Arthropleura Millipede

Arthropleura, 8 Foot Long Millipede Real or Fake in Arizona?

The viral video of an Arthropleura, which resembles a giant millipede, is not real. The video was created using artificial intelligence.

The video is viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Well, people claim that the recent monsoon storm in Arizona unleashed an 8-foot Arthropleura. This cannot be confirmed as true.

This video was created with Runway’s AI video generation tool Gen-3 Alpha.

Watch the video below.

What is an Arthropleura?

Arthropleura was a giant, ancient millipede-like creature that lived millions of years ago during the Carboniferous period.

Imagine a really big bug with lots of legs, kind of like a super-sized millipede. It could grow up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) long, making it one of the largest known land invertebrates.

Arthropleura lived in dense forests and fed on plants. Even though it looked scary, scientists believe it wasn’t dangerous to humans because it was a herbivore. Think of it as a really big, plant-eating centipede from prehistoric times!

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