7 Best Lounges in Yaba, Lagos

Yaba is a vibrant hub in Lagos, reputed for its youthful vibe and lively atmosphere. It houses a large number of business spaces and offices, which also makes it one of the busiest areas in Lagos. Amidst the sea of workers, this dynamic neighborhood rightly has some excellent lounges that you can visit to relax and get entertained after a hard day at work.  In this post, we sample the 7 Best Lounges in Yaba, Lagos where you can go to catch a vibe.

One of the many reasons why the lounges in Yaba are good is that their settings work for any type of visitor. And as long as you want to have fun, you’ll certainly find a lounge for you.

Our article will discuss the best lounges in Yaba, Lagos, where you can go to relax, sip on delicious drinks, and sample mouthwatering cuisine while taking in the city’s distinct charm.

Best Lounges In Yaba, Lagos

1. Crystal Lounge

2. The Nestle Lounge

3. Nook Bar and Grill

4. R28 Lounge

5. Bukay Lounge

6. The Yardstick Lounge

7. Lions Den Sports Bar & Lounge

7 Best Lounges In Yaba, Lagos

From chic and exquisite venues to more reserved spots, the lounges in Yaba have it all. When you find yourself seeking out the version of Lagos nightlife this area has to offer, these 7 best lounges in Yaba, Lagos are the must-visit spots to go.

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1. Crystal Lounge

Crystal Lounge is the go-to destination for a night of endless entertainment and non-stop partying. Spotting a spirited and calming atmosphere, Crystal is a favourite for thrill-seekers with Yaba and beyond. It gets most of its visitors during the weekends.

At Crystal, you can get various drinks and foods to fuel your stomach while cutting it up on the dance floor. Some dishes you can get include, suya, nkwobi, pepper soup, and a whole of other meals too. 

One thing to note about the Lounge is that it is not very spacious, and can hold a limited number of people. Besides this, it is still among the best lounges in Yaba, Lagos.

Location: Chapel Street, Yaba, Lagos.

2. The Nestle Lounge

The Nestle Lounge is a snug lounge located on the rooftop of a co-working space. Although it is not a full-fledged club, Nestle is still one of the best places to have fun in the area. They host mini-events, which are usually fun and happen on different days of the week. 

The ambience at Nestle is fantastic and they serve delicious dishes. But, their meals take time to prepare, especially if it’s being made fresh. Fridays start off with karaoke nights, and by 9. p.m. the Hypeman takes over, and then the partying begins.

Location: 1 A Hughes Avenue, Yaba 101245, Lagos.

3. Nook Bar and Grill

The Nook Bar and Grill is an upper-class cocktail lounge set in the centre of Yaba, Lagos. Nook features an indoor bar and outdoor rooftop sitting area, where guests can go to enjoy the breeze of the marina. Every night, this lounge opens its doors to patrons, providing them with fine cocktails, signature bottle service, and a good time.

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Nook aims to retain a close-knit and friendly atmosphere, which you can access on its outdoor rooftop space. No matter what plans you have for the night, you can start them here. There are also fusion tapas and a happy hour menu you can access every Thursday and Friday.

Location: 61 Queen Street, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

4. R28 Lounge

R28 Lounge is another of the best lounges in Yaba, Lagos, it is a private indoor lounge with an airy rooftop and event space. It also puts in place all the ideal conditions for relaxing and networking.

R28 is a sure spot to find courtly staff that serves different brands of whisky, wine, beer, vodka, and cocktails. There is an event space too where you can host any occasion.

Location: 84 Queen Street, Yaba, Lagos.

5. Bukay Lounge

Bukay Lounge is one of the distinct unmatched hottest spots in Yaba, it is located along Unilag Road Akoka. The serenity of this place will ease your mind and open you up to a night of wonders.

The drinks offered at Bukay range from wines, and cocktails to spirits, accompanied by a menu of finger foods and local dishes. There is cool music too and a calm background. The attendants too are courteous and eager to serve.

Location: 34 Barikisu Iyede Street, Yaba 101212, Lagos.

6. The Yardstick Lounge

The Yardstick Lounge has a chill aura and a bar where you can go to connect with friends or clients. It features a unique Afrocentric vibe with Western infusion, which places it among the best lounges in Yaba, Lagos. 

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Yardstick doubles down as a sports bar where you can watch various European league football matches, as you enjoy a cold beer or dirty martini and munch on something scrumptious. It has an excellent setup for a relaxing Sunday evening or an upbeat Thank God It’s Friday.

Additionally, the Lounge was designed specifically for corporate elites. After work, you can come in here to wait out Lagos traffic. If you’re a cool person who understands and appreciates style, chances are, you’ll love it here.

Location: 238 Herbert Macaulay Way Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

7. Lions Den Sports Bar & Lounge

Lions Den Sports Bar & Lounge is a 700 square metre bar on two floors with a VIP Lounge,  specially built to serve customers residing in the Yaba/Surulere area. It has been in operation for four years and has garnered an impressive reputation for its setting, delectable foods, and impeccable customer service.

The Lions Den is co-owned by two expatriates of British & Indian descent respectively and one Nigerian Entrepreneur. It is located in Tejuosho Shopping Center and serves up to 500-1,000 customers daily, which makes it one of Lagos’ busiest and most active bars. The Den includes a 350 Underground Carpark. 

It is reputed for its Igbo Night which is held on Wednesdays, Karaoke on Tuesdays, Friday night club, and Sundays reserved for families.

Location: 1 Tejuosho Road, Yaba 101241, Lagos.

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