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Best Tattoo Shops in Lagos

Are you on the hunt for the top tattoo artist in Lagos? Well, you’re in luck! Getting a tattoo can be a thrilling experience that many people add to their bucket list. Lucky for you, we have put together a list of 8 of the best tattoo shops in Lagos, along with their locations and the services they provide. 

These tattoo shops are home to some of the most skilled and experienced tattoo artists in the city. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic design or a more intricate piece, you can rest assured that you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of these top-notch tattoo shops.

Best Tattoo Shops in Lagos

  • Bizzyaski Tattoos
  • Deep Ink Tattoo
  • Shatta Ink Tattoo
  • Shades Tattoo and Laser
  • DLT Tattoo & Piercing Studio
  • Flint Tattoos
  • Pharoah’s Hound Tattoos and Piercings
  • Eko Tattoos

8 Best Tattoo Shops in Lagos

In this section, we’re featuring the top 8 Tattoo Shops in Lagos. These particular studios caught our attention due to their impressive facilities, skilled professionals, and exceptional tattoo designs.

Bizzyaski Tattoos

Bizzyaski Tattoos stands as a premier tattoo studio located in Lagos Mainland. Offering a welcoming atmosphere, clients can freely select their desired tattoo designs.

The studio boasts a skilled team of tattoo artists with a diverse selection of top-notch body jewelry for those interested in piercings. At Bizzyaski Tattoos, anticipate nothing less than the besr tattoos crafted using premium ink and design materials, ensuring flawless outcomes.

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Beyond its adept staff and experienced artists, the shop takes pride in maintaining the utmost cleanliness and sterility of its tattoo equipment and surroundings.

Location: 117 Allen Ave, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos

Deep Ink Tattoo

Situated in Lekki Phase 1, Deep Ink Tattoo stands out as one of Lagos’ finest tattoo parlors. With a team of exceptionally talented tattoo artists and piercers, the studio guarantees a distinctive tattooing journey.

Clients can choose to bring in their preferred designs or let the tattoo artists showcase their creative prowess. Their expertise extends to various body areas, such as thighs, neck, hands, chest, waist, and back

Location: 12b Olubunmi Owa St Lagos, Lekki Phase I, Lekki

Shatta Ink Tattoo

Nestled in Ibeju Lekki, Shatta Ink Tattoo is a creative tattoo studio. Catering to a diverse array of tattoo designs and artworks, they strive to fulfill their customers’ expectations and aspirations.

Their team of tattoo artists has impressive skills and substantial experience in body art, positioning them among the cream of the crop in Lagos.

Moreover, their services come at an attractive price point, ensuring that getting a tattoo won’t break the bank. Their tattoo equipments are always sanitized and the environment is always clean, creating a consistently clean atmosphere. Additionally, the artists offer comprehensive information on tattoo aftercare along with recommendations for top-tier products.

Location: Shop 123, Ikota Shopping Complex Victoria Garden City, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

Shades Tattoo and Laser

Shades Tattoo and Laser is a great place to get your tattoos in Lagos. The studio boasts qualified tattoo artists who offer various services, including creative tattoo designs, laser removal, pink lips, body piercings and so much more.

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Shades Tattoo and Laser is genuinely a top-rated tattoo place. From the creativity of the artists to the professionalism of the staff, this tattoo shop is truly committed to giving you the best tattoo experience like never before.

Location: No 4 Prince Dapo Akande Street off Bisi Afolabi Street Lagos NG, Addo Rd, Aja, Lekki

DLT Tattoo & Piercing Studio

DLT Tattoo artists set themselves apart with their distinct focus on out-of-the-box tattoo designs. They offer a wide range of services including, 3D-style tattoos, Colour ink tattoos, Custom tattoo lettering, Intimate Tattoos, and more. Talk to the artists and find together the best tattoo style for you.

Additionally, hygiene is taken very seriously at this tattoo spot, as the artists use the finest ink and the top design materials, ensuring the outcome is nothing short of professional. The studio also offers piercing services using exclusively sterile jewelry, fostering a welcoming ambiance.

The place not only provides a clean environment, the studio adheres to contemporary safety standards in the field. Staffed by skilled professionals, DLT Tattoo guarantees that every tattoo comes to life beautifully, promising an exceptional experience, you’d find yourself coming back for more.

Location: E208, Ikota Shopping Complex, Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Lagos

Flint Tattoos

If you are looking for experienced tattoo artists, well, here you will find a friendly staff with years of renowned experts in the tattoo industry.

Whether you want to get your first tattoo or want to add a new design to your body, then you need to check one of the best tattoo shops on this side of town, Flint Tattoo.

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This tattoo shop upholds its commitment to cleanliness both in its facilities and environment, complemented by a team of highly experienced professionals.

Furthermore, you will be enjoying a customized tattoo experience. With dedicated individuals and their teams under its roof, this tattoo shop guarantees nothing short of superb tattoo designs.

Location: No. 9a University Road, Akoka, Yaba Local Government, Lagos

Pharoah’s Hound Tattoos and Piercings

Feel at ease describing your desired design, as the artists here are super creative at translating various concepts and ideas into reality.

Your imaginative designs will transform into captivating skin masterpieces under the skilled hands of the tattoo artists at Pharoah’s Hound.

Backed by positive customer feedback, we can tell that the staff here is professional and very friendly. The shop exudes a creative and inviting atmosphere that’s bound to leave you eager for a return visit.

Location: Eleganza shopping mall, Lekki, Lagos

Eko Tattoo

For those aiming to discover the holy grail of Tattoo and Piercing excellence in Lagos, a visit to Eko Tattoo is a must. Nestled within the Falomo Square Mall, Ikoyi, this studio stands as one of the city’s revered tattoo shops.

The studio’s location boasts a premium status, positioned amidst one of Lagos’ most influential neighborhoods.

Compared to its counterparts in Ikoyi, Eko Tattoo Studio claims its place as one of the most sought-after tattoo destinations in the area.

Location: Falomo Square Mall, Ikoyi, Lagos

Wrap Up

Discovering the right tattoo shop in Lagos becomes effortless when presented with these excellent options. Keep in mind to select the tattoo studio that aligns with your preferences in terms of ambiance, tattoo style, and professional staff.

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