Best Shipping Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you in search of a reliable shipping company in Lagos? If yes, read this article for the best companies that ship goods from Lagos to anywhere you need.

Finding the right shipping company in Lagos can be a daunting task, especially when it involves transporting goods outside Nigeria. 

Rest assured, some shipping companies in Lagos have perfected the art of international logistics.

Shipping is a major business in Nigeria due to its crucial role in international trade. As a result, numerous companies have entered the market to assist with the transport of goods both domestically and abroad.

With the help of these shipping companies, getting items across different cities and continents quickly and effectively is better than ever.

Whether you are an individual looking to send goods to loved ones overseas or a business owner transporting large containers outside the country, our guide to the top shipping companies in Lagos will help you find the best shipping company for your goods.

Read on for our list of the best shipping companies in Lagos.

Best Shipping Company in Lagos

  • Maersk Nigeria LTD
  • Topship Africa
  • Comet Shipping Agency 
  • Associated Port & Marine Development Company 
  • SIFAX Group
  • Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited 
  • Value Handlers International(VHI)

7 Best Shipping Companies in Lagos

Here are the 7 best shipping companies in Lagos that are guaranteed to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely and in one piece.

1. Maersk Nigeria LTD

Maersk Nigeria LTD is a well-known shipping and logistics company that provides dependable and effective shipping services to and from Nigeria.

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With its broad network and proficiency in international shipping, Maersk has become a dependable ally for companies and individuals searching to transport goods and packages.

Maersk provides an array of services, including shipping services like Ocean Transport, Inland Transport, and freight services, all tailored to meet various shipping requirements and budgets.

Address: 2-4, Kazuma Plaza, Kazuma St, Apapa 102272, Lagos

Contact: 25b Bisola Durosinmi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki, Lagos


  • Ocean Transport
  • Cross Border Rail Transportation 
  • Inland Transport 
  • Air Freight 
  • Less than Container Load(LCL)

2. Topship Africa

Topship Africa is one of the best shipping companies in the logistics industry. They specialize in international shipping, courier services, and transportation.

With Topship, you can send and receive packages from your doorstep to any Nigeria within 7-14 business days, ensuring that your shipments reach Nigeria quickly and efficiently.

Top Ship services also offer real-time tracking options so you can get live notifications and online tracking of shipments.

It’s important to note that shipping rates, delivery times, and available services may vary depending on the specific service you choose and the characteristics of your shipment. 

Address: 25b Bisola Durosinmi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki, Lagos


  • Local and Interstate deliveries
  • Exports
  • Imports

3. Comet Shipping Agency 

Our list will be incomplete without adding the Comet Shipping Agency, as they are a licensed shipping company that offers a variety of shipping services to Nigeria.

With over 35 years of experience, Comet has become one of the most prominent independent agents in Nigeria, with expertise in handling all types of vessels and cargo.

Their services include clearing and forwarding, warehousing, and transport, making them a reliable choice for all your shipping needs.

Address: 4 Hinderer Rd, Apapa 102272, Lagos

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  • Warehousing 
  • Clearing & Forwarding

4. Associated Port & Marine Development Company (APMDC)

If you’re looking for swift shipping services from Nigeria to other parts of the world, APMDC is a top shipping company that can help. Their goal is to make the shipping experience stress-free for everyone from importers to individuals who need to transport items.

Since 2005, APMDC has been providing a full range of shipping and logistics services, including vessel hire and operation on Nigerian waters.

Whether you’re shipping containers, packages, or freight internationally, APMDC has a variety of services to choose from.

Address: 7B Oranyan Road, Off Oduduwa Street, 101254, Lagos, Nigeria


  • Cross border movements 
  • Sea Freight and Airfreight transport
  • LCL shipments consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Contract Logistics 
  • Handling & delivery of hazardous cargoes
  • Project logistics for infrastructure projects across West Africa
  • Cargo brokerage for commodities 
  • Customs clearance for air and sea freight shipments

5. SIFAX Group

Sifax Group is a well-established conglomerate with a wide range of investments spanning various sectors such as Maritime, Aviation, Haulage, Logistics, Oil and gas, and Hospitality.

Their shipping company is an international full-service logistics company headquartered in Houston TX that provides comprehensive logistics solutions for businesses in Lagos. They have a strong presence in Apapa, and Lagos, and own several ports and terminals in the area.

Some of their services include Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Warehousing, and much more.

Address: 54 Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos


  • Project Logistics 
  • Air Freight 
  • Air Charter
  • Air Priority Service
  • Air Economy Service
  • Ocean/Sea Freight 
  • Warehousing 
  • Export Packaging
  • Procurement/Supply Chain

6. Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited

Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited is a reputable shipping company based in Lagos that is highly skilled in managing shipments from one location to another.

With a dedicated team of over 100 employees, Fortune Global is committed to delivering outstanding operational excellence and providing effective solutions to even the most complex supply chain queries.

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As one of the best shipping companies in Lagos, they have earned the trust and respect of their clients.

Address: Ajao Estate 15 Fatai Irawo Street, Off Airport Rd, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos


  • Protocol Services 
  • Free zone Operation
  • Marine logistics services
  • Global Freight Forwarding Service 

7. Value Handlers International (VHI)

Value Handlers International, VHI is one of the best shipping companies in Lagos. They have a proven track record of promptly delivering goods to their assigned destination.

They specialize in shipping a variety of items, including Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, Gases, Chemicals, Textiles, Transformers, Base Metals, Pipes and flanges, Electrical Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Vehicles, and many other items of import.

Choose VHI for affordable and reliable shipping services.

Address: 12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako St, Ogba 100218, Lagos


  • Freight Forwarding
  • Cargo Handling
  • Procurement Advisory and Support
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics and Shipping Agency.

Prohibited Items when shipping into Nigeria

To avoid any potential confiscation or delays at the port, it is crucial to stay informed about the prohibited and restricted items listed by Nigeria’s customs authorities.

Keeping up-to-date with this list can help ensure a smooth shipping process for your goods.

Here’s a list of items that are not allowed to be shipped into Nigeria.

  1. Weapons
  2. Lottery circulars and ads
  3. Perishable biological/food substances
  4. Bagged Cement
  5. Waste Pharmaceuticals
  6. Use motor vehicles
  7. Glass bottles with a higher capacity than 150ml

Note that the list of prohibited items is constantly changing. Be sure to check with the official Nigeria customs website before sending your goods, as the list of restricted and banned items tends to evolve with time.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, shipping goods outside of Nigeria can be a simple process as long as you have access to the right information, and we have provided that for you in this post. 

Before choosing a shipping company in Lagos, it’s important to take into account factors such as shipping rates, transit times, and customer reviews. You can reach out to the shipping companies directly or visit their websites to review services and shipping rates.

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