the bar you can access using a staircase. You can use this top space for drinks, although you must buy from the establishment and can’t bring your own in.

2. Cool Ambience

The club has a cool ambience, and nice food, and there is a live band that plays on Thursdays. Weekends are great for visits too, plus they have all kinds of food and are very affordable.

3. Highly Entertaining Games

There are different games that indicate that BLVD is a sports bar too. The interior is world-class with large screens and colorful lightnings. The games are entertaining, and there is a good sound setup to make your clubbing experience lit.

4. Conducive For Intimate Conversations

While BLVD is all about turning up, the club can switch up this mood by playing soft music that lets you have an intimate conversation without shouting. It is a great place to host events too, like wedding receptions.

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Wrap Up

The BLVD delivers a unique getaway spot vibe that most clubs in Lagos fail to deliver, as it consistently swings between being a place where you can throw a raging party or have a quiet moment to yourself during the day. No matter what you want to do here, the establishment has provisions for it.

The hostesses at BLVD greet you “good morning” whether you visit in the morning or at night because they believe that walking into the club is the same as starting your day afresh, with all your worries forsaken at the door.

Walls decorated for Instagram-worthy selfies, beautiful artwork, cool ambience, and a VIP section. This club has a general setup that is designed to disarm you and will you to get lost in the moment no matter the type of week or day you’ve had.

If you are planning to visit or you’re starting out as a night owl simply looking to try someplace different in the city, visiting the BLVD is a fantastic way to activate that fun-seeking side of you. Use our guide to explore this place.

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