7 Best Private Cinemas In Lagos 2024

Going to a private cinema is one of the more intimate and interesting outing ideas, you should try. This experience allows you to enjoy your favourite movie, with minimal interference from the rest of the city. Our article shares the Best Private Cinemas in Lagos, which you may want to go to by yourself or with someone special.

Working continually is a good way to stay afloat in a sinking economy, but sometimes you have to make time to relax with the people you love. This would mean taking them to some of the nice places in Lagos, where they can have fun.

Since the rest of Lagos is always teeming with people; especially on the weekends, you may want to plan something more secluded. One very good place you can go to get this type of setup is at a private cinema. 

Our post will share the 7 best private cinemas in Lagos that offer a much-needed recluse from a bustling city.

Best Private Cinemas In Lagos

1. EbonyLife Cinemas

2. Filmhouse Cinemas MX4D

3. Magnificent Cinemas

4. Genesis Deluxe Cinemas

5. Silverbird Galleria

6. The Ozone e-Centre

7. Viva Cinemas Ikeja

7 Best Private Cinemas In Lagos

Besides showing the latest movies in the cinemas, these 7 places are known to provide premium services that provide everything you need for a relaxing movie experience. Additionally, other movie enthusiasts swear by these places, which means you can’t go wrong with this list.

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1. EbonyLife Cinemas

Ebonylife Cinemas is the premier location in Lagos for classy restaurants, luxury cinemas, and spaces for holding the most intimate and exclusive events.

From Turaka their rooftop restaurant, to the private pool terrace at the Wrap, Ebony has a venue to cater to every event. They have a full team of chefs, mixologists, and waiting staff, ready to ensure that every occasion is unforgettable.

Besides being one of the best private cinemas in Lagos, Ebonylife is also the only multipurpose venue in the city with 5 screening rooms that can hold over 200 guests. These rooms are ideal for private film previews, movie premieres, corporate presentations, and brand launches.

Location: 1637 Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Filmhouse Cinemas MX4D

Filmhouse Cinemas is a dynamic film exhibition establishment that integrates multifarious features into its style; plus world-class cinema technologies and luxurious dine-in cinema services; delivered by skilled operations management.

They focus on providing the best services that guarantee client satisfaction and the maintenance of a brand that has been the standard for excellence in Nigeria’s entertainment and leisure industry for the past eight years.

As the largest cinema in West Africa, Filmhouse presently has 13 cinemas located in six states across Nigeria, with a roll-out plan featuring all cities in the country and beyond.

Location: Landmark, 1 Water Corporation Dr, Maroko 106104, Lagos.

3. Magnificent Cinema

Magnificent Cinema is one of the best private cinemas in Lagos, it is a subsidiary of Magnificent International Leisure and Estate Services Ltd. It was established to provide a distinct movie experience to the areas where it operates.

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This private cinema is located in one of Lagos’ major cities and is renowned for offering a remarkable film experience complemented by a cosy atmosphere for proper relaxation.

Location: 180/184 Ikorodu-Ososun Road, Onipanu 100001, Lagos.

4. Genesis Deluxe Cinemas

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas is the leading cinema chain in West Africa with 12 locations, 47 screens, and over 4,700 seats operating across Nigeria.

It is part of the Genesis Group, a Nigerian-based conglomerate with a focus on hospitality and entertainment with diverse interests in Restaurants, Hotels, Industrial Catering, Cinemas, Family Entertainment Centres, and Facility Management.

The Cinema is equipped with high-tech sound quality, reclining VIP leather seats with ample legroom, 3D movies, and professional attendants. It provides ticket prices at a discount, special student pricing, and delicious concession items.

At GDC, you will experience cinema with lots of options on the menu. They offer a variety of unique appetizers, classic meals, and delectable desserts you won’t find in the main snack areas, special cocktails, and a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Location: 262 Sapara Williams, Off Adeola Odeku Street, Lagos State.

5. Silverbird Galleria

Silverbird Cinemas is a dynamic cinema company with a vision to become Africa’s leading Media and Entertainment company.

Counted amongst the best private cinemas in lagos, Silverbird stays unique in its functionality and operates on remarkable customer service. The Cinema has grown and continues to expand tremendously. With feedback from customers, they develop new ways to thrill and ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Location: Silverbird Galleria, 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, VI, Lagos.

6. The Ozone e-Centre

Ozone Cinema is a premier cinema situated inside the majestic Domino Mall regarded as an e-Centre. It features world-class equipment and is driven by an innovative team that focuses on customer satisfaction. 

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Ozone carved its nice by offering an unmatched brand experience that goes beyond film exhibition to its continuously growing audience. The Cinema began operations on 13 November 13, 2008; it has 6 screens and 931 seats.

Built to match international standards with excellent acoustics, every auditorium is furnished with top-notch digital projection; 2D and 3D Screens, and Dolby surround sound. All performance promises to deliver an unparalleled experience in film entertainment.

Location: Ozone Cinemas, E-centre, 1-11, Commercial Avenue Yaba, Lagos.

7. Viva Cinemas Ikeja

Viva Cinemas sells a memorable cinema experience that everyone will enjoy.

Viva may be among the best private cinemas in Lagos, but it operates in 5 major Nigerian cities; Ikeja, Ilorin, Enugu, Ota, and Ibadan, and is located inside deluxe shopping malls in each city. 

This Cinema provides a fantastic blend of experiences designed to serve you great moments any day. It offers an immersive cinema experience as you choose from an extensive collection of Nollywood, Hollywood, and Bollywood blockbuster movies.

The establishment is committed to customizing each of its cinemas to suit the location and residents. Their teams stationed across their cinemas are dedicated to offering exciting entertainment and luxury destinations that transport you from your daily life into the magical world of movies. No matter where you go for your Viva experience; you’ll get something immersive, unparalleled, and memorable.

Location: Jara Mall, Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja.

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