Best Car Rentals In Lagos, Nigeria

Best Car Rentals In Lagos, Nigeria

Are you looking for a quick and reliable business to hire a car from in Lagos? If yes, our article on the Best Car Rentals In Lagos introduces you to rental businesses that guarantee your safety and privacy, provide you with a driver, and offer pick-up and drop-off services.

Car rental is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most comfortable ways to move within a city. Businesses that offer this service, are highly sought after in Lagos, which is evident in the 10% compound annual rate growth in the car-rental industry.

Anytime you need to get around in Lagos, you can use the companies we mentioned in this post, to get the car you prefer at a simple fee. The perfect company will provide you with the option to choose your perfect car, while also meeting other needs like getting you a personal chauffeur. 

7 Best Car Rentals In Lagos

1. Jautos

2. Maxford Car Rentals

3. ReadyCars 

4. Trip-A-Treat

5. Dream Africa Motors Nigeria Limited

6. Avis

7. SiXT 

Best Car Rentals In Lagos

Whenever you need a car for hire, you may approach any of these Best car rentals in Lagos we discussed in this section to get cars for different occasions such as burials, weddings, meetings, and out-of-state trips.

1. Jautos

Jautos (Jonellies Auto) is one of the best car rentals in Lagos, propelled by excellence and top-notch delivery. With premium customer satisfaction and quality service, Jonellies offers lease, logistics, rent executive, standard luxury, and exotic care services. The company works with skilled, experienced, and professional drivers which you can also request for.

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Jonellies Auto is a safe rental that provides state-of-the-art luxury vehicles that come with extra perks such as Airport pick up & drop-off for loyal customers, discounts for multiple or long-term usages, and car fueling. Renting a car here is cheap and has a dependable time-conscious service.

Location: Plot 408 Omofade Crescent, Omole Estate, Phase 1, Ojodu, Lagos.

2. Maxford Car Rentals

Maxford Car Rentals is one of the leading car hire companies in the state. It has an array of cares you can rent for any type of event. Their cars are spanking new and roadworthy. When you hire a car from Maxford, you are assured of excellent customer service, sound cars, a professional driver, and complete car documents.

Maxford puts on display cars such as Toyota Prado which you can hire for a little fee. They also have the latest LX 570 Lexus, Toyota Landcruiser, and Brabus Mercedes, etc.

Location: Lekki Peninsula, Road, Ikate 100001, Lagos.

3. ReadyCars 

ReadyCars is a branch of Readyflow Services, a company registered in Nigeria, and one of the best car rentals in Lagos. They are an organization dedicated to improving transportation services across Nigeria. 

As a company, ReadyCars takes joy in meeting clients’ transportation needs within and out of town, while offering a memorable experience of comfort, class and control on every journey.

Through their platform, you can book cars for in-state and inter-state trips at cost-effective rates, complete with professional drivers, and a phone with internet connectivity for seamless connection while in transit.

Location: 34/36 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba 100252, Lagos.

4. Trip-A-Treat

Trip-A-Treat provides cheap and dependable car rental services in Lagos to other states in Nigeria. Whether you reside in this state or come from another state or country, you can use Trip-A-Treat to ensure maximum comfort and smooth mobility. 

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All the Vehicles provided to customers are always in mint condition. The drivers are committed and polite to clients. These chauffeurs are trained to handle unforeseen road situations in a calm way that does not put you at risk.

Location: 9 Adenuga Street, Surulere, 101283, Lagos.

5. Dream Africa Motors Nigeria Limited

Dream Africa Motors Nigeria Limited is among the best car rentals in Lagos. They offer cheap, reliable, trustworthy glamorous, luxury and exotic car hire services. Dream provides excellent customer service and quality and good-conditioned vehicles.

This company works with professional and well-trained drivers who can take you drop you off and pick you up from your destination. Services offered by Dream Africa include – Pickups/ Drop-offs, Cargo/Freight, Luxury Car Hire Services, Car Sales, and Car Wash.

Location: 11, Admiralty Way, Beside KFC, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

6. Avis

Avis Car Rental and its branches run one of the most popular car rental brands in the world with up to 5,500 locations in over 165 countries. The company has a long history of innovation in the car rental industry and is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty. Avis is owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates and licenses the brand throughout the world.

Avis has the vision of leading its industry by defining service excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty. The company will ensure a hassle-free rental experience by offering superior services that serve customers’ individual needs.

Location: 6, Degema Close, Off Parkland, Apapa 101251, Lagos.


SIXT is one of the best car rentals in Lagos; when you rent a car with them, you can explore the state easily.  A car rental makes travelling around Nigeria’s fast-growing city easier. You also get at your fingertips an impressive fleet of compact cars and sedans, SUVs and Vans at your disposal, which are all maintained frequently.

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At SIXT, you can tailor your car rental in Lagos to include perks such as additional driver and LDW coverage too if you want. Other extra things like GPS and unlimited mileage can be added to your reservation too. The company office at Lagos International Airport is open on bank holidays and provides 24-hour returns, you can go there.

Wrap Up

Renting a car in Lagos depends on two things, which are your budget and using the best car rentals in Lagos. These companies we have mentioned in this article, are the best places to get a car in Lagos. But, to get a good car, ensure that you directly reach out to this company to get more information about their services.

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