CUT Steakhouse Restaurant

CUT Steakhouse Restaurant: Full Guide and Review

If you’re a steak lover, you know that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly cooked steak. However, it’s also easy to get it wrong, even though it seems like a simple dish. CUT Steakhouse is a great spot to savor some delicious steak in the Lagos Mainland. In this piece on CUT Steakhouse: Full Guide and Review, we’ll give you the full breakdown of what to expect before you visit the restaurant.

CUT Steakhouse is situated at one of the biggest hotels in Lagos, the Radisson Blu Hotel. The restaurant is a top choice for those who appreciate meticulously prepared dishes, and the steak is simply outstanding. Whether you’re looking for a serene atmosphere or simply want the very best quality, you won’t find a better option on the mainland.

Location: 38/40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 100271, Lagos

Operating Hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily

About CUT Steakhouse 

CUT Steakhouse Restaurant is a modern and elegant steakhouse in Ikeja, Lagos. The restaurant boasts a serene atmosphere that is perfect for a quiet evening out.

It has become quite popular over the years, and for good reason – not only are the prices reasonable, but the quality of their steak is simply unbeatable.

The steaks are marinated and cooked to perfection, so tender you barely need a knife to cut through. The restaurant also offers a delectable selection of sauces, desserts, seafood, and burgers at affordable prices.

The atmosphere is ideal for a solo outing or a friendly get-together, and the excellent food and accommodating service ensure a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.

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Cut Steakhouse is open every day of the week, and the chefs have taken great care in selecting the finest ingredients for their menu to guarantee that customers leave happy and satisfied. Once you have experienced dining at this restaurant, it is likely that you will become a regular for its exceptional taste and quality.

CUT Steakhouse Menu

You won’t be disappointed with the menu at this restaurant, which offers a variety of dishes including mushroom soup, grilled calamari, pork chops, lasagna, beef tenderloin, and much more.

Each meal is carefully crafted using the freshest ingredients to ensure a well-balanced and delicious flavor that meets all your culinary needs.

At Cut Steakhouse, you have the option to create your own meal with their affordable menu packages. For only 29,000 naira, you can enjoy a two-course meal, or for just 33,000 naira, indulge in a three-course meal. Take a look at their menu packages and customize your dining experience to your liking.


Meal Price
Mushroom Soup Emulsion of Creamy PeasN4,500
Breaded Deep Fried PrawnsN9,500
Classic Caesar SaladN6,500
CUT Steakhouse Menu

Main Course

Oven Baked Baby Croaker N12,000
Half Grilled ChickenN9,500
Sirloin 300gN20,000
CUT Steakhouse Menu


Gourmet Chocolate PlateN5,500
Seasonal Fruit Platter N3,500
CUT Steakhouse Menu

Cut Steakhouse Reviews 

If you’re planning a visit to Cut Steakhouse, these reviews might be helpful. They’re based on the experiences shared by people who have visited the club, the services offered, as well as the online reputation of the place. Take a look and see what to expect at the restaurant.

  • Tasty Dishes
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They serve the best appetizers; and desserts and the main course is very delicious. The dessert might be a little too sweet, but this depends on your taste.

  • Great Service

The customer service is excellent and the staff are super friendly and helpful.

  • Easy Accessibility

There’s ample space for parking underground and there is also a wheelchair access from the underground parking which leads to the escalator.

  • Delicious steak menu

They serve an impressive steak selection at this restaurant. The menu is beautifully framed and showcases a wide variety of meat that are all cooked to perfection.

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