Paid2play legit or a scam? review

Paid2play legit or a scam? HONEST review

There have been several review requests for Paid2play, and many people want to know if it is legit or a scam. Details will be shared.

Without further ado, is a fraudulent website that should be avoided.

What is Paid2play?

Paid2play claims to be the number one earning app in the world. When you sign up for the app, they claim you will receive an instant $20 bonus.

Paid2play claims you can cashout via:

  • Cashapp
  • Paypal
  • Zelle and many others

The app also claims you can

  • Earn $12 on every invite
  • Earn $1-5 for posting on social media
  • Earn $30 for testing apps and more.

How True is this? Paid2play Review

All these claims by Paid2play are scams. Don’t believe the reviews on Trust Pilot.

The platform instructs its users to leave a review on Trustpilot and then invite three additional users to be eligible for the $100 prize.

Also, when you have successfully completed all tasks and it is time to withdraw, it will prompt you with various error reasons, such as you haven’t completed the tasks correctly or there are some additional tasks to complete.

The platform is a complete scam; reviews are scripted and part of the task.

Red flags we found on

Paid2play Domain

The Paid2play domain is too new. It was registered in September 2023 and will expire in 2024, according to the whois record.

paid2play whois record

The website is too new to be trusted with your credit card details.

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No address

The Paid2play website has no address and it’s fake.

No social media page

We also found out that the Paid2play website doesn’t have a social media page. A legit company should have a social media page with a good amount of followers.

How to avoid scam websites

Always check the domain name and year of registration. A new domain giving cheap offers is a red flag

Is the website selling clothes, bags, or suits at a clearly discounted, unbelievable price? You can’t go wrong if you assume something that sounds too good to be true isn’t.

Also, examine the company’s name, social media pages, address, and online reviews as well. You can, however, send us any website you want us to review at ( We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

Is Paid2play legit or a scam?

Don’t be fooled. Your earnings and rewards in this app are purely fictitious. Payment is a hoax

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    1. I over $5000 But was paid nothing, this is very bad to discover at this time. Its a total waist of time. No one should continue with this Paid2Play platform

        1. Hi
          I tried to cash out twice in Dec and Jan and my payment was to come through on Dec 18,2023 and until now still waiting…….

    1. I had payments for 11/11 and 11/13 and received nothing .I can’t get in touch with anyone. Purely a waste of my time, a lot of time .That’s so fuck up .I had cash outs of over $3800.00 . They clearly need to be punished.

    1. Definitely it will not come because my payment is November 9 th but today is 11th 2023 till now also it didn’t come….so it’s a fake and fraud app don’t waste your time seriously…

    2. I was supposed to get paid today we should all get together – sue them for false advertisement cause some people are depending on they payment I signed my family & friends up think it was real what are they getting out of it I’m so curious cause I had some nice payouts.

  1. Such types of scam app must stop and what ever you see first get right information about and than only you download either leave fake scam website and app I had checked it either its legit or not don’t waste our precious time and information thanks to all bahujans marshals agitations community

      1. Stupid app, you rather mind your business on how to get money for your family, pure scam,my payment was on 13 November and upto now, it’s still writing wait for the schedule date them🖕

  2. I cashed out the money from the app yesterday… Thinking it was real… But now reading this is heartbreaking… Because of all the stress I went through…. This is fucked up man

  3. Even me I cash out on 31st October, they are telling me that my schedule date is 14th November, 2023 I never see anything till now

  4. This app is scam because they said 14 days I suppose to see my money yesterday but I have not seen anything up to now so this shows that this app is a scam because if it is not scam they could have credit everybody I have cash out for it I don’t think this app is helpful what a disappointment

  5. Same!! my schedule date was yesterday and nothing happened. So waste of my time and i can’t find any email contact to their website.

  6. Today is supposed to be my cashout on paid2play I’m supposed to receive it as Ethereum coin bit I didn’t see anything thing so I tried messaging their mails but none of the mail were working

  7. It’s just a fraudulent app and it’s not going to pay anyone of us. My was supposed to come (payment)on 14/11. And today’s date is 16th November 🚩 still counting……..

  8. This Site is a complete scam. I invited users and conviced them that Paid2play was legit only to discover that when it was time for withdrawal, the site refused to open

  9. Scam App, Emailed Them (They’re Email Doesn’t Work) And Sent A Skype Message (Says Seen Days Ago) So They Made A Skype Acc And Haven’t Been on It Since. Complete Scam Don’t Waste You’re Time, Wish We Could Sue Them

  10. God 🙏 must definitely punished them for scamming people I was expecting to received payment on the 16/11/2023 but up to now I couldn’t see anything
    Useless app

  11. There are clearly stated laws about consumer advertisements and consumer fraud. Would love to get a class action lawsuit with consumers on this fraudulent website. All their “contact us” emails are fake. You get return emails because there are no registered emails with those names. SCAM!!!

  12. Was supposed to get paid 12/25 and 12/26 I was on net28 schedule I have not received neither payments I’ve tried email that doesn’t this a complete waste of time now I’m finna be homeless cause of this

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