Why is there no light in Lagos today

Why is there no light in Lagos today? (See Reasons)

Lagos residents have been asking questions since most of the city has been without power and light today.

In a recent update from Ikeja Electric on December 20th, The main reason for the power outage is because of the ongoing maintenance work on the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) gas pipeline supplying gas to Egbin Power Generation Company.

This has led to the temporary shutdown of the plant, resulting in extensive load shedding nationwide.

The Ikeja Electric company said the light will be restored “upon the completion of the maintenance work”.

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  1. Please give us light at Onyeosi street, Ikosi. Its 12days today, we don’t have power supply. Please we are begging ni

  2. Hello good morning please sir give us light at palm grove feeder sir since Monday now he just give us light 30min 10min please ibeg ie ilupeju undertaking to give us light

  3. The largest mumu in Africa is Nigeria electricity company having a cooperation with the evil once in Nigeria to do all suet of bad thing inside darkness.

  4. Other countries don’t they do maintenance? While doing their maintenance do they go blackout like this in other countries?
    Why is Nigeria 150years backwards?

  5. Please tomorrow is Christmas and have fill my fridge with drinks and food please don’t disappoint us at akiode other street like bamako and omole has light why is akiode own different have mercy on us it’s not everyone that is capable of buying fuel show some pity give akiode light this night make we praise Una self small

  6. Student are resuming these week how are they going to iron their clothes mostly the boarding school student that they do not allow them to carry iron to school

  7. I don’t know the stupid maintainers they are doing,from December and January is about to end,he no go end well for una as una wan use heat kill person, na hell fire una they go

  8. Please there no light at anibaba street of ikosi ketu for about days now we are not sleeping comfortably you guyz should do something this isn’t fair at all
    Why all this in this country

  9. We are really suffering this light matter here in sangotedo, and they have not giving us any reasons why there is no light and when the light is coming?

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