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La Taverna Lagos Guide And Review

La Taverna Lagos is a Chilean, Italian, and Spanish fusion restaurant situated on Victoria Island on a serene street called Balarabe Musa Crescent. It is one of the more popular diners in the city that is frequented by its residents for its homely ambience and great service. If you’re going to go here, this post on La Taverna Lagos Guide And Review will tell you all you need to know.

Taverna is owned by Chef Cristian Duhalde Diaz who has over 23 years of cooking experience, touring countries such as Italy, Spain, South Africa, and Chile. The name La Taverna translates to ‘The Cave’ and it’s a favourite among the locals who can’t stop raving about it. And it’s not surprising considering this eatery’s set-up.

The Cave’s exterior has a simple aesthetic, which makes the interior decor very intriguing. Its interior has a homely feel and the second you walk in, you’ll understand why many people say it’s their favourite place to dine. It features a fantastic, stress-free culinary experience while providing a comfortable feeling.

This place also has an array of menu options that range from original Italian Pizza to different types of Fettuccine, Alfredo, and Penne, there’s a variety of meat, seafood, and poultry bases dishes too. The more you read this La Taverna Lagos guide and review, the more you learn about this place where the rest of the city eats.

About La Taverna Lagos

‘Venez dîner sur la bonne cuisine des chefs italiens à La Taverna’ means to ‘come and dine on good cuisine from Italian chefs at La Taverna’. This restaurant serves one of the best tastefully made Italian dishes that you’ll rarely find in this city.

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That is why Italians created Taverna to delight taste buds with their local delicacy using cooking methods passed down from past generations.

La Taverna Lagos Opening Hours

  • Monday – Sunday 11:30 am – 10 pm.

La Taverna Lagos Location

48 Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria Island 23401, Lagos.

La Taverna Drink And Meal Menu

Chicken MilanesePenne Pasta
Seafood PastaCalamari Ajilo
PizzaSpaghetti Smoked Salmon
Beef Filet With Parma HamNapoli Pizza
La Taverna Drink And Meal Menu

La Taverna Lagos Activities

  • La Taverna Daily Lunch Time – Monday – Friday.
  • Main dish of the day. 
  • Taco Tuesdays.
  • Pizza Wednesday.
  • Discounted Pasta Thursdays.

Reviews About La Taverna Lagos

La Taverna Lagos has a reputation for its special selection of Spanish and Italian dishes with a hint of Latino-Americano served in a cosy and lively environment. This place strikes a chord with people who want the best restaurants that also play live music in Lagos.

Let’s see some reviews from other guests that show how they feel about Taverna:

1. Reasonable Prices

The ambience at La Taverna is a bit basic but acceptable. The prices are reasonable, especially for a restaurant on Victoria Island. But the portions are small, although it’ll pay you more to get as many dishes as you wish, rather than eat a huge chunk of your money in one large meal.

2. Good Meal

One meal that you’ll find delicious on this restaurant’s menu is its Lamb shank which is soft and tender. Pizza is another favourite and they have a spectacular selection of wine. You’ll meet a fine mix of people from different countries and it’s a good place to have dinner.

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3. Impressive Service

The service at La Taverna Lagos is swift and quite impressive. You may make a reservation online through WhatsApp and find the numbers on their Instagram page. The staff are friendly and attend to you with care.

There is good background music playing, a picturesque location, and the menu is very affordable. The interior and exterior decor are exquisite too.

You can also request a custom serving of the meals, but getting an addition of any ingredient comes with an extra cost.

4. A Spacious Restaurant

The restaurant is spacious and has indoor and outdoor seating as well. You can have a solo or group dining hangout here. The food is good and the drinks are okay too. Service is fast, and you get complimentary bread. The pricing is on average level.

5. Always A Good Experience

La Taverna Lagos is always a good experience no matter how many times you visit it. The aura is nice. They host special events sometimes too. It’s a good place to have brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

You might need the staff to make your drinks extra strong if that’s something you’d like.

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